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Alexander Rybak’s interview to Romanian newspaper Adevarul, 12.11.2011

Found by Ellen Nl. Translated by a friend who wishes to stay anonymous.

Also available in Greek (ελληνικά)

Alexander Rybak, singer: “I am sorry for bothering you, I think I am drowning”

By Roxana Lolea. Source:

Extremely shy, Alexander Rybak told us about the adventures he had, when he came to Romania, to help Paula Seling choose the finalists of the “X Factor”. Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s interview to Romanian newspaper Adevarul, 12.11.2011

Alexander Rybak on the Romanian X-Factor, 22.10.2011

The shootings occurred on 22 September. It was broadcast by Antena-1 on 22.10.2011

Romanian-to-English translation by Paula Ammolite. Romanian-to-Russian translation by Jenia Skripnik. Subtitles by Julia Bezbakh. Recording and English-to-Greek translation by Yannis Pap.

Subtitles: Click CC and then EN for English, RU for Russian or EL for Greek.
Repeat if the subtitles don’t appear with the first try.

Article: Alexander Rybak at the dance show in Dokka, 22-23 Oct. 2011

Found on the local Dokka newspaper (24.10.2011) by Tessa Lande. Translated by Laila Solum Hansen.

By Trond Lønstad

A FAIRYTALE: Alexander Rybak sang and played Fairytale, while the children sang and clapped

DOKKA: The Tomle-Svendsby sisters and the more than 100 dancers made a big show at the cinema, with Alexander Rybak as a guest artist.

You just have to take off your head gear and bow to the dust over the commitment, the glow, the dance happiness and the scene radiance that was shown during the dance show ‘Fairytales – still dreaming’ . The show has had four packed performances at the Dokka cinema during the weekend, with 1500 enthusiastic spectators. This was just awesome. You have to go far to find something as good as this! The response from the audience after the show was unambiguous. An ecstatic audience got on their feet and gave the more than 100 girls and boys at the stage standing ovations. And the judgment was clear: Dokka and Nordre Land have a fantastically good dance milieu. Basta!

Continue reading Article: Alexander Rybak at the dance show in Dokka, 22-23 Oct. 2011

Article about Alexander Rybak’s classical concert in Tromsø’s Cathedral – 19.10.2011

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. The concert was held on 18.10.2011. The article comes from the paper issue of the newspaper Tromsø, 19.10.2011

Journalist: Christer O Pedersen

Photo: Tom Benjaminsen
(Scanned by Tessa Lande. Post-processing by Yannis Pap.)

For the first time in two years the winner of ESC performed a classical concert.

This is the first time I do a classical concert since I won the ESC, and I thank you for the support”, Rybak said after the concert. There wasn’t a single tune from Fairytale or a single halling throw in the church last night. Instead there were classical pieces by Vivaldi, Händel and Tchaikovsky on the set list to the popular violinist. Rybak played from Händel’s Organ concert in F-dur, from Tchaikovsky’s Serenda and from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons*.

Sven Nyhus

And a small Norwegian element, which Rybak had arranged for orchestra,  “Bergrosa”. “It was great to add Nyhus to the concert. It was very nice”, Ragnhild Steen said, who visited the concert together with her grandchild. She liked what Rybak and his collaborating orchestra the did, consisting of musicians from Tromsø and St. Petersburg with the concert master Anna Chizhik. “It was a great program with a variety of music, and he does have temper, that young man”, she says.

The Church Festival

The concert was a prelude to Tromsø International Church Music Festival which starts this weekend. There will be a series of classical concerts and a lot more. This was the first highlight of many, pastor Kjell Y. Riise says to the newspaper Tromsø: “Among other things, the concerts and worship services with music by, among others, Mozart, Bach and a lot of female Baroque composers. Later this fall there will be concerts with hymn writer Elias Blix and composer Adolf Thomsen”, he says.

* According to Sara Anja, who attended this concert, Alexander didn’t participate in the performances of the Händel’s and Tchaikovsky’s pieces.

