Collection of articles about concert with Girl Choir in Kragerø, 19 – 21.02.2012

Article from on 19.02.12
Journalist and photography:  Jimmy Aasen
Source :

Translation by Tessa La.


Alexander Rybak and the Girl Choir charmed the audience 

Quality, charm, song and joy of playing. Kragerø Girl Choir and Alexander Rybak did the job and made a sparkling concert in Kragerø Church.

About 400 were present at the Kragerø Girl Choir’s anniversary concert with the guest artist Alexander Rybak, Sunday evening. For nearly one and a half hour the audience experienced songs and music at a very high level.  The Eurovision Song Contest winner was just the artist we expected him to be.

Tonight’s presenter,Willy Nilsen, said what many felt deep inside, when he thanked the artist by saying:
– Alexander, you are a very good boy

The adventure continues 

Article from  paper issue of  newspaper Varden on 20.02.12
Written by Per Eckholdt.

Found by Jorunn Ekre, Translation by Hildebjørg Ha.

Brilliant: Alexander Rybak and Kragerø Girl Choir were brilliant in Kragerø Church

 The fairytale continues
For Kragerø Girls’ Choir it was a fairytale, but for the MGP-star Alexander Rybak (25) the fairytale continues. This time in Kragerø.

Yesterday evening they presented a bouquet of joint songs from the stage in a packed Kragerø Church. And the inhabitants of Kragerø have not forgotten “Alexander with the fiddle”. The one and a half hour long concert ended, of course, with the winner song from Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, “Fairytale”. At that point the audience stood up and sang along at the top of their voices.

The singer Hannah Caring and Alexander Rybak in a nice conversation during the church concert in Kragerø 

Initiative by parents
Kragerø Girls Choir has always enjoyed challenges. So have the girls’ parents too. Therefore a parent’s group, lead by Hilde Ask Knutsen took the initiative to invite Alexander Rybak to a joint concert with them. After several phone calls and e-mails, it was all in the bag. Rybak arrived in Kragerø late Friday evening and he even asked the young singers to show him the town after the first rehearsal.

Even if Alexander Rybak was accommodated in style, he did not say “no” when he was invited home to some of the singers Saturday evening for cosiness and card play with the family.

But Sunday it became serious, and with about 400 people in the church both Alexander Rybak and Kragerø Girls’ Choir convinced yet again.

Alexander charmed the audience 

– You can start by massaging [the neck of] the person in front of you, afterwards you massage the persons on both sides of you, Alexander smilingly said after the first songs was done.

And the audience took the challenge and started to massage each other. Accompanied by general laughter.

– I was a bit apprehensive about this project. But I came to a set table. It’s a fantastic quality on these young singers, Alexander Rybak stated several times.

In addition to the solos by Alexander Rybak, the soloists Hanna Carding, Robert Carding, Jan Kristian Kristoffersen, Ragna Nilsen and Lisa Ask Knutsen also participated, and of course a reinforced Kragerø Girls’ Choir.

Rybak  had a good time

Article in the paper issue of Kragerø Blad on 21.2.12

Author of text and picture: Jimmy Aasen

Found by Tessa La. English translation by Laila S.H.


EATING: During the break in the rehearsals, pizza was served in the vestry

The girls of the choir had good contact with the ESC-winner during the Kragerø stay.
It was a very nice weekend, both for the girls in the choir, and for Alexander Rybak, says Hilde Ask Knutsen, who has all her daughters in the choir.
After the concert in the church, Rybak wanted to thank Hilde Knutsen especially for the way she has worked for them.
I don’t have any flowers for you, Hilde, but you are a flower yourself, the fiddler said.
After the rehearsals Saturday, Rybak spent the evening with the girls and the supporting people.
We sat at our house in the evening. Alexander played board games with the girls and we talked. The girls also brought the artist to show him the town.
He praised the choir during the concert?
He said several times that he was impressed by the girls, and that is nice. And I think he meant it. He insisted in giving all the girls a flower, because he meant they deserved it. We hadn’t thought of that, but he did.
For all of us, both the girls in the choir and the supporting group around the choir the weekend became a great experience, says Hilde Ask Knutsen

Musical elevation

Article by the Editor of Kragerø Blad, 21.2.12

Link to the same article:

Found by Tessa La. English translation by Laila S.H.

To experience success and praising reviews when you have worked hard and targeted, gives a satisfying feeling, well earned. This good feeling everyone can absorb, all those who worked to make a concert with the not unknown Alexander Rybak and Kragerø Church’s Girls’ Choir. Packed church, great mood and praise to all the participants.
The choir has been working for a long time with preparations to the concert. Alexander Rybak was a fitting choice for the girl group. This talented musician/ composer/ actor, who got his breakthrough when he won the international final of European Song Contest in 2009 with own composed ‘Fairytale’. He comes from a family of musicians with father who is a violinist and mother pianist. He himself started playing both piano and violin from the age of five, but he chose the violin as his main instrument. A solid music education and many awards has this 25-year old, who was headhunted by the girl choir.
Besides this special concert experience, it must have been exciting to spend some time together with the musical capacity Rybak. He has shared of himself, something that certainly has been a great inspiration for the singers. As much he has shown to be an unaffected, down-to-earth person who doesn’t say no to a home visit with good food and a board game. When famous artists show sides like this of themselves, they score even higher among the fans.
There is a Rybak fever raging in Kragerø these days. Because it is fun when you spice up with celebrities and it is created a good and close mood, like the girl choir managed together with the charmer with the undisputable musical talent. It is just to repeat this program, either it will be a ‘Rybak Reprise’ (so even more can get the experience) or with other ‘guest artists’.

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