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Article about Alexander Rybak from “Romerikes Blad”, 24.06.2011

Nostalgic summer breeze from the countryside

This is an article from “Romerikes Blad” (24.06.2011) – only in paper issue. Written by Kjersti Busterud and Ola Einbu.

Found by Kristen Marie Heia
Scanned and translated by Laila Solum Hansen

Alexander Rybak enters the summer with songs about the wind which is ruffling the curtains, Maria and the first kiss. All put together in Gjerdrum.


“Det går en vind over vindens ängar”. And there Alexander Rybak is sitting, suntanned in the Norwegian summer’s breeze, ready to sweep over the country with Swedish songs, written by 73 years old Mats Paulson.

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Alexander Rybak and Malin Johansson at the backstage of “Allsang på grensen” (29.06.2011.)

Recording by Sonya Luzina. English translation by Hildebjørg Ha. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva.Turkish translation by Tülay Aydın. German translation by Sabine Fundel. Subs by Julia Bezbakh.

Alexander Rybak at Norwegian radio program “Portrettet”, 26.06.2011.

English translation by Hilde M.,  Hildebjørg Ha,  Tessa La and Sara Anja. Russian translation by Sonya Luzina, Sophia Khodorovskaya and Zhanna Sergueeva. Recording and subtitles by Sonya Luzina.

Interview with Alexander Rybak in paper issue of Aftenposten 26.6.11.


Journalist: Ingrid Anthonsen. Photo: Dan Petter Neergaard
Found by Olina Novikova. Translated  by Tessa La.

Rybak and the Swedish troubadour Mats Paulson have released a CD about life’s small pleasures.They describe the cooperation as therapy.

– This has been therapy for me. For the first time in two years I have control of the situation, Rybak (25) said.

He talks about his new album, “Visa Vid Vindens Ängar,” which is made in collaboration with the Swedish troubadour Mats Paulson (73).

Rybak sings the beloved songs in Swedish, and has also contributed with melodies to four of the songs on the album. The songs are about life’s little golden moments, like to cuddle a cat, or the first kiss. For Rybak, the project has also been about finding peace after a turbulent time in the wake of the superior Eurovision victory in 2009. Fatigue, excessive workloads, and a fiddle smashed in frustration, have made headlines.

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Interview with Alexander Rybak and Mats Paulson on P4 Radiofrokost, 23.06.2011

Recording  by Sonya Luzina. English translation by Tessa La. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. German translation by Sabine Fundel. Subs by  Julia Bezbakh and Sonya Luzina

Alexander Rybak and Mats Paulson at Swedish radio program “Sommarmorgon”, 20.06.2011.

Found by Ronja Laupitaja. English translation by Tessa La and Laila Solum Hansen.  German translation by Sabine Fundel. Recording and subs by Sonya Luzina. Russian translation by Sonya Luzina and Zhanna Sergueeva

Alexander Rybak rehearses with kids for the show in Kristiansand Zoo 17.06.2011.

From the rehearsal for the children’s musical “Da farvene forsvant” (When the colours dissapeard) i Dyreparken, Kristiansand, Norway

English translation by Hilde M. Recording, Russian translation and subs by Sonya Luzina.

Review about Alexander Rybak’s concert in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden), 06.06.2011.

Link to original article:

Found by Anglesina Est, translation by Tessa La

Rybak gathered large crowds

Photo: Nils Ågren

Great weather and a brilliant Norwegian at the Swedish national day, the last days of Oerneexpo in Skyttis.

Alexander Rybak met all the expectations from the large crowd at Oernexpo. He played 5 songs together with his two violinists, and of course the gig ended with the Eurovision winner song Fairytale. But Rybak was not done yet. After the gig there was signing. In more then one hour the young Norwegian patiently wrote autographs, gave hugs and willingly took photos with his fans.

Träden i Villa Borghese – Alexander Rybak

“Träden i Villa Borghese” from the CD “Visa Vid Vindens Enger”, released in 2011.

