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Videos – New Year concerts 2017

Videos from Alexander and TrondheimSolistene‘s New Year concert tour 4. to 7. January 2017 in Norway. 

Thanks to Lena Jørgensen, Trollheimsportalen, Yulia Filatyeva and alena_alena for all the recordings 🙂

Alexander’s variations of “Vi tenner våre lykter” and “Fairytale” from the concert in Surnadal.


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Classical mix for a sold out Dampsaga – New Year concert in Steinkjer, Norway

Attracts audiences. Alexander Rybak made sure that the New Year concert was sold out for the first time since the premiere in 1994.

Stylishly: Expectations, both among the audience and among the performers on stage, when students from the Cukture School in Steinkjer opened the New Year concert together with the TrondheimSolistene.

Steinkjer: TrondheimSolistene has played a New Year concert every year since 1994 at Dampsaga culture house. But it was only with their 24th attempt that they could enter the stage in front of a sold out venue.

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Alexander and Angelina Jordan with “White Christmas”


Alexander and Angelina Jordan performed “White Christmas” together in the Norwegian Christmas show “Lille Julaften” on TV2 23rd of December. It was a lovely performance, and luckily we all now can enjoy watching it on Alexander’s YT-channel. Continue reading Alexander and Angelina Jordan with “White Christmas”

Just a Closer Walk with Thee – video and lyrics

Alexander’s version of the song “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” – Music video and lyrics in several languages.

“Just a Closer Walk with Thee” is a traditional gospel song.  The song is perhaps the most frequently played number in the hymn and dirge section of traditional New Orleans jazz funerals. The title and lyrics of the song allude to the Biblical passage from 2 Corinthians 5:7 which states, “We walk by faith, not by sight” and James 4:8, “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” Continue reading Just a Closer Walk with Thee — video and lyrics

Alexander in the Salvation Army’s Advent show “Hope in a pot” 2016

Alexander Rybak was one of the artists who supported the Salvation Army’s Christmas charity “Håp i ei gryte” (Hope in a pot), and performed on their Advent show, which was broadcast on Norwegian TV2 both on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of December. 

Alexander performed the lovely “The Christmas Song”, and a duet with Maria Haukaas Mittet with his own arrangement of “Winter Wonderland”.  Continue reading Alexander in the Salvation Army’s Advent show “Hope in a pot” 2016

The “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” Christmas concert in Vinger church 04.12.2016

Filled the church with Christmas

With 280 tickets sold, Vinger church was a sold out on Sunday evening. High profiled guests were visiting.

Text to featured photo: Full house: Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak, Hans Petter Moen, Marian Aas Hansen, Maria Haukaas Mittet and Rune Larsen filled Vinger church Sunday evening with their concert “Stille Natt Hellige Natt”. Continue reading The “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” Christmas concert in Vinger church 04.12.2016

Alexander Rybak is happily in love with sweet Julie – “Her og Nå” 06.12.2016

Found his girlfriend on the internet

“Julie is a friend, girlfriend and muse”

The popular artist found his big love on the dating App Tinder.
– Now I am calm in my soul, says Alexander Rybak Continue reading Alexander Rybak is happily in love with sweet Julie — “Her og Nå” 06.12.2016

I don’t challenge myself when I write pop songs

Alexander Rybak: I don’t challenge myself when I write pop songs

He beat the points record when he won the Eurovision Song Contest for Norway in 2009, now Alexander Rybak is dreaming about something more challenging,  and hopes that his debut work as an author will become a musical. In addition he is a guest in this week’s “På resande not”. Continue reading I don’t challenge myself when I write pop songs

Alexander in the Finnish TV-show “På resande not” 29.10.2016

Alexander Rybak performed  his legendary “Fairytale” and did a beautiful cover of the Eurovision winner song from 1987 – “Hold Me Now” (Johnny Logan) in the TV-show “På resande not” on the Finnish TV-channel YLE.
The show was recorded 15th of June this year, and Alexander also gave an interview while he was in Finland. You can read the interview HERE.

