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The Very First Press Fan Conference – Prague, Febr. 25th, 2010

You have been waiting!

You have been biting your nails !

You have been dying from curiosity  !


The video of the very first fan press conference in Prague on February 25th, 2010 where the fiddler is interviewed by his very own and beloved fans! As you may recall, the FaceBookies secretly had organized a competition on Alexander’s official facebook page where the contestants could win a Meet & Greet before the concert in Prague. The task was to send in the most original, rude and/or interesting question. A team of 4 FaceBookies were selected to be the jury in the competion. By being in the jury, they automatically were excluded from the competition and could not participate in the Meet & Greet. The jury chose from all the questions (after Simone and I, the organizors of the competition, had removed the names of the contestants to guarantee a fair competition) 10 winners. Lets see what these questions were and what answers our fiddler gave to the lucky winners!


“The Perfect Birthday Present for the Fiddler II or GUYS, HURRY!!! HURRY!!!” in your movies out now! ;)

Hey guys!!

If you want to participate in our birthday present for the fiddler, you have to hurry!


(watercolor by the FaceBookie Ingegerd)

OK, for those who missed what it is about:

Alex has birthday on May 13th and we decided to support a charity project which gives children all over the world a chance to learn an instrument. It’s called “Playing for a Future” and is run by Valdres Sommersymfoni, which is a music school in Norway. The music school has opened an account for us and we are sending money to it until May 12th. On May 13th, Valdres Sommersymfoni is going to tell Alex about his present and tell us how much we raised.

How is that a present for Alex, you are asking yourself?

Well, it really simple! It’s like math … the circle of life … a formula of happiness:

The fiddler was born -> the music changed his life and made his dreams come true -> the fiddler makes music -> that makes us very happy -> we want to share this happiness with more people and children and make their dreams come true -> the kids in poor countries who have never ever heard of Alexander Rybak and do not knew about his existence will get an opportunity to become professional musicians and an alternative to a life in poverty BECAUSE OF ALEXANDER RYBAK -> that will make them happy -> which will make Alex happy BECAUSE HE MADE THIS WORLD BETTER BY JUST BEING HERE !!! And we will let him know that on his birthday!

You are nodding and smiling. 🙂 I see that you agree with me!

Ok then, hurry and send money to:

(no matter how much/  more is better, of course/  but also 1 € or 1 $ is great)

Account holder: Nor-Aurdal kommune (municipality)

Account no.: 6182.05.39523

Bank address: Nordea Bank Norge Asa, postboks 1166 Sentrum, 0107 Oslo

People who live in other EU countries need the swift/bic & iban numbers:

Swift/bic: NDEANOKK

IBAN: NO6361820539523

Mark the payment:

«Donation for Playing for a Future»

And don’t forget that the money transaction needs sometimes up to 5 business days !!!

More information and me rambling about it:

“The Perfect Birthday Present For The Fiddler”

Hello dear friends!

As you know, Alexander’s birthday is just around the corner. We have been thinking for quite some time now of what we could give him as a present. What could you possibly give a young guy who seems to have it all and more?

Alexander once said that the reason he makes music is because he wants to see people smile. He achieved it with us: Since we have been listening to him telling us his “Fairytales” with songs, fiddle and Frikar, we got happier (a bit too much for our neighbors, one might say ;))

Fact is, he made a change!


So what we can give Alexander Rybak for his 24th birthday is more people and children smiling back at him. More people being thankful for his existence, thankful for his participation in Eurovision Song Contest 2009, thankful for writing and sharing his “Fairytale” with the world, (thankful for making a page on facebook) – thankful for making their own fairytales come true!

Ladies and gentlemen !

Hereby, we officially announce the start of the project

“The Perfect Birthday Present For The Fiddler”!

We believe that it would be a perfect present for Alexander to collect money for a charity project that is close to his heart!

From today’s day until May 12th 2010 (one day before Alexander Rybak’s birthday), we (the audience and fans of Alexander Rybak) are DONATING and are trying to RAISE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE for a very special project running by “Valdres Sommersymfoni” in Norway – the project is called “PLAYING FOR THE FUTURE”.

“Valdres Sommersymfoni” is an international, distinguished summer school of classical music for children and teenagers. But “Valdres Sommersymfoni” is also much more than that! The school created a fund and organizes big concerts festivals with famous Norwegian performers (and Alexander Rybak is one of them) to raise money for their charity project “Playing for a Future”.

