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The Benefit concert “Tusen Takk” in Boxmeer 30. October 2016

Alexander Rybak  – “Tusen Takk” benefit concert  in Boxmeer, the Netherlands.

“Tusen Takk” Benefit for Cystic Fibrosis was organized by Niels Peeters and her family in Boxmeer, the local town in the Netherlands where Niels lives. It was also a celebration of Niels’ 25 anniversary and 10 years since her lounge operation.  Alexander, who is a friend of Niels and her family, said yes to perform at the concert already a year before. And he brought with him the pianist Stefan Zlatanos, and together they gave a great concert.  Continue reading The Benefit concert “Tusen Takk” in Boxmeer 30. October 2016

Alexander Rybak at Sveiomarknaden 3.6.2017

Alexander performed at the Norwegian festival Sveiomarknaden 2017

Featured picture: Photos by Marit Olavsdatter and Daniel DeNiazi 

Alexander performed four songs, one of them, “Dyrene i Afrika”, he performed together with the children’s choir. Alexander was joyful and the audience showed their enthusiasm and sang along the songs. Continue reading Alexander Rybak at Sveiomarknaden 3.6.2017

Alexander’s violin version of Jamala’s ESC winner song “1944”.

Alexander Rybak’s  beautiful violin version of the 2016 Eurovision winner song “1944” by Jamala.

Alexander’s violin version of “1944” was meant to be performed at an ESC event during Eurovision in Kiev May  2017. An event where the invited artists would perform their version of an Ukrainian song. Unfortunately the event was canceled only a few weeks before it was going to happen. 

Luckily we can enjoy this beautiful violin version of “1944” on YouTube 


The original “1944” by Jamala


Alexander and Philip Cecil – Looking My Way

Alexander Rybak steps into the modern sound EDM in collaboration with Philip Cecil

“For a long time I have wanted to do something modern, something fun and fresh. @philipcecilmusic gave me that chance” –  Alexander

Continue reading Alexander and Philip Cecil — Looking My Way

Alexander, Julie and Philip Cecil i the radio show “Kveldsåpent” 30.5.2017

Alexander Rybak and Philip presented their new song “Looking My Way”  in the Norwegian radio show “Kveldsåpent” (Evening Open) on NRK P1. And Julie, Alexander’s girlfriend, was with them too. 

A nice interview where Alexander and Philip Cecil talks about their collaboration with the song  “Looking My Way” and future plans 🙂 

Source: NRK P1, broadcast 30.5.2017

Philip Cecil and Alexander Rybak – “Looking My Way” single of the week on NPS Music

Philip Cecil has teamed up with Alexander Rybak and created one of this year’s big hits.

The music producer Philip Cecil and Alexander Rybak released the single “Looking My Way” on streaming services Sunday May 28th, and the song is  “The single of the week” on NPS Music. Continue reading Philip Cecil and Alexander Rybak — “Looking My Way” single of the week on NPS Music

Alexander about Norway, Norwegian values and 17th of May in Magasinet 13.05.2017


Source: Magasinet, Dagbladet. Published 13.05.2017.  Text:  Silje Kathrine Sviggum. Photo:  Agnete Brun. Found by Mónika Menyhért. Translated by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett. 

Alexander Rybak (31) is still influenced by the time that he missed the 17th of May. The year was 2009 and «Fairytale» had  brought home victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. When the confetti hit the floor in Moscow and Rybak was thrown into a congratulation swirl, he realised that he would miss the celebration of the 17th of May.

Continue reading Alexander about Norway, Norwegian values and 17th of May in Magasinet 13.05.2017

Alexander about his tribute to Salvador and Luisa Sobral in “GMN” on TV2 16.05.2017

Alexander about his tribute to the Eurovision winner 2017

Alexander and Hanne Krogh (from Bobbysocks) were guests in the morning show “God morgen Norge” on TV2 16.5.2017. Alexander told about his love for the song and why he made the music video as a tribute.