Pictures from the TV-show you’ll find HERE

And a big thanks to Annika Sandess, Finland,  we now can watch these two great performances. Enjoy 🙂


“Hold Me Now”


Alexander Rybak, Marian Aas Hansen and Rune Larsen – Interview on Radio Sør, Norway 29.11.2016

Radio interview (video)  and article with Alexander, Marian and Rune from Stille Natt Hellige Natt

Finally Alexander Rybak is “just” a violinist

Source:  Text and photo by Glenn Th. Faannessen

There are many elements to grab when Rune Larsen, Marian Aas Hansen and Alexander Rybak are among the players. Tore Endresen is missed a lot, but the MGP-stamp Rybak is not particularly missed by the violinist Rybak.

– After something settled as Grand Prix,  it’s hard to tear yourself out of a bubble that the media has created. Here I can actually be a violinist. I do not feel that I have to meet the expectations by putting on a white shirt and vest and do exactly the same things, says Rybak to KRS247.

– And Rune is not Lollipop-Rune, either.

– That’s absolutely right. Those who expect Lollipop will be disappointed. This is something else. When Alexander plays his violin numbers every night there is a tremendous response to it. It says something about our concert that we can have a sing-along with the audience, artistic touches as Alexander stands for, says Larsen before he is interrupted.

– And the humour with Rune, Rybak shoots in.

– I’m a bit of a joker, Larsen confirms joyfully.

Marian Aas Hansen believes that the audiences who come back year after year, have their expectations that should be met.

– We have an audience who come year after year because they get what they expect plus they get surprises.  It is about keeping some of the essence of “Stille Natt” and Christmas but also to renew, says Aas Hansen.

RETURN – Lyrics in several languages

Alexander’s lovely song “Return” with lyrics in several languages 🙂

“Everything you hear in this song is made of violin and song. I hope this will inspire other musicians to use their talents in new ways.

The songs itself is inspired by the DreamWorks picture “How To Train Your Dragon”, and it is about friendship and flying. :)” #MyTrueTalent

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Alexander and Stille Natt Hellige Natt in “God morgen Norge” 22.11.2016

Alexander Rybak and the other artists in “Stille Natt Hellige Natt”  visited the Norwegian morning TV-show “God morgen Norge” (Good morning Norway) on TV2.

In addition to an interview they also performed the song “Just a Closer Walk With Thee“, a gospel song by an unknown composer, and the beautiful “Lys i mot Mørketida” by Trygve Hoff.  English subs  will soon be added to the interview. Enjoy the Christmas mood 🙂 Videos of the interview and Maria’s song below.

Book tickets for the Christmas concert HERE Continue reading Alexander and Stille Natt Hellige Natt in “God morgen Norge” 22.11.2016

Dream Christmas with the girlfriend

Alexander Rybak has already got his present

It was a warm meeting between the Grand Prix legends. But greatest of all is love.

In love: When I came to Norway I thought that Santa followed us from Belarus. For us orthodox, Christmas is the 7th of January, so we have presents then too, Rybak laughs. He already has the best present on his lap.

Source: Paper issue of “Se&Hør”, published 22nd of November 2016. Text: Gro Kristine Hære/Andreas Fadum. Photo: Andreas Fadum. Translation: TessaLa, revision Anni Jowett. Continue reading Dream Christmas with the girlfriend

Everyone wants a piece of Alexander Rybak – Aftenposten 18.11.2006

Modelling, concerts, theater parts and marriage proposals.

After two rounds in Kjempesjansen on NRK, young Alexander Rybak from Nesodden can almost wade in exciting offers. The finale is on Saturday.

Text to photo: Even if he has been a bit ill lately, Alexander Rybak has spent the days before the finale practising and performing at closed events for various companies. Photo: Tor G. Stenersen.