Alexander Rybak in the Greek TV show “Pame Paketo”, 13.10.2011

Alexander was the guest at the popular TV show “Pame Paketo” on Alpha TV in Greece. The episode was aired on October 13, although the shootings for the show had occurred on September 30. The show is about reuniting people who have been apart for years, by sending them a package. In this case, several of Alexander’s Greek fans, who had not met him for 2,5 years, were the package senders.

1) The show “Pame Paketo” (“Πάμε Πακέτο” = The Package), Alpha TV 13.10.2011

Available with various subtitles, click CC. Names of contributors shown at the beginning.

Also on Dailymotion

2) Interview to the show “Mes stin kali hara” (“Μες στην καλή χαρά” = Joyfully), Alpha TV 15.10.2011

English translation and subtitles: Yannis Pap.

Alexander Rybak, Vivaldi Orchestra and T. Stanghelle at the University of Oslo, 12.10.2011

Alexander playing with the Vivaldi Orchestra of his father, Igor, and Thomas Stanghelle, for the 200 years Jubilee of the University of Oslo (Universitetet i Oslo), the following pieces:

  • Bergrosa, by Sven Nyhus
  • L’inverno (the Winter), from Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four seasons”
  • Two songs from “Some Sunny Night” with Thomas Stanghelle, the composer of this work, based on the life of Ketil Moe. At the presence of his friend in life, Mark Wang.

Recording by Alev Can and Venche Mellemstrand. Montage by Yannis Pap. English translation by Tessa La. Subtitles by Julia B.

Also on Dailymotion

Alexander Rybak playing songs of Mikis Theodorakis – Lesbos, Greece, 2007

This is Alexander’s only known performance in Greece so far. In 2007, 2 years before winning the Eurovision, he played songs from «Axion Estin» with the Oslo-based Vivaldi Orchestra in Plomari, Lesbos. Here you can listen the only two songs whose recording has become available from this concert, and watch photos. You can see Alexander at the piano in two of the photos.

Click CC for subtitles. Available in English (by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard), Russian (from and Greek (original). Subtitle syncing: Yannis P.

The Vivaldi orchestra has been founded and conducted by Alexander’s father, Igor Rybak. At the vocals we find the Greek-Norwegian mezzo soprano Marilena Zlatanou and the Arcadia Choir, also from Norway.

The two songs heard here are «Της αγάπης αίματα» (Blood of Love) and «Ένα το χελιδόνι» (Lone is the swallow). They both belong to the famous Oratory of Mikis Theodorakis «Axion Esti» («Ἄξιον Ἐστὶ» = “It is Truly Meet”, 1964), based on the homonym poem of the Nobel-laureate Odysseus Elytis (1960), inspired after the struggle of the Greek people against fascism from the beginning of WW-2 and onwards.

Some old videos of Alexander Rybak, now with Subtitles


1. “Prelude from Moscow”, NRK documentary 16.05.2009
2. Performance at a press-conference in Norway. 28.05.2009
3. Interview at a Croatian TV program, Summer 2009
4. NRK on Alexander’s concert in Mausund. 05.07.2009
5. With Thomas Stanghelle and their families – Kristiansand 29.07.2009
6. Interview at NRK regarding the Nobel Peace Concert, 11.12.2009

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Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi go on tour – article on Her og Nå, 20.09.2011

Alexander and Dennis Storhøi go on tour. Ready for new “spillopper” [=pranks*]

* wordplay with the word “spill” = play

Found and translated by Vero Nica

Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi have had a huge success earlier with “Fiddler on the Roof”. “Her og Nå” can now reveal that they once again will turn their musical talents together.

Alexander Rybak (25) and Dennis Storhøi (51) have developed a close relationship through the staging of the audience and critics success “Fiddler on the Roof”. Young Alexander considers the theatre veteran Dennis as his artistic mentor, and the two have kept in touch since “Fiddler on the Roof”, the play for which Alexander was honoured with the “Hedda” award (best newcomer of the year). The two popular artists will now again be on the same stage during the concert tour “Vinterbilder” (=Winter pictures)

A little secretive Dennis Storhøi confirms to “Her og Nå” that he now will perform with Alexander again.
– I’m of course looking forward to working with Alexander again. We have kept in touch, and there’s a good atmosphere between us, he says.

