Backstage videos (! plural) of the concert in Prague, Febr. 25th 2010, by the drummer Trygve

Gazillionsk takk for the English subs, dear Trygve!

Kissesk & hugisk,

your norsk-laering FaceBookies.


Trygve, you’re spoiling us rotten!!! :))) Thanks for vid #2 and #3

9 thoughts on “Backstage videos (! plural) of the concert in Prague, Febr. 25th 2010, by the drummer Trygve”

  1. Marianne! Не могу не прокомментировать! Вы очень
    талантливый,жизнерадостный и весёлый человек.Оптимист по жизни! Я- Ваша поклонница ещё с той страницы .

  2. Whoa! Really interesting to see what’s going on in backstage :DDD

  3. @ Marianne -- aaaaaaaah! Your lovely poem! I already forgot all about it. Thanks for posting it!

  4. We want more!!! More video-documentation from the exciting life of a rock-band behind stage!!! We had so many discussions, about what you were doing on that band-camp in the summer, when the whole band and Alex, disappeared into the norwegian mountains….I even wrote a poem about it!

    BAND-CAMP -- 16.9.09

    There are boys in a cabin somewhere
    Having fun and no work, which is rare
    It will look like a mess
    And I have to confess
    As a lady, I´m glad, I´m not there.

    Stupid jokes and loud music will sound
    Smelly socks, will be lying around
    They will eat from the can
    Drink and burp, like a man
    Better place for a boy, can´t be found.

  5. Tryggve!Вы молодец! Девиз-даёшь энергию!!!

  6. Tryggve!!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! ( but a bit schocking to see, what Odd eats, before a concert..tsk, tsk!! )

    TUSEN, TUSEN TAKK. DET VAR KJEMPEGØY OG KJEMPEFINT!! ( Proud of myself, to be able to snakk norskisk )

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