The money that they raise with the concert festivals makes it possible for Valdres summer school to give underprivileged children whose parents can’t afford the tuition fee and the travelling costs a scholarship. Thus the young musicians have the opportunity to play with the “Playing for a Future” symphony and receive training in the summer school.

Moreover, the summer school supports music education projects in poor countries. As a first project, they cooperated with the “Redefine Western Cape Project” in Cape Town (South Africa). The project, led by Ronnie Saamai, collects children from poor areas in and around the city. The children receive free training on an instrument. Ronnie Saamai, South Africa’s foremost violin teacher has dedicated his life to helping children and puts countless hours into working with the children.

This year, the project will be extended to Palestina, Jordan, Vietnam and Brazil.

By giving underprivileged children a musical education, providing them with music instruments and making it possible for them to get to know and spend time with famous professional intsrumentalists, “Valdres Sommersymfoni” gives those children an alternative to a life in poverty and a hope for a better and brighter future.

Last year, in 2009,  after his victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow and at the peak of his popularity Europe-wide, Alexander Rybak came to Valdres to be the ambassador for “Playing for a Future”. He performed together with symphony of young musicians at the festival which raised more money because people came to hear him. This year, the fiddler is coming again to Valdres – to do good.

And we want to do good, as well – because music makes a change!

We are over 68 000 people on Alexander Rybak’s Official Facebook Page.

If each of us donated just 1 euro, we would make a difference today!

Let’s give Alexander the gift of a child’s smile, whose fairytale came true because he is here and because we helped!


If you want to help, please send money (no matter how little, but more is even better and cordially welcomed) until May 12th to the following account.* On May 13th, Valdres Sommersymfoni is going to inform Alexander and us about how much we raised:

Account-holder: Nor-Aurdal kommune (municipality)

Account no.: 6182.05.39523

Bank address: Nordea Bank Norge Asa, postboks 1166 Sentrum, 0107 Oslo. 

Swift/bic: NDEANOKK

IBAN: NO6361820539523

Mark the payment:
«Donation for Playing for a Future»

Alex worked as an instructor in Valdres summer school in the summer 2009:

(“Playing for a Future” concert:)

(the fiddler meets mini fiddlers in Valdres:)


* The money goes directly (!) to the fund “Playing for a Future” created by Valdres Sommersymfoni.

** For more information about the project “Playing for a Future”, visit the website of Valdres Sommersymfoni,  please. Click here for the original

and here for the google translation You can also read Marianne’s translation of an article Valdres sent us:

*** If you have further questions, you can contact Valdres Sommersymfoni here:









The Perfect Birthday Present For The Fiddler (information in Romanian by Team Rybak Romania)

Va anuntam ca Team Rybak Romania a decis sa se alature campaniei-cadou pe care unii dintre fanii lui Alex au pornit-o pentru ziua lui de nastere.

“Valdres Sommersymfoni”este o scoala de muzica pentru copii si adolescenti.Aceasta scoala de muzica clasica organizeaza mari festivaluri alaturi de artisti renumiti(printre care si Alexander Rybak),in vederea strangerii de fonduri pentru proiectul”Playing for the future”.Banii stransi sunt folositi pentru copiii talentati care iubesc muzica,dar nu isi permit sa o studieze.De asemenea,se sprijina educatia muzicala din tarile sarace.Pana acum s-a colaborat cu Africa de Sud,iar anul acesta urmeaza Palestina,Iordania, Vietnam si Brazilia.

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The Perfect Birthday Present For The Fiddler – (translation to German)

Hallo liebe Freunde!

Wie ihr alle wisst, ist Alexanders Geburtstag schon sehr bald. Wir haben uns seit einiger Zeit Gedanken darüber gemacht, was wir ihm zum Geburtstag schenken könnten. Was kann man einem jungen Mann schenken, der – wie es scheint – schon alles hat?

Alexander hat einmal gesagt, dass der Grund, warum er Musik macht, der ist, dass er die Menschen zum Lächeln bringen möchte. Bei uns hat’s geklappt: Seit wir ihm dabei zuhören, wie er seine “Fairytales” mit  dem Wort, der Geige und Frikar erzählt, erfahren wir mehr Freude und Spaß (vielleicht sogar ein bisschen zu viel, könnten unsere Nachbarn meinen ;))

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The Perfect Birthday Present to the Fiddler (translation to Slovak)

Milí priatelia!