This video was released on Alexander’s YT-channel 24.7.2020 as a summer greeting from him and Knut Bjørnar Asphol 🙂 

1. Swedish lyrics. 2. English . 3. Greek (ελληνικά) 4. Polish  (Polski) 5. Croatian  (Hrvatski) 6. German  (Deutsch) 7. Romanian  (Română) 8. Czech  (Čeština)

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Review about Alexander Rybak’s concert with Vivaldi Orchestra, 20.05.2011.

Link to original article:

Translation by Laila Solum Hansen

Classical at Rommen

Written by Øystein Kielland

Alexander Rybak and the Vivaldi Orchestra invited Groruddalen to concert at Rommen Scene Friday evening.

This was the a performance by youths. – The Vivaldi orchestra is conducted by Igor Rybak. His son Alexander has served his time in the orchestra. Now they were together again – at Rommen Scene.

Alexander expressed his happiness for so many to have found their way to the concert, to support the young people so they could develop. To laughter from the audience. Because this was impressing from start to finish.

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A small article about Alexander Rybak in Alanya, Turkey

Link to original article:

Found by Ronja Laupitaja

Translation by Alev Can

Alexander Rybak liked the Raki


Written by Doğan Haber Ajans

Winner of 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Alexander Rybak, drank Raki in Alanya for the first time and he said he liked it.


Belarussian and norwegian artist Alexander Rybak who won the 2009 Eurovision song contest with his song Fairytale in Russia, came to Alanya to give a concert at the celebration of the Norwegian National day. He had dinner at Natalie Restuarant in Oba with his manager. Norwegian customers showed so much interst to him. They took pictres with Rybak and signed the concert posters. Rybak and manager of Natalie Restuarant, Vali Arslan alias ‘Pilot’ drank Raki at dinner. Rybak mentioned that it’s the first time he tast it – ” it’s a drink with a little bit strong tasted, but I like it very much”.


Alexander Rybak gave a concert in Club Biestro Bellman for Norwegian National day Celebration.

Alexander Rybak’s interview in Ukrainian weekly gossip columnist “Boulevard of Gordon”

Alexander Rybak is tired of being a star

Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva

Interview by Anna Shestak

– Recently I lived in a tense mode: each month I went to Kiev because of working in the project “Star + Star” which I have recently left. Only after recording four programmes I’ve understood what the judges and the producers want from me: the main thing is not how do people sing but emotions, a show.

In the early days I became totally lost: those who sang badly but in funny costumes and wigs – they received twice as many points than those who tried so hard and were dressed in normal clothes. But I decided that I would nevertheless perform in normal clothes. People should understand: all right I love your culture and what you call a creative but I also love the Scandinavian culture.

Ukrainian fans will upload a video on the Internet and Norwegians will laugh at me after looking that. How could I – a musician – start to jump around in underpants on stage? It’s not accepted for us to shock the audience like that. Not to upset the producers I’ve put on a pair of wigs and tried on a fisherman costume but then I said: “Here on the change in my image ends “. Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s interview in Ukrainian weekly gossip columnist “Boulevard of Gordon”

Article from Aftonbladet about Alexander and Maria

Translation by Ingegerd Claesson

Rybak’s secret flirt

Journalists: Jessica Isaksson and Elina Wessman

Photo: Magnus Sandberg

Kissed and cuddles behind the scene of ”Let’s dance”: Her name is Maria.

After vomiting attacks and depression- hear is Alexander Rybak with a new love.
Norwegian Maria got a lot of kisses and hugs behind the cameras during the ”Let’s dance” broadcast last night.
– Her name is Maria, the best name in the world, he says.
In Nöjesbladet[section of Aftonbladet] yesterday Alexander Rybak,24, told the truth about the vomiting collapse during last week’s ”Let’s dance”. The stress and demands to always perform had almost broken him and caused depression, stomach disease and insomnia.
But all that are like blown away during the break at ”Let’s dance” yesterday, when the Norwegian kissed and cuddled with a Norwegian blond. A noticeable delighted Alexander Rybak hugs Norwegian Maria, who shyly wants to avoid attention.
– Do you want to? Or should we wait a while? Asks Alexander and eventually comes with the reporter from ”Nöjesbladet” on his own.
– You have to be two for this. But if the world allows it there will be more than reason enough to tell about it in due time, says Alexander Rybak.

