Collection of news all over the world from March 8th, 2010 – March 9th

Igor Rybak, Per Sundess and Alex’s manager Kathrine Synnes Finnskog about Alex’s exhaustion and possible quitting out of the pop music business in 2011


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Famous swedish singer Nanne Gronwall?s blog about recording a TV-show (scroll down):

Famous swedish singer Nanne Gronwall?s blog about recording a TV-show

Tallinn, March 9th – –

1) Alex – obviously sad and not hiding his sorrow.

Alex – obviously sad and not hiding his sorrow – 1

Googlish: Alex – obviously sad and not hiding his sorrow


google translation: (as always is google not so great but we get the idea)

ETV was aired on Monday by sending a “Ringvaade” Anu gave an interview with the Norwegian Valbale Eurolaul Alexander Rybak. The young man had a broken, tired, and complained that the more expensive alailma leave him behind …

Already at the beginning of an interview with Alexander Rybak was bleak. When Anu Valba presenter asked whether now is a highlight of the hands of her life, Rybak answered: “I hope so. Enamaga I should not be committed.”

The young man said, trying to enjoy his fame, he Insofar as it is. Rybaki talk between the lines could be read that he is unhappy. “A couple of years after the recall but the best. I do not remember how bad it was me.”

Rybak pihtis that alailma more expensive to leave him behind because he has no time for them. Valba question as to how money and fame, he has been infringed, Rybak came back dejectedly: “I will try with their money other damage. I do dinner with your friends. Those few who have left me …”

Finally, it already looked pretty worried about Anu Valba whether Rybak has a cold? “No, I am freezing all the time … Unfortunately, I have a concern, which I can not publicly talk about …”

The young man had divided the two hours before the interview Solaris aatriumis fans autographs., March 7th –

Norwegian: Another article about the Grammys. Emphasizes more on Royksopp, but it says about Alex and his recent alarming message on FB.

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  1. Jarotra, thank you very much for the link! We’ll make an English subs and post it here soon!:)

  2. The Estonian article is a translation of the original interview in English, which was then translated by google from the Estonian translation back into English, no wonder it is confusing! The original interview (in English) is on Youtube -

    The interview is a little alarming and sad, let us hope things get better. Heartbreaking bit around 7:12 when he defends Fairytale.

    Love to everyone!

  3. К сожалению,пишу опять на русском языке,пишу проще, что бы было понятнее.Думаю,каждый из нас хотя бы раз стоял перед выбором,на перекрёстке.Задаёшь себе вопрос:” Той ли дорогой я иду, правильно ли я всё делаю?”.Когда настоящий художник пишет свою картину,он меньше всего думает о конечном результате, он просто пишет,для своего зрителя.Он хочет передать людям свои переживания,или поделиться радостью.А в какой технике он напишет- не имеет значения. Будь то масло,карандаш,акварель или пастель.

  4. Interesting, but there is so much, we don´t know. Is he just a tired artist, who needs some rest and then will continue, or has he reached a crossroad, where he needs to choose a different path??

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