Ako iste viete, Alexandrove narodeniny pomaly klopú na dvere. Už nejaký čas sme rozmýšľali, aký darček by sme mu mohli prichystať. Čo dať mladému chlapcovi, ktorý má hádam viac ako všetko?

Alexander raz povedal, že dôvodom prečo sa venuje hudbe je: pretože chcem vidieť ľudí usmievať sa. U nás sa mu to podarilo. Odkedy počúvame, ako nám prostredníctvom piesní, tónov svojich huslí a za sprievodu tanečníkov z Frikar rozpráva svoje „Rozprávky“, sme šťastnejší – až príliš, ako by sa mohlo zdať našim susedom 😉

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The Perfect Birthday Present For The Fiddler (translation to Polish)

„Idealny prezent urodzinowy dla Skrzypka”

Cześć moi drodzy przyjaciele

Jak wiecie, zbliżają się urodziny Alexandra. Od jakiegoś czasu myślałyśmy co możemy mu dać jako prezent. Co możemy dać młodemu chłopakowi, który wydaje się że ma wszystko a nawet więcej.

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Valdres Sommersymfoni and its project “Playing for a Future”

(the following article was provided by Valdres Sommersymfoni and translated from Norwegian to English by Marianne)

Valdres Summer Symphony
Valdres Summer Symphony will be conducted this year for the 17th time. The festival has gained status as the leading summer music school of classical music – with strings, wind-instruments, piano, vocals and, this year, also guitar – and aims to be the place where students are inspired and where dreams are created. There is also a festival where international top-performers meet and work with each other and with the young advanced students.
This makes the Summer Symphony unique in an international context. For several of the country’s leading talents, as Vilde (Frang) Bjerke, Eldbjørg Hemsing, Catharina Chen and Alexander Rybak, Valdres Summer Symphony was their first meeting with a professional musical environment, where important contacts were linked; contacts that later became central to further development. From winter 2009 we also offer courses during the winter.

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To all friends!

Dear friends, FaceBookies, shadow readers and newcomers!

Dear Fiddler’s Bunch!

Dear Team Rybak!

Dear Alex!

The Team FaceBookies.Org wishes you all a Happy Easter!

(egg painted by the FaceBookie Jessica Kowalski)

[And risking her grand career as a Rybak’s FaceBookie and her top manager position on the FaceBookies.Org – actually, her life, as well -, Irena wishes Happy Easter to Didrik Solli-Tangen!
*dialing the number of FBI (FaceBookIntellegence) to apply for the witness protection program right this moment*]


For couple of months now, the Norwegian FaceBookies have been working on something that will blow your mind:

And intimate, private concert with the fiddler in Norway!!!

Read more here and act fast!




Happy April, 1st!!!

Alexander Rybak and Tuva Syvertsen presenting an award at the Norwegian Grammys (March 6th 2010)

(translation by Tessa La)

Yes, Alexander Rybak, the circle has now ended. The boy with the fiddle has become a pop star again.

Well, yes, Tuva, in this country the boy with a fiddle has always been a pop star, and that goes for the girl with the fiddle, too. (Tuva is playing the fiddle)

Yes, Alexander Rybak, you always know how to say it.

Being a folk music fiddler is associated with a lot of old fun, from romance to fights.

Let us hope that it won’t end up with a fight, when we get to know who will runs away with the most coveted trophy, which the Folkmusic award actually is.

Alexander Rybak, you are completely right – ladies, ladies, ladies and gentlemen, the nominees are:

Rybakomic by Yannis and Water Color by Ingegerd (March 8th, 2010)

Alexander Rybak’s post on his facebook wall on March 8th, 2010 – The International Women’s Day, by the way:

Congrats with the 8th of march, my lovely facebookies! 🙂 My phone is dead after I fell in the aquarium last night. So could you please congratulate every woman you know from me? 🙂 Yours, Alex”

Ingegerd’s creative reaction to Rybak’s post:

Yannis’ creative reaction to Rybak’s post:

The Spellemann award – Alexander Rybak nominated in 3 categories March 2010


Alexander Rybak said no to Oprah

Source:, published 6. march 2010. Text: Gjermund Jappee. Translation: TessaLa

Text to picture: Fiddler: Alexander Rybak is nominated in 3 Spellemann’s awards this Saturday. Photo: Håkon Eikesdal/Dagbladet

Alexander Rybak

After a hard time Alexander Rybak (23) now feels much better. The reason is the three Spellemann awards he can walk away with tonight.