Sat in the front
In yesterday’s ”Nöjesbladet” he answered cryptically whether he had a girlfriend:”I will know in two days.”
But Friday night the love seemed to be in the air, Maria sat in the front in the section for close kin, next to the boyfriend of the participant Jessica Andersson. During the break they sneaked backstage to socialize, and they sure had a hard time keeping their hands off each other.

”Hopes she is pleased”
Alexander Rybak doesn’t want to confirm their relation status, or give any details tonight.
– If one doesn’t want to talk then the other one can’t start talking. The pictures have to speak for them selfs, he says, but he can’t prevent himself from answering what the girl’s name is.
– Maria- the best name in the world!
On the other hand Alexander Rybak confirms willingly that he is feeling much better than last week.
He is radiating with energy and greatly impresses the jury with his joyful Charleston dance.
– I’m very pepped. If I had tried to be very happy before when I was realy depressed then I wouldn’t be able to be so happy for real as I am today, he says.

Do you think you impressed Maria?
– We will see about that, I hope she is pleased, says Alexander Rybak with a shy smile.

Interview of Alexander Rybak to Aftonbladet

”I was very depressed”

– Alexander Rybak

By  Jon Forsling, published in March 4, 2011
Thanks to Ingegerd Claesson , who found and translated it.

Rybak has vomited several times during ”Let’s dance” – now he speaks out about the drama. The dramatic vomiting during the live broadcast wasn’t a one-time happening. Now Alexander Rybak,24, choose to speak about what caused the drama in ”Let’s dance” last week.
– I have been very, very depressed, he says.

It was last week the Norwegian Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak, 24, unexpectedly interrupted an interview with David Hellenius in TV4’s ”Let’s dance”. He had just finished his dance performance with his partner Malin Johansson when he suddenly excused himself.
– Dear jury and David, can you entertain Malin for a minute? I just have to run to the bathroom, he said during the live broadcast and rushed out.

Start competing for real now

Afterwards he revealed that he had to go to a toilet to vomit. The reason given was a temporary stomach disease or food poisoning, but Alexander Rybak now chooses to tell Nöjesbladet[section of Aftonbladet] the truth.

– It has been like this the last weeks, I just have managed to hide it.

Do you mean that you have vomited several times during this period?

-Yes, yes. But I’m feeling much better now.

Then he starts talking and tells that the time in ”Let’s dance” have been full of physical and emotional problems:

– I haven’t had a vacation for three years. I have started to say no to some things now, but before I was trying to be an ”alpha-male” and be able to do many things at the same time. Now I’m happy that I didn’t try to be happy during those periods when I was very, very depressed. Now it feels like I can start to compete for real. ”Let’s dance is like a long distance race, now I have a completely different attitude.

Only breaths through the mouth

What was it that made you feel bad?

– It was many factors that impacted it. Private stuff that I don’t want to talk about, at the same time it was all the jobs I was doing. It didn’t give my any time to think about private matters until I was going to bed. Then I started to think about my private problems and couldn’t sleep. Then there’s a medical problem which makes it only possible to breath through my mouth, I’m getting treatment and eats a lot of tablets. I have only been healthy for ten days this year.

Have you gotten any help for this?

– Yes I have sought more professional help than I ever thought I was going to need.

Are you talking with someone or is it more of a medical help?

– Both. Everyone has stated that I’m normal. I’m just Norwegian(laugh).

What does your family say?