Fever – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

FEVER – with lyrics in several languages

Click on the flags to get the translation in Hungarian and Spanish

   Hungary flag      Flag Spain


Original music and lyrics : Eddie Cooley & Otis Blackwell
Performed by Alexander Rybak ft. D’Dorian
Production: Knut Bjørnar Asphol
Arrangement: Alexander Rybak

Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I care
But when you put your arms around me
I get a feeling that is hard to bear Continue reading Fever — Lyrics — Alexander Rybak

Fever (feat. D’Dorian) – Alexander Rybak – New music video

Alexander’s brilliant cover of “Fever”

A long awaited recording and music video of  Alexander’s brilliant version of the classic jazzy song  “Fever”.  

D’Dorian, who features Alexander in this song is Knut Bjørnar Asphol, who has produced several of Alexander’s earlier released songs.

“Fever” was one of the songs Alexander performed in “Kjempesjansen”, and it was also   on his playlist on his Christmas tour “Swinging home for Christmas” in 2010.

“Fever” was recorded first time in 1956,  and has since then been covered by numerous artists from various musical genres. You can read more about the song on Wikipedia. 

Where to stream and buy it :


And on Spotify


Alexander at the national ESC final on Iceland 11.03.2017

Alexander Rybak and Greta Salome with a brilliant duet in the national ESC final on Iceland. 

In addition to the duet, there were also an interview and at the end Alexander performed his legendary “Fairytale”. Below you find videos of the duet, the whole part with Alexander – interview, duet and “Fairytale”, and a video of only “Fairytale”. Continue reading Alexander at the national ESC final on Iceland 11.03.2017

Alexander in the TV-show “En kveld hos Kloppen” on TV2 16.05.2016

In the TV-show “En kveld med Kloppen” (An evening at Kloppen’s place), Solveig Kloppen invites three famous people she is curious about and fascinated by to her own home for a pleasant evening. Solveig is a dab hand at parties and good mood, but she is hopeless when it comes to cooking. She therefore offers the house and wine, while her guests contributes with a simple dish each.

Alexander was the one who made the main course, and here is  the recipe:

Alexander Rybak’s chicken stew

ALexander Rybak En kveld hos Kloppen 6
With help from UNCLE BEN’S: Alexander Rybak made chicken stew for the main course. Photo: TV 2


You need: 

Rice (boil-in-bag)
Chicken filet (rather too much then too little)
Tikka Masala sauce from Uncle Ben’s
Cherry tomatoes



Boil the rice according to the instruction on the package.

Chop the chicken in suitable pieces and fry them in a pan. Pour the sauce over the chicken and let it cook a little until the sauce thickens.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in two and spread them over the dish.

Serve preferably with ginger ale, water or Cola Zero.

Alexander in a parody about Eurovision in Eurovision 2016

Love Love Peace  Peace

AlexanderRybak interval act Eurovision 2016Alexander Rybak  took part in the interval act in the Eurovision finale 2016. Watch the video below. The number is called “Love Love Peace Peace”, and according to Edward af Sillen the audience during the show 60 years has never seen a parody of the Eurovision in Eurovision. The bombastic tribute is about the trick to win Eurovision, which is analyzed at an institute in Switzerland and emerges the best of the winning songs:

– Everything crazy you have seen, from old ladies who bake bread to men in hamster wheels, and it’s apparently okay in Eurovision.

The number where the hosts Mans Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede – appearing in Charlotte Perrellis pink winning costume from 1999 – singing and dancing, shows a mix of everything. In addition to the old bread baking grannies and men in a hamster wheel, Alexander Rybak playing the violin on stage, while bare-chested men playing drums and then, among other things, Lordi pops up.

Alexander appears from 1.09 in the video 🙂


Happy 30th birthday Alexander !

Today we wish Alexander a very happy 30th birthday! – but who’s counting anyway?! 😛

30 years have passed since you were born. 30 years filled with experiences far beyond normal. People from all over the world have been fascinated by your versatile musical footsteps, and you have all the reasons to be proud of yourself and what you have achieved so far.

Alexander Rybak – You bring joy to the world 🙂

alexander Rybak birthday 2016

To celebrate, we’ve created this quiz made by Bita J, in which we explore Alexander’s past decade as an artist. Enjoy!”