From what “Her og Nå” has learnt, it will be 15 concerts in December. The established pianist Øystein Lund Olafsen is the producer, and Alexander and Dennis will be joined by the singer Anne Vada.

Schedule of “Vinterbilder” concerts

ACCORDING to Anne Vada’s page, discovered by Vigdis Ar

“Rybak-fever takes her to Norway” A Swedish Radio Interview about Alexander Rybak – 18.9.2011

Three musicians from Lycksele have been invited to play alongside Alexander Rybak, the Norwegian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest from 2 years ago, at a course in Mo i Rana. The invitation was initially received by Siw Burman, a music teacher and national folk musician from Lycksele. In October, Siw will be travelling together with two young violinists, and it won’t be the first time they’ve collaborated with musicians from different parts of the world. The question that stands is: is it Siw or Alexander who will have the most to learn from this experience?

P4-Morning also states that they wonder what the whole “Rybak-effect” is about.

For the source, click here. Found and English translation by Mary Ann Hansson. Recording and subtitles by Yannis Pap. Translation of the accompanying article by Marianne Saietz. Russian by Sonya Luzina.
Revision by Bita

Alexander Rybak, video from the concert in Stockholm 18.8.2011

Alexander performed with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ingar Bergby, for “Norwegian Mood” in Stockholm 18.8.2011

Tracks: “Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak – “Din första kyss” by Alexander Rybak & Mats Paulson – “Sæterjentens Søndag” by Ole Bull – “Song from a secret garden” by Secret Garden – “Bergrosa” by Sven Nyhus

In this video you can watch all Alexander’s performances in the concert.

With visual material by Ingegerd Claesson, Martyna Agnieszka Jasinska and the Youtube channel “mkh1188“, in conjunction with the professional audio recording of the Swedish Radio P2. Video editing by Yannis Papadopoulos.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak, video from the concert in Stockholm 18.8.2011

Alexander Rybak’s interview about social media to the paper issue of Dagens Næringliv 16.08.11

Journalist : Halvor Ripegutu
Photo: Marius Beck Dahle

Found and translated by Tessa La

Also available in: Russian (русский), Greek (ελληνικά)

The network has become one of the largest advertising channel for musicians. Rybak has nearly 300,000 fans on Facebook.

It is easy to be a megalomaniac, but I try to limit what I write there”, says Rybak. With nearly 300,000 fans on Facebook, he is the single Norwegian musician with the most followers on Facebook. Only three groups, The black metal bands Dimmu Borgir and Immortal, and the electronica duo Röyksopp, have more supporters among Norwegian music artists on the world’s largest online community.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s interview about social media to the paper issue of Dagens Næringliv 16.08.11

Alexander Rybak: “As a child I was a clown” – Interview to Russian newspaper “Pervostolnik” #7, 2011

Found by: Irina Kuvaldina. Translated by: Irina KuvaldinaZhanna Sergueeva. Revision by: Bita J.

Also available in: Russian (русский)Greek (ελληνικά).

We came to know him just 2 years ago, after his victory in the ESC 2009. Ever since then, Alexander Rybak has not been lost amongst the countless European pop artists and has become one of the most popular artists in Europe. Of course, he is especially loved in the CIS countries. This is understandable since Alexander is of Belorussian origin, though he represented Norway in the famous song contest. Moreover, the musician doesn’t become tired of repeating  throughout interviews that  considers himself Russian in soul.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2011, which ended several months ago, could not have take place without Alexander’s participation either. This time around, Alexander tried out a new role as a host and reporter for  Norwegian TV. The day before his trip to Dusseldorf, he found the time to answer to our questions discussing the attention he receives from girls, his first self-earned income and the contents of his luggage.

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“New round with Alexander Rybak” – Article on the paper issue of Sunnmørsposten 9.8.11

Found and translated by Tessa La
Photo improved by Alev Can
Revised by Bita J.

Reporter: Gry Støre
Photo: Nils Harald Ånstad

New round with Alexander Rybak

Alexander is back as an instructor at Aalesund Orchestra School, and is more nervous than he was before Grand Prix.