– It was dad who convinced me to continue with ”Let’s Dance”.
He said; ”It’s good that you listen to the doctors , but if you quit now you will always feel the pressure, because you once quit a job”.

Were you seriously thinking about leaving ”Let’s Dance”?

– Everyone around me said I should do it. But I made the best out of the situation.

After ”Let’s dance” Alexander Rybak plans to take it easier.

-I hope I will able to leave the pop-star life for a while. I have made two albums in two years, and I’m very privileged. That part of being famous is fun.
– But I do not feel that I am accomplishing anything great in the world by dancing.


Name : Alexander Igorevich Rybak. Age : 24. Lives : Oslo. Profession : Artist and composer. Family : Mother Natasha and father Igor. When asked if he has a girlfriend, Rybak answers cryptically: “I will find out in two days”. Breakthrough : On a broad front in 2009 when he won the Eurovision song song test with the song “Fairytale”. Has released two albums: “Fairytales” in 2009 and “No boundaries” in 2010. Current : Competes in TV4’s “Let’s dance” tonight, together with Malin Johansson.

Interview of Alexander Rybak to magazine “Samaya” (“The Most”)

Scan of original article:

Translated from Russian by Zhanna Sergueeva

Norwegian musician Alexander Rybak makes a very good impression – an open, smiling, slightly shy young man who simply discourages by his sincerity and naivety. And at the same time Alexander talks wisely and sensibly about a lot of things. In an exclusive interview with “Samaya” (“The Most”) the musician spoke about his new Russian album, why he doesn’t want to fall in love ever more and why he likes Americans.

Love has to flow out from friendship.

I wouldn’t like to fall in love anymore. I clearly separates these two feelings – love and affection. Being affected a man doesn’t clearly realize whether he really needs an object of his dreams but yet loses control over his emotions. This feeling is destructive. It is impossible to build a true relationship on it’s basis. Therefore I think that love should flow out from friendship. This is the only way to create strong family.

Don’t hesitate to smile at strangers.

Recently my new album “Europe’s Skies” has been released. I recorded entire six songs in russian. I wanted somehow to make a special declaration of love to the beautiful country of Russia and I decided to do it that way. The creation of the album was inspired by nature. It’s a nature that mostly inspires me generally but not women for example. I like to travel. I have been to many places, but I liked America most of all. I am impressed that people there don’t hesitate to smile at each other in contrast to Russia. And yet in America they don’t worry too much for trifles, there they think globally.

Fairytale in reality.

Music to my most famous song “Faitytale” I wrote within just five minutes standing on top of one norwegian mountain. For the creation of this music I was inspired by nature itself. When I was writing the text on this music I was remembering somehow my failed first love. All my songs I first show my mother: she likes almost everything I do. My father is much stricter, so when he liked the song “Faitytale”, I realized that I had written a real hit. And immediately I began thinking about how it would be cool to go with this song to Eurovision Song Contest. By the way many people ask me if I was scared to perform at the Eurovision. The answer is: not scared at all, because I’m a violinist and I used to perform much more complicated stuff like the classics. Therefore a performance of this easy song was just an amusement for me.

I want to be like the wind.

I really like the crazy rhythm, I want to keep up everywhere. And that my feature once have been noticed by my girl friend. She told me so: “You are like the wind, you want to be everywhere, to embrace everything!” And I was very pleased that she has understood me. Perhaps it was the most pleasant words I ever heard to my address. And I am happy when people tell me about my kindness, that I am attentive to the people, not indifferent to them.

True friendship.

Since I became famous I have got many friends. But they constantly request me about something: someone wants to sing a duet with me, someone asks me to promote his album and stuff like that. Don’t think that it offends me: I think it’s quite ok. But I have one friend, also a violinist, who never and in no way tries to use me. Its him I consider as my best friend. We share almost everything, always call up. We like to play together computer games very much and dedicate at least two hours a day to it.

How to train your dragon.

