Christmas traditions of Alexander Rybak and his family

Article from Ukrainian website published on 26.12.2013

Author: Leff Svetstsky

Found and translated by Julia B. English revising by Anni J.

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Alexander Rybak: As a child I loved to look for a Christmas stocking!

After the traditional Christmas concert tour the singer went on a well-deserved Christmas vacation.

This year the singer Alexander Rybak spends the holidays with family, in the company of relatives and close friends.

Rybak told on his Facebook page about the traditions of celebrating Christmas with his family.

In the morning I always woke up to Christmas music around me, that my mother put in the CD player. And that morning, I always ran very fast to my mother’s room where there was a Christmas stocking hidden (yes, very silly tradition). And in that stocking there was candyyyyyy. It was the only day of the year when I could eat as much chocolate as I wanted to (well, except for my birthday). And my next post of the day was to run over to my father’s room where all the presents were. And that pile of presents was big, big, big and so I really looked forward to putting them under the tree.” – told Rybak.

Picture provided by MasterManagement

Right after New Year’s Eve Alexander Rybak is going on a few days’ vacation with his family, but he has not decided exactly where yet. The Artist wants to make a surprise for himself and for his family – to select the country the day before departure, as he believes that will lead to more experiences  and more adrenaline, and of course such a spontaneous trip will bring forth vivid emotions!

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  1. Hey ! Im a tunisian fan . I send many letters (with my photo as well ) , i asked alexander igorvish to come to tunisia for a concert . Pleaaaaaaaaaase !!!
    Thanks to reading me , have a good day … By the way happy new year and all my best wishes <3 🙂

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