Videos from the concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 29.4.2016

Friday 29th of April Alexander Rybak had his first concert in Latin-America. The concert was at Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Thanks to his fantastic Latin-American fans, we can all enjoy this great moment. A big thank you to all of you who have uploaded videos 🙂
The featured picture is a collection of pictures found on Instagram. 

The play list was long (this is not in the correct order though):  Europe Skies, Dovregubbens Hall, Fairytale, Abrazame, Funny Little World, Oah, Kotik, Into A Fantasy, Leave Me Alone, Secret Garden, Hungarian Suit, Tango by Astor Piazzolla, Roll with the Wind, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy and Fairytale once more. Continue reading Videos from the concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 29.4.2016

Alexander Rybak and Byneset Spellmannslag in concert 24.04.2016

Alexander Rybak impressed everyone at Bynesaulaen

Source: Gaula Avis, published 27.04.2016 Text: Vigdis A. Myrdal
Photo: Unni Ulltveit

There was no one, at any time, who had the slightest doubt that Rybak knew how to play the violin when the Eurovision star was on stage and downright showed off his skills with the bow and his fiddle. In addition Byneset Spellmannslag was impressively good. Continue reading Alexander Rybak and Byneset Spellmannslag in concert 24.04.2016

Alexander in a live stream broadcast on radio TKM, Argentina 27.04.2016

Alexander at radio TKM, Argentina where he performed “Funny Little World”,  “Abrazame”, “Roll with the Wind” and “Fairytale”.  The video shows short parts of each performance. To see the  whole live streamed interview with performances, click on the picture below the video 🙂



Alexander Rybak and Tonica Orchestra in Helsingborg 17.04.2016

Alexander was invited to perform at Tonicaorkestern’s (Tonica Orchestra) 60s anniversary celebration concert.

One of the many highlights of the amazing concert was the duet between Alexander and the conductor Bo-Göte Nygren playing
“Czardas” of Vittorio Monti and “Viva la Vida“.  Thanks to  Anastasia Silakova for these great videos 🙂

Pictures and greetings in both Swedish and English from Tonicaorkestern 🙂

Fan reports from meeting Alexander in Warsaw, Poland, 14.04.2016

Fans meeting Alexander Rybak in Warsaw, Poland.

Anna Katus and Ania Bednarek have been so kind and shared with us their happy meeting with Alexander. Enjoy their reports and the nice video made by Ania Bednarek. Continue reading Fan reports from meeting Alexander in Warsaw, Poland, 14.04.2016

Alexander in Warsaw – Interview with “Good Evening Europe” 14.04.2016

Alexander Rybak: “I want to manifest myself as a composer”

Interview by Maciej Mazański from “Dobry wieczór Europo!” (Good Evening Europe!) made in Warsaw when Alexander visited the city to record his performance for the TV-show “Jaka to Melodia”.

The interview is in English, but Alexander talks a little bit in Polish in the beginning. You’ll find the translation below the video 🙂

R: Hello, this is the Maciej Mazański portal  And my guest today is Alexander Rybak, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.

R: Hi, Alexander!
A: Hi.

R: How many times have you been in Poland?

A: Five…five.  Five.  How do you pronounce it?

When I was little I was in Warsaw, Gdansk, Gdynia….

From Alexander’s orchestra seminar in Sarpsborg, Norway 18. – 20. of March 2016

Playing together with their big idol

Text to picture: ORGANISING: Alexander Rybak organising the youths at the seminar. To the right Sarpsborg Youth Orchestra’s conductor Maria Dahl. (Photo: Johnny Helgesen)

Source: Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad 19.03.16. Text and photo: Johnny Helgesen. Translation : TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett

70 children and youths are playing this weekend together with their idol, Alexander Rybak, at Sarpsborg Scene. Continue reading From Alexander’s orchestra seminar in Sarpsborg, Norway 18. — 20. of March 2016

Alexander in Moscow promoting his new song “I love You Like Before” 8 – 9 March 2016

