Carefree Rybak. Article from Postimees, July 27th, 2010

by Esme Kassar

Found by our Estonian friends, English translation by Anglesina Est, Russian translation by Natalia Tallinnka

Original article

The second album of Eurovision singer begins with violin music – for a moment one get’s a feeling of beeing on some ball in the other century, the song is called “First kiss”. The young musician continues that kind of a journy with the listener throughout the album, doing some “Green Day”-like punk rock in the song “Why not me” and then the pure folk music in the “Barndance”. And then, of course, offering something to compete with his victorious ESC winning song – a captivating and dancing “Oah”. As the talented fiddler himself has in one Youtube interview smilingly said – let the critics cope with categorizing the album on their own. Exactly that means the limitless title “No boundaries”. Different styles and themes will be bound together by the violin and Rybak’s own sparkling energy and expressive performance form it to one whole. An extra big attention on this second album receive also the thousands and thousands of fans, my whom is inspired the song “5000 letters”, which seems to be the answer to those, whom Rybak hasn’t managed to write yet. And love is of course a main theme in many songs.

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