Tonight’s Grammy ceremony can give Alexander Rybak the award for “Hit of the year” for “Fairytale”. As a confirmation of how great he was in the Music Norway last year, and how quickly he got there, he may well also win both the “Newcomer of the Year” an “The male artist of the year”.

To me, these nominations is the first compliment I have for my music since I won the ESC last year, Rybak told Dagbladet. Especially in recent weeks having the chance to win the three categories meant a lot to him.

The nominations have helped me through a very difficult time. Recently wrote the 23-year-old a dramatic post on his Facebook page, where he said that he had a nervous breakdown, and turned the hands into blood hitting the wall. Rybak don’t want to explain to Dagbladet what the difficulties was about.

There is no one who believes that I can feel lonely. That I, who experience so much excitements around the world, also can have it difficult. But I am much better now. And I am very happy to have family and good friends around me.

Dropped Oprah

While Rybak describes this feeling of loneliness as the biggest downturn since the MGP victory last year, the upturn is undoubtedly the feeling of having pleased many. Those who send me letters or come up to me with a drawing, may not think that it matters to me, but it is actually what matters the most.

In addition, he is left with a number of good memories from a year of hectic tours. In Finland they were completely crazy for him, he says. In Azerbaijan, they were even crazier.

The wish to please the fans have done that has clung to agreements, even if more exciting offers would come up. Something Rybak experienced last May. Oprah wanted me to her show , but it crashed with another job, so I declined. In retrospect, it turned out that it was the right choice. I would certainly only be in half a minute and say hello.

Believe in DonkeyBoy.

Although he appreciates the three nominations, Rybak do not see it as a failure if he does not win a Spellemann award tonight. He keeps DonkeyBoy as a favorite to win “Hit of the Year”. “Ambition” came from nowhere and has risen and risen in popularity. “Fairytale” started on top and has sunk and sunk, “he laughs.

Still he is not tired of the MGP-hit, which he thinks he has performed 800 times. 

– But I am tired of that everyone else say they are tired of it. But just wait. In some years the dust will be brushed off. This is a song that people will remember. 


Rybak: Donkeyboy wins

Interview in paper issue of VG March 5th 2010
translated by Laila U.

– I am looking forwards to play along with the other artists, says Rybak who is nominated to three Grammy-awards.

The Rookie of the year-class at tomorrows Grammy award ceremony is historically strong. Alexander Rybak believes Donkeyboy wins, but that Vilde Frang deserves it.

About his own chances a modest Rybak says that others will be more happy than he to become Rookie of the year in this strong team.

– For me personally it won’t change anything if I get the award. Those who think I’m a huge flirt, will still think so even afterwards if I was to win. And I have experienced enough this last year – to me it is just another fantastic bonus being nominated to a Grammy award, says Alexander Rybak while looking at VG’s pictures of the other nominees in the Rookie-class.

– I believe Donkeyboy wins. Who is going to win depends on what the jury emphasizes. In a jury of critics , anyone can win. If it is about actuality, Donkeyboy should win, but if it is a music competition Vilde deserves to win. She is the only real musician of us all there, says Rybak who knows Vilde Frang well from Barratt Due.

– I am a huge fan of Vilde, she has been working very hard for a long time. To me she achieved star status 7 years ago.
Kråkesølv and John Olav Nilsen, must Rybak admit that he don’t know very much about, but acknowledges that it is good that they sing in Norwegian.
– I was travelling insanely much last year and didn’t have time to go to concerts or listen to new music, but I have heard that in a newspaper John Olav Nilsen called me “a figure”. That is my only impression, he says.

Of his three nominations, Rybak himself thinks he has the best chance to win the award as “best male artist”, but says he got his confirmation on how good he is when he won ESC last year.

– I am lucky enough not to depend on having an award. All the other confirmations I have got since last May is more important – like the number of violin students at the music schools is doubled, that everybody wants to dance like Frikar and that I can be an example of a crossover-artist for those who come behind me,  that people don’t lock me in one boring musical box, he says.