Recently I had an interesting experience: I voiced the role of the protagonist in the Norwegian version of the cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon”. And I was invited to voice two versions of this movie at once – russian and norwegian. But with the russian one it went wrong, I’m not very fluent in that language often mispronouncing words. I have realized that I can’t speak Russian correctly and give my soul to it simultaneously. Therefore I had to refuse from working on the Russian version.


  • Favorite fairy tale – “Finist – Bright Falcon.”
  • Favorite dish – dried fish.
  • Favorite songs – “Komarovo”, “Old Maple”, “I asked an ash-tree”.
  • Favorite hobby – computer games.
  • Favorite city – Minsk.

Alexander Rybak “Ya sprosil u yasenya”, Moscow, December 9th, 2010

Alexander performed the song “Ya sprosil u yasenya” (I asked The Ash Tree) at the memorial concert for the famous Soviet-Russian composer, Michael Tariverdiev.

Place: Great Kremlin Palace, Moscow (Russia)

Date:  December 9th, 2010

Thanks Snezhanna Poluboyarinova for the recording!

Alexander about his clothes

“Alexander Rybak: The main criteria when buying clothes are pleasant fabric and comfortable style”

Article from the Ukrainian Internet magazine Shopper.Ua., published 1. November 2010
Translated by Sonya Luzina)

Alexander Rybak shopper UA 2– Alexander, does your surname create your stage clothes style? Do you create the style of the smart country guy intentionally?

– I don’t dwell on my style. The main thing is that my clothes should be comfortable; it mustn’t constrain my movements on stage. Continue reading Alexander about his clothes

Alexander Rybak at the concert in Kiev, Ukraine, October 19th, 2010

Thanks for videos to  Maria Turchina, Irina Kuvaldina, Sophia Khodorovskaya, Julia Bezbakh, Susanne Berlin, Snezhanna Poluboyarinova and Tessa La

Europe‘s skies

Recording by Maria Turchina

Funny little world

Recording by Maria Turchina

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Alexander in Ukrainian magazine “Telegid”

(found and translated by Sonya Luzina, English revision by Anni Jowett)

Alexander Rybak was caught on the road

It seems he never changes:  an open smile on his face and a violin in his hands.
Nevertheless there are some serious changes in his life – recently he broke up with his girlfriend and was immediately hooked up by another girl.

Sasha, you’re a frequent guest in Ukraine these latter days .  Are things going well? By the way, Has your debut album sold better in the CIS or in Europe?

– In the CIS. If there were no “pirates”, the circulation would be estimated in millions. In Norway, for example, no one would never download something for free from the Internet, and here it is the rule of life. Nevertheless, here in Kiev I’m planning to release my second album in Russian and to give a concert in the October Palace. This show will be unique: October 19, me and Vitaliy Kozlovskiy will perform two solo programmes with live sound and ballet.

– What do you think, where does your career develop most quickly – among the English-speaking countries or the Russian-speaking ones?

– I want to be an artist, who is equally loved in all continents, but I realise that I’m mostly demanded in the Scandinavian countries and in the CIS. There is a lot of competition in Germany and France , they won’t let me perform on the big stage and, consequently, I will be forgotten there in couple of years. To tell the truth, I’ve visited half of the world thanks to Russian-speaking fans. They are everywhere – in America, Australia and Europe.

Why don’t you sing in German or in French?

– It’s too artificial. I had an unsuccessful experience – I recorded ” Fairytale” in French, but it went unnoticed.

Do you often  feel disappointed?

– This year I was disappointed only once – because of my girlfriend. It seemed to me that I had really fallen in love. However, I  hesitated a long time about her – I didn’t want to get too close with her. But then I  fell in love totally, I stopped paying attention to the other girls. And at that moment I became uninteresting to her. She just wanted to hunt…My premonitions haven’t deceived me. Though I’m still sad because of lost love, now I like another girl, I think she could be my girlfriend. Maria is very beautiful and she  is able to be a friend. And she lives near to me. Continue reading Alexander in Ukrainian magazine “Telegid”