Source: Published 18.11.2006. Text: Arve Henriksen. Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revised by Anni Jowett. Continue reading Everyone wants a piece of Alexander Rybak — Aftenposten 18.11.2006

Alexander Rybak won Kjempesjansen – Aftenposten 18.11.2006

The audience made sure the multi-talented Alexander Rybak (20) beat the sisters from Valdres.

Text to photo of Alex, Dan Børge Akerø and Trond Giske : Alexander Rybak is congratulated by host Dan Børge Akerø and minister of culture Trond Giske.

Source:, published 18.11.2006. Text: Anders Nordstuga. Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett.

Tonight’s finale in the NRK programme Kjempesjansen became a very thrilling showdown. Finally the battle stood between Rybak and the sisters Ragnhild (18) and Eldbjørg Hemsing (16). The sisters got the majority of the votes from the professional jury consisting of Eddie Skoller, Trond Giske, Elisabeth Andreassen, Anneli Drecker, and the director Halldis Rønning. The sisters got 120 000 NOK from the professional jury, while Alexander Rybak got 80 000. Rybak however won in the end thanks to the TV votes.
This is surprising and great, said a happy Alexander to Amta right after the decision was made. Rybak won with his distinct voice and music he had composed himself, that he had arranged himself for the orchestra.

At 18 he won the Anders Jahre culture award for younger artists which was worth 100 000 NOK. He is the head of Ung Symfoni in Bergen, and he has performed with Morten Harket, Arve Tellefsen, Stephen Ackles and Knutsen and Ludvigsen. Last year he participated as a violinist in Thomas Stanghelle’s opera musical “Some Sunny Night” which amongst others visited China and New York. Normally he studies at Barratt Due Music Institute in Oslo.

Eldbjørg (left) and Ragnhild during the dress rehearsal of Kjempesjansen Saturday night.

Alexander performed in the TV-show Quizdan on NRK 13.11.2016

Alexander Rybak was the guest artist in the final of the Norwegian Quiz-show “Quizdan”.

In addition to an interview, Alexander performed his song “I Came to Love You”, and the classical piece “Liebesleid” by Fritz Kreisler, accompanied by the pianist Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos. In the video below you can watch his performances and interview with English subs 🙂  The show was recorded the 21st of September.

Video recorded, edited and uploaded by May Elisabeth Nipen. 

5 to 7 Years – Where to get Alexander Rybak’s gift to his fans

Where to get Alexander Rybak’s song “5 to 7 Years”

Alexander’s gift to all his fans, the music video “5 to 7 Years”,  was released only on YouTube the 20th of October 2013.

The 27th of June 2016, “5 to 7 Years” was released on Spotify, where you also can find it on Alexander’s  playlist Entertainer.

From the same date it was also available for download on itunes-logo ICON and AMazone logo Icon

 THE “ENTERTAINER” playlist.


Concert in Ostrava, Czech, 15.10.16 – Alexander Rybak

Videos from Alexander Rybak’s concert in Ostrava, Czech.

Thanks to several fans of Alexander who recorded the performances, we can all enjoy the concert. Alexander also had a guest artist, Elis,  with whom Alexander performed a duet with a song from his favorite fairytale “The Beauty and the Beast”.

You can watch the whole concert in the videos below, or clik on the bold titles in the playlist to see each song.  🙂


Thanks to Joerg Kollan, Ulli C. and Sonia Ogrocka for these videos.

  1. Europe’s Skies, 2. Fairytale, 3. I Came to Love You, 4. Kotik, 5. If You Were Gone, 6. Alexander feat Elis, 7. Beauty and the Beast, 8. Oah, 9. Into a Fantasy, 10. Roll with the Wind, 11. Eurovision Medley, 12. Fairytale.
And a big thank you to Magdalena Kwiecień and Dorota Podsiadła, who has recorded the whole concert in these three videos 🙂

Interviews with Alexander in Soligorsk, Belarus 27.8.2016

Alexander Rybak in Soligorsk