Short  article: Everybody supports one another

This years nominees in the Rookie of the year.award all support eachother, despite the fact that they are not only fighting for the bronze harp, but for a scholarship from GRAMO on 200.000NOK.
When Kråkesølv released “Trådnøsting” last November, John Olav Nilsen quickly put out following message on Kråkesølv’s MySpace-site: “Oi boys, congratulations with a great album, love it.”
The guys from Bodø returned the greeting the next day: “Thank you! That’s good, then we agree!”
Alexander Rybak doesn’t hide his affection for Donkeyboy. – I can hear that it comes from the heart. And “Ambitions” have a very catchy chorus, says Rybak, and gets an answer from Donkeyboys Peter Michelsen: – Nice to hear. I think I speak for all the band when I say that TRybak is a favourite, at the same time as John Olav Nilsen is excting and has strong lyrics, says Michelsen.


Reactions of the press to Alex’s facebook comment of FB, Febr. 18th

(researched by Tessa), 22.02.2010

Apparently, Alexander overreacted and posted a statement on Facebook in order to stop people from sending emails to his private email account and also to stop calling him. By doing so, he claims that his wish was granted: people stopped. Meanwhile, he is said to be fine. [Fiddler, how about not giving out your private email address and your phone number to every Pete and John? Just a suggestion, pal! 😉 – ed. Irena] Continue reading Reactions of the press to Alex’s facebook comment of FB, Febr. 18th

Secret behind the Meet & Greet in Prague accidentally revealed by Kjell Arild! ROTFL!

“How in the world could that happen? Kjell Arild, my friend – you’re not good in keeping secrets! :))))”

Alright, crowd!
Time for truth around the Facebook competition and Meet&Greet in Prague!

Yes, the FaceBookies are behind it – yet another time! 🙂

We have got the offer to organize a Meet&Greet and decided to do a special surprise: A contest which is fair and a meeting which is more fun than the fans and Alex are used to.

We (Simone and I) called out the contest and remained undercover (and would have stayed undercover until the M&G is through, but Kjell Arild “pulled a Kjell”. I guess the man is tired, so let’s start collecting money for a facebook-free holiday for him 🙂 He revealed the secret waaaaaaaay too early, haha!)

We collected all questions and removed the names of the contestants (while leaving their age of those who are younger to make sure that they are given the fair chance to win).

We sent the list of questions to a secret jury. (Being part of the jury – in fact, knowing of the contest at all-, automatically disqualified them from taking part in Meet&Greet.)

They picked their favorites and those questions with the most votes and higher popularity made the 10 winners. The identity of the jury is going to remain secret until after the day in Prague.

We congratulate the winners and hope that we will be able to create an unforgettable and fun Meet&Greet! We are looking forward to the answers Alex is going to give to the questions that won in Prague!

Irena & Simone.

PS. Once again the lucky winners who can take one good friend to meet the fiddler in Prague:

Lucie Vycichlova
Zuzana Pecimuthova Tamasovicova
Magdalena Szykor
Magdalena Plezia
Marion Kubek
Victoire Waroquiers
Gaby C
Lea Camilla Cabiaglia
Sofia Määttä
Aino-Kaisa Kantola

Alexander and Igor Rybak performing at Compatriot Award in Moscow 11.02.2010

Alexander was awarded with the Russian award “Compatriot 2009”

The awarding took place the 11th of February at the Final Gala Concert at Grand Hall of House of Trade Unions, Moscow.

Alexander performed at the Gala Concert, and together with his father Igor he played “Hungarian Suite”. Here is a video of the performance, and pictures from the show you’ll find below.

Pictures from the show:

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Missed the fiddler on the Russian radio “My Music My Life”? Listen here!

Interview on Radio 7 from Febr. 19th, 2010

Translation by Olina Novikova and Irina Kuvaldina

To listen radio-show click here

Hi! Alexander Rybak is with you on the Radio 7, this is the show “My music – my life”. I’ve heard a lot of music in my life. I remember my first melody which my mother bought me when I was young:)) It was “Ooops, I did it again” by Britney Spears. When I was a child I only listened to classical music so I was surprised a lot by the fact that my mother bought me pop-music. I didn’t expect that she would invite me to this world, because she always forced me to practice. So Britney Spears “Ooops, I did it again” is my very first pop-song. Let’s listen to it with me now. Continue reading Missed the fiddler on the Russian radio “My Music My Life”? Listen here!