Alexander was in Moscow  for some days to perform at Woman’s Day and promote his new song “I Love You Like Before” in several radio and TV-shows. Below you’ll find videos and pictures we have from his interviews and performances. The videos will be translated soon. Continue reading Alexander in Moscow promoting his new song “I love You Like Before” 8 — 9 March 2016

The wizard with the fiddle – Orchestra seminar and concert in Fosnavåg, Norway 12-14.02.2016

Alexander Rybak – The wizard with the fiddle

The weekend 12-14th of February Alexander had an orchestra seminar with more than 90 young musicians, mainly violinists, from the municipalities of Herøy, Ulsteinvik, Hareid, Sande, Ørsta, Volda, Stryn, Ålesund, Tresfjord og Valldal in addition to culture students from the Herøy Culture School. The orchestra seminar and concert at Fosnavåg Concert House was organised by the local orchestra Havella.

It was a great experience for the young students and thanks to Robert Skeide and Kristian Ødegaard Skeide we can provide you pictures and videos from the seminar and the concert.  The intro on the videos has English subtitles 🙂

Click on the pictures to see the albums 🙂 

Alexander Rybak seminar Fosnavågen 2016 ALexander Rybak orchestra concert Fosnavåg 2016

Videos by Kristian Ødegaard Skeide. They all have English subtitles on the intro. 

Children’s book author – Interview on 10.02.2016

Alexander Rybak : A children’s book author

Edward van de Vendel Eurostory Alexander Rybak


Published on February 10, 2016
Interviewer: Edward Van de Vendel, a Dutch author of children’s books, three of them published in Norway by Cappelen Damm.
Continue reading Children’s book author — Interview on 10.02.2016

Orchestra seminar in Sandefjord, Norway 15. – 17. of January 2016

150 lucky ones have a dream weekend with Alexander Rybak

150 young strings from all over Vestfold got a solid dose of extra playing pleasure and enthusiasm, after a hectic but oh so fun weekend together with Alexander Rybak in Sandefjord.  Continue reading Orchestra seminar in Sandefjord, Norway 15. — 17. of January 2016

Alexander – My kindergarten memory – Utdanningsnytt 4/2015

The hero in the kindergarten

For Alexander Rybak the parties were the best thing about kindergarten. Then he could get to be a hero.

Text to photo: Alexander Rybak didn’t only play in the kindergarten in Belarus, he also learnt to read and write.- I have always worked hard to learn things. That’s why I have succeeded, he says.  Continue reading Alexander — My kindergarten memory — Utdanningsnytt 4/2015

Alexander in Eurosong 2016, Belgium 03.01.2016

Alexander was invited to the first Eurosong 2016 show in Belgium to be an adviser to the 5 candidates that take part in Belgium’s national selection.

In addition he performed his famous Eurovision Medley, and Twitter was overloaded by positive responses about him both as an adviser and performer 🙂

Alexander Rybak Eurosong 2016 Belgium



24. December – Stemninger (Moods) – Merry Christmas

julekort calender2014Stemninger (Moods) julekort calender2014

It’s Christmas Eve and time for presents, and what could be better then music by Alexander. It’s therefore a pleasure for us to present you music from his very first released album “Stemninger” (Moods) from 2005. Alexander mentioned by the way this album in one of his answers on the Fansites Q & A last year.

Merry Christmas and click on the 24th calendar window  below to open your present. 🙂

Alexander Rybak Advnet calender 24


tyskland-flaggEs ist Heiligabend und Zeit für Geschenke und was wäre besser als Musik von Alexander. Es ist uns daher ein Vergnügen Musik aus seinem ersten veröffentlichten Album “Stemninger” (Stimmungen) von 2005 zu präsentieren. Alexander erwähnte das Album übrigens in einer seiner Antworten auf der Fanseite “Q & A” letztes Jahr.
Frohe Weihnachten! Klicke unten auf das 24. Kalenderfenster, um dein Geschenk zu öffnen. 🙂

Flag RusssiaСегодня Сочельник, время подарков, и что может быть лучше музыки Александра. Поэтому мы с удовольствием представляем вам музыку с его самого первого изданного альбома “Stemninger”(“Настроения”) 2005 года. Кстати, Александр упоминал этот альбом, когда отвечал на один из вопросов в Вопросах и Ответах на фансайте в прошлом году.

