Concert at Bø Church Jan.10th 2012

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Written by Laila Ulvseth on Wednesday, 11 January 2012 at 21:51

Two days ago, I got a message. We who had been at Bø church for the Vinterbilder concert, and not seen Alexander, got a chance now. It was an offer too tempting to refuse! So I had a chat with Hildebjørg who offered me a bed for the night, and went.

We came to the church 30 minutes before the concert and sat in the car because it was cold. Two minutes later, a car drove up beside us, and I nudged Hildebjørg. Isn’t that….?

It was. He was sitting there quite calmly, changing from glasses to lenses. So now I have seen him with the slightly silly expression everybody gets, who pokes themselves in the eyes!

A charming bundle of choir-children, aged 3 – 15, had the season’s first concert. The audience consisted of parents and relatives, and two facebookies who tried to be just audience and nothing else. Before the children started singing, the leader came to the microphone and announced that they had a special guest, a surprise guest – and her voice was full of pride and humour.

Children and grow-ups cheered when Alexander came on stage. I have previously told what he played. But I witnessed something that I’m never tired of seeing – his strong, intense bonding with the audience, particularly when most of the audience is under 15…. His ability and talent to keep even small children interested – getting the audience to play along – is in my mind quite unique.

He played, he signed, he was there. Lots of little girls went happy home. Like one of them said to her friend, showing her the autograph she had just got: – He drew a heart on mine!


He was chatting with some of the oldest girls, when he suddenly saw Hildebjørg and me – nodded, smiled, recognized us. Then he said to the girls something about “they are really good!” (“De der er veldig flinke!”)Do you hear me, all of you? We are officially declared good!

We got something like one minute of his time, but that’s enough. He looked really well, rested and sparkling.  He kept his promise to Bø, I got a wonderful, warm hug, and that was it. Good. Very good. Officially declared good!

 PS: Love his jeans….

Article and videos from the concert in Bø Church here

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