“This is something totally new for me, because this time it’s my own project. It shapes my future”, Alexander Rybak (25) says.

“This is what I like to work with. To make concerts with children and young people which turns into unique experiences for the audience. It’s regardless of age and music tastes. A little pop, some classical and some folk songs”, he says.

Continue reading “New round with Alexander Rybak” – Article on the paper issue of Sunnmørsposten 9.8.11

Alexander Rybak performing at a memorial in Namsos – 4.8.2011

Alexander performed a memorial concert for the victims of the Oslo & Utøya terrorist attacks on 22.7.2011, along with various other volunteering artists. The concert was performed in a church in Namsos on 4.8.2011.

All parts with Alexander have been recorded and gathered by Sonya Luzina. Technical improvement of the video by Yannis Papadopoulos.

Alexander Rybak at the flower ceremony for the victims of the 22.7 attacks, Oslo 25.7.2011

On the evening of Monday, 25.7.2011, Alexander played “Bergrosa” by Sven Nyhus at the flower ceremony, which took place at the City Hall Square of Oslo, in the memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya, 3 days before. The crown prince and the prime minister delivered speeches at this event. The assembled crowd of people mourning for the victims had reportedly reached 200.000.

On television

Source found Marianne Saietz. Recording: Yannis P.

Amateur recording

From the Youtube channel assie84. Found by Vigdis Ar.

Alexander Rybak – Meet&Greet in Zielona Gora, Poland, 16th of July 2011

Alexander performed in the final concert of the Russian Song Festival in Zielona Góra. In the afternoon, between rehearsals and the concert, he was invited for a meet&greet with some of his fans from Poland – The “Polish Rybak´s  Mafia”.

And thanks a lot to Patrycja Pajor and Martyna Agnieszka Jasinska for sharing their pictures with us 🙂

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French article about Alexander Rybak by “Charts in France” – 13.7.2011

Found by Zhanna Segueeva. Translation by Yannis Papadopoulos.

Alexander Rybak returns with a new single in Norwegian*

[The song is in Swedish, but it’s mistakenly referred as Norwegian in the article]

The winner of the Eurovision song contest 2009, Alexander Rybak, is back with a new single, “Resan till dig”, which is performed in Norwegian, the first piece from his third new album «Visa vid vindens ängar», which is available since the last June.

The Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak hasn’t met the anticipated success in France, after his victory at the 54th Eurovision song contest with «Fairytale» in 2009, however he remains a star in his country, where he recently released his 3rd and latest album «Visa vid vindes ängar», introduced with a single sung in Norwegian, «Resan til dig» – thus probably resigning from the effort to export himself after two years and focusing on the market of his homeland.

[However, Alexander has denied himself that the new Scandinavian release means that he’s abandoning his international career]

Continue reading French article about Alexander Rybak by “Charts in France” — 13.7.2011

Alexander Rybak, interview to TV2 – 6.7.2011

Rybak will not be fooled by the girls this summer

Preferably, he will sit on a deserted island in the rain with Katrine Moholt and talk about life’s sorrows and joys.

Source: TV2, publish 6.7.2011 – Author: Victoria Østengen – Translated by Tessa La

– What is your best summer memory?

– My best summer memory is when I went to Tusenfryd (amusment park) with the first girl I was in love with. We went to Tusenfryd, because I knew she was going to sit close to me when we would take the Timber chute.

– What kind of relationship do you have to the summer?

– I like summer when it rains. I am a Belarus, you know, so I’m a sucker for melancholy and nostalgia. Also, I like to see the sunset in the summer.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak, interview to TV2 – 6.7.2011

Alexander Rybak at the “Sommertid” show, TV2 Norway, 6 July 2011

Alexander was one of the guests at the show “Sommertid” on TV2, where he performed a part of a Keep of Kalessin’s song and “Resan til dig”. The show had been recorded on June 27th.

Multilingual subtitles at the CC key. List of languages and contributors’ names appear at the beginning of the video.