Весёлого Рождества и кликните на 24ое окошко календаря, чтобы открыть свой подарок. 🙂

Flag SpainEs nochebuena y tiempo para los regalos, qué podría ser mejor que la música de Alexander. Por eso, es un placer para nosotros presentarles su música del primer disco que grabó “Stemninger” (Estado de ánimo) de 2005. Alexander por cierto, mencionó este disco en una de las respuestas que hizo a la ronda de preguntas de nuestro sitio el año pasado.

Feliz Navidad, da click en el día 24 del calendario para que puedas disfrutar de tu regalo 🙂

23. December – Christmas Quiz – Rybak Style!

It’s December 23rd and Christmas is right around the corner. As an early Christmas present from us to all of you, we’ve created this “Christmas Quiz – Rybak Style!”. Enjoy completing these questions to test your knowledge about any Alexander Rybak related Christmas facts, and perhaps discover some new interesting things on the way.

PS: We love hearing your feedback, so leave us a comment about what you thought about this quiz, and share your results. 🙂

German and Russian text below the Quiz.

julekort calender2014Christmas Quiz – Have fun!julekort calender2014


tyskland-flaggEs ist der 23. Dezember und Weihnachten steht vor der Tür. Als ein vorgezogenes Weihnachtsgeschenk von uns an euch alle haben wir dieses “Weihnachts-Quiz – Rybak Style!” erstellt. Genieße es diese Fragen zu beantworten, teste dein Wissen über einige Tatsachen Alexander Rybak und Weihnachten betreffend und entdecke vielleicht einige neue interessante Dinge auf dem Weg. Viel Spass!

PS: Gerne hören wir dein Feedback, also lass uns einen Kommentar da, was du über dieses Quiz denkst und teile dein Ergebnis. 🙂

Flag RusssiaСегодня 23е декабря, и Рождество уже на носу. В качестве предварительного рождественского подарка от нас всем вам мы сделали эту “Рождественскую викторину – Стиль Рыбака!”. Надеемся, вам понравится отвечать на вопросы о разнообразных рождественских фактах, имеющих отношение к Александр Рыбаку, и может быть в процессе вы узнаете что-то новое и интересное. Развлекайтесь!

P.S: нам очень нравятся ваши отзывы, так что оставляйте ваши комментарии по поводу викторины и делитесь результатами в социальных сетях. 🙂

Flag SpainEs diciembre 23 y la Navidad está por llegar. Como un regalo adelantado para todos ustedes hemos creado esta trivia de navidad – ¡Estilo Rybak!. Disfruta completando estas preguntas para que pruebes tu conocimiento sobre todo lo relacionado con Rybak, Tal vez te enteres de más cosas ¡Disfrútalo!

PS: Nos gustaría que nos dieras retroalimentación, deja un comentario sobre qué te pareció esta trivia y comparte tus resultados

20. December – Christmas songs – Silver Bells

julekort calender2014Silver Bells julekort calender2014

Christmas Eve is getting closer, so it’s time to collect Alexander’s Christmas songs. And today’s video is “Silver Bells”, which is one of the songs he performs in this year’s Christmas concert.

Приближается Сочельник, поэтому настало время собрать вместе рождественские песни Александра. И сегодня мы выбрали видео “Silver Bells”, одной из песен, с которыми Александр выступает на рождественских концертах в этом году.

Heiligabend kommt näher, so dass es Zeit wird Alexanders Weihnachtslieder zu sammeln. Das heutige Video ist “Silver Bells” ein Lied das er dieses Jahr im Weihnachtskonzert spielt.

La navidad se acerca, es tiempo de recolectar las canciones navideñas de Alexander. El video de hoy es “Silver Bells”, canción interpretada en el tour navideño de esta año.

Alexander Rybak Silver Bells Advent 2015

Today it is all about Christmas songs 🙂

Continue reading 20. December — Christmas songs — Silver Bells