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Alexander has composed music to the game “The Little Grey Fergie”

Alexander Rybak has together with Svein Gundersen composed the music to the game “Little Grey Fergie Saves the Day” for phones and IPad.

The little tractor Fergie (original name is Gråtass) is a Norwegian children figure created by Fantasi-Fabrikken A/S (The Fantasy Factory) in Tønsberg i 1995. The figure is a “living”, grey tractor of the type Ferguson TE20 with two  black “eyes” as  lights. The Norwegian name “Gråtass” was a well-known nickname for this popular type of tractor in Norway.

Alexander Rybak Gråtass ordner oppLittle Grey Fergie Saves the Day is a complete farm adventure where you can build your dream farm together with Fergie the little tractor! They speak English in the game. Suitable for all from 4 years and up. Read more about the game HERE.

Link to download the game : itunes-logo ICON 

The game will also be released in Sami, German and Russia later in 2016.

Fantastic music made by the internationally acclaimed musician and composer Alexander Rybak together with Svein Gundersen puts you in a farming mood

In the trailer below you can hear a short piece of the music. 🙂

Alexander with the summer show “Entertainer” in Bølgen Culture House July 2016

Alexander Rybak celebrates at Bølgen

Alexander Rybak has  a 10th anniversary as an artist, and celebrates in Bølgen with a musical show spanning his entire career. Continue reading Alexander with the summer show “Entertainer” in Bølgen Culture House July 2016

Alexander about a musical ear in “Your Body” 14.04.2016

Have you ever wonder about what a musical ear really is and how a tone is perceived by a person with perfect pitch? Read this article and you’ll get some answers. 🙂

Do you think you can’t sing? Then you are probably wrong.

Source: , published 14.04.2016. Text: Åshild Amland. Translated by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett

If you think you don’t have a musical ear, you are probably wrong. Most people have a musical ear, it’s more a discussion about which level. Continue reading Alexander about a musical ear in “Your Body” 14.04.2016

Articles about Alexander Rybak in English

List of all articles about Alexander posted on the Fansite.

There are hundreds of articles about this brilliant musician, and thanks to all the fans who over the last seven years have spent their time translating, we are able to follow his career footsteps where ever he is. All these translated articles are posted on the Fansite,  to make it easy for you to find them, we have made a list of them in alphabetic order for each year. Just click on the word “Articles” in the picture below or on “Articles” in the menu at the Fansite. 

Alexander Rybak English articles on the Faniste 1

Lyublyu tebya kak ran’she – Love You as Before

Alexander Rybak I love you like before

Alexander’s new Russian song “Lyublyu tebya kak ran’she” ( I Love You as Before) now available for download.


itunes-logo ICON     Google play icon

The song’s lyrics translated to several Languages you’ll find HERE



Orchestra seminar and concert in Eksjø, Sweden, 4. to 6. of March 2016

Alexander Rybak gives artist tips

EKSJÖ: The young string students are excited about  the world artist Alexander Rybak’s visit. Soon they laugh familiar when he gives them unconventional tips.

Source: Små Published March 5, 2016. Text and photo: Maria Ivarsson

“Wave to those sitting on the other side in the orchestra,  give them a kiss from distance, and think of how it feels like when you are afraid of the dark.”
Playing in an orchestra is very much about being an artist, and Alexander Rybak gives some different tips. Afterward, he takes plenty of time to take selfies and sign autographs.

Video uploaded by May E. Nipen.

Miracles – Opening ceremony of Biathlon WC 2016 in Oslo, Norway 2.3.2016

Gaute Ormåsen, Alexander Rybak and the Oslo Soulchildren performing  Miracles at the opening ceremony for Biathlon WC 2016 in Oslo.

Miracles – The Biathlon World Championship song 2016

Miracles – Alexander Rybak and Gaute Ormåsen

Miracles Alexander Rybak Gaute Ormåsen

Gaute Ormåsen on vocal, Alexander  on violin and Oslo Soul Children as choir in the the new championship song for Biathlon WC 2016. The song is called “Miracles”, and will be performed live at the opening show 2nd of March in Oslo, Norway at Universitetsplassen, Medal Plaza, Oslo.

The show starts at 19.45 cet and will be streamed live on


                       You can download “Miracles” from   itunes-logo ICON

And it’s also available on Spotify

The salvation Army’s Advent show “Håp i ei gryte” 13.12.2015

Alexander Rybak and the other artists from “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” performed at the Salvation Army’s Advent show “Håp i ei gryte” (Hope in a pot).

The show was pre-recorded in November and broadcast on TV2 Sunday 13.12.15. The Stille Natt Hellige Natt artists performed two lovely Christmas songs, and below you’ll find them both. Enjoy 🙂

Thanks to May Elisabeth Nipen for recording and uploading the videos to YouTube.

Schedule archive 2015 – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s schedule archive 2015

Here is an overview of what Alexander did in 2015 that we know of and is official. Where we have videos, pictures or interviews related to the events, you can click on the words in THIS COLOR to watch/read about it. The list is not yet complete, and we have only finished January and February with links so far. But the work will continue 🙂 

2015 was a great year for Alexander. He took part in the popular Russian TV-show “One to One” with a great success and he published his children’s book “Trolle og den magiske fela”, which got a 5 on the dice with the reviewers.  Continue reading Schedule archive 2015 — Alexander Rybak