Alexander Rybak at «Allsang på Grensen», TV2 Norway, 29 June 2011

Alexander was the co-host of the show «Allsang på Grensen». Recordings occurred on Wednesday, 29 June. It was aired on the next day. He also performed solo and in duet with Mats Paulson and Didrik Solli Tangen. All the parts can be seen here.

Recorded by May Elisabeth. English translation by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson. Subs by Julia B. 

Interview to newspaper “VG” 19 June 2011

Translated by Ida Marie Brøske Kleven.

Photo from the printed issue taken by Tessa La.


“I love to live in the past, with a little hope for the future”

Alexander Rybak (25) has made big money on songs about his ex-girlfriends. Now he has written two Swedish folk music songs to his new girlfriend.


The songs “Maria” and “Din första kyss” are about his doctor girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad (25), and participate on the famous violinist’s new CD “Visa vid Vindens Ängar” which is made in collaboration with the famous Swedish folk singer Mats Paulson (73).


– You have to ask Maria what she thinks about the songs. But I like to write songs about love. I think that it gives the songs more suspense when the audience knows who the songs are about, Rybaks says, and refer to “Fairytale” and “Oah” which are dedicated to his ex- girlfriends Ingrid Berg Mehus (23) and Moa Meinich (19).

Continue reading Interview to newspaper “VG” 19 June 2011

Greek articles and reviews about Alexander Rybak from 2009

Alexander Rybak in Greece 2009

Below you’ll find 2 interviews from Greek media, a Greek review of Alexander’s album “Fairytales” and 2 Vlog videos he made when he was there. 


  1. Review of the album “Fairytales”
  2. The interview : The flying Norwegian
  3. The interview: I will not be a pop idol at 45
  4. Two Vlogs Alexander made when he was there.

Found and translated by Yannis Papadopoulos
Revision by Anni Jowett

Continue reading Greek articles and reviews about Alexander Rybak from 2009

Three interviews to the Greek press in 2009

Found and translated by Yannis Papadopoulos
Revision by Anni Jowett


1) «I move forward when everybody tells me to stop»

2) «I would like to be in Greece all the time»

3) «I just put my feelings into a song. I never regretted it»

(in chronological order)

Continue reading Three interviews to the Greek press in 2009

Resan till dig

by Mats Paulson



1. Swedish lyrics

2. English translation

3. German translation (Deutsch)

4. Greek translation (ελληνικά)

5. Polish translation (Polski)

6. Turkish translation (Türkçe)

7. French translation ( Français)

8. Czech translation (Česky)

9. Slovak translation ( Slovensky)

10. Chinese translation  (中文)

11. Croatian translation (Hrvatski)

12. Dutch translation (Nederlands)

13. Vietnamese translation (Việt)

14. Persian translation (فارسی)

15. Spanish translation (Español)

16. Norwegian translation (Norsk)

17. Hungarian translation (Magyar)

18. Romanian translation (Română)

For Russian, switch to the Russian (русский) and Ukrainian (українська) versions of this post by clicking here.

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Alexander at a restaurant’s opening in Alanya, Turkey, 17 May

Found and translated by Alev Can.

Momento Resturant opened its doors.

A new gourmet restuarant opened in Alanya. Norway ambassador Cecilie Landsverk, honorary consul Nüvit Özkan and Eurovison 2009 winner Alexander Rybak, who was in Alanya to give a concert for Norway’s national celebration, were at the opening.

Printed notes for the songs on the «Fairytales» album

Information found by Tessa La

A book with the printed notes for piano, vocals and chords to 8 songs on the first CD of Alexander, «Fairytales», has been released in Norway. The cost of the book is 179 kr. (ca. 23 euros). To see a sample, click on a song’s title, below.


Roll with the wind


Song from a secret garden

Kiss and tell

Funny little world

If you were gone

13 Horses

For more info and online purchase check out the following links:

For Apps:  fiolinmakeren

You can also get it in Norli book stores. Not possible to order online, but you can use the “click and pick up” to check if a store nearby you have it.

Interview to the paper issue of VG 12.5.11

Found and translated by Tessa La. Photo on the paper acquired by Tessa La through phone and enhanced by Yannis P.

By: Morten Hegseth and Marcus Husby

Alexander leans to his mother’s comforting words, when the scandal headlines and life is as toughest. Now he has moved on after the tough “Shall we dance” –time in Sweden with sleeping pills, disease and infidelity stories in the weekly press. I don’t think about the time in Sweden anymore, it’s so long ago now.  I’m done with that period of my life, Rybak said.


Both the Swedish and Norwegian magazine unfolding Rybak’s alleged relationship with his Swedish “Shall we dance” partner Malin Johansson (24) at the final party to the dance competition. This happened while Rybak is in a relationship with his doctor girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad – which he proclaimed his love for at the “Spellemann” this year.

– I felt disgusted when the article was published. It was not good. It is not myself I think of first and foremost, but my closest family and friends. I always notify them before such “doomsday cases” are in print, but this was not ok. No one wants to see kissing pictures smeared out all over a front page, he said.

Continue reading Interview to the paper issue of VG 12.5.11

Alexander’s photo on sale for UNICEF charity

News research by Veronica Nord and text by Tessa La

Alexander is one of the celebrities in Norway who support Unicef and is one of the persons who are depicted at the exhibition “Close-up for UNICEF”, which consists of portraits of about 70 famous people in Norway, who had themselves being photographed looking naturally.

The production company “Monster” has taken the initiative for the exhibition, and the income from the sale of photos will go directly to UNICEF’s fund in order to eradicate HIV infection from mother to child.

The photo of Alexander can be yours for NOK 7.500,-. (ca. 947 euros). Size 60×60 cm, signed. The exhibition takes place on Tjuvhomen (Akker Brugge), Oslo, May 6th to 15th.

Webpage of the project
Alexander’s photo

Alexander at Let’s Dance 25.2.2011 – Jive and Marathon

Alexander and Malin , Jive and Marathon. Also interviews of several facebookies and his father. Notice that he had a stomach flue.

Recording, subs and Greek translation by Yannis P. English translation by Sara Anja. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Polish translation by Monika Fronczak. Czech by Jitka Holanova.

Here you can see the moment when Alexander passes to the next round.

English by Sara Anja, Russian by Sonya Luzina.

Alexander’s self composed ballet for two – “Pas de Deux” 19.02.2011

Listen to Alexander Rybak’s self composed classical piece for ballet, «Pas de Deux» (=steps of two), which he performed with Kathrine at the Opera Festival in Kristiansund, Norway, 19 Feb. 2011!

Many thanks to Hildebjorg Ha for this recording!

Also on Dailymotion:

1 Year Anniversary – Happy birthday,!

It was Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, when our funny little world began its journey on the internet. This site was started by the Facebookies, friends of Alexander who met each other online, with the ambition to create the top Official International Fansite of Alexander, to gather every single piece of information related to him and to help people get acquainted with his incredible music, personality and talent.

Today, our funny little word is still here, always fresh with the latest news, translations, photos, fan art and videos. It counts almost 45.000 individual visitors from 131 countries, 565 posts and 2256 comments. And the most important, it keeps connecting people from all around the world through Alexander and music.

A warm “thank you” to

all of you

who kept this project alive throughout the year with your contributions, your comments and your love!

And of course, our thanks goes to Alexander, who brought us together and changed our lives!

Interview of Alexander and Malin to

Many thanks to Vera Bernäng, who found and translated it.

“It feels like hell”

By Emelie Molinder

Alexander Rybak has many strings on his violin. In “Let’s Dance” has the norwegian showed that he can both dance in high heels and charm the swedish TV viewers.

Are the costumes important?

-Yes, it wouldn’t have been so fun to dance walz with Malin if she wore a salsa skirt. Everything should be right.

You’ve danced in high heels, how is that?

– It feels like hell. It’s hard to wear high heels and at the same time try to look masculine. It’s like trying to wrinkle your eyebrows and look happy at the same time.

– I think that a man is the most masculine when he has a feminine side,- said Alexanders dance partner Malin.

Continue reading Interview of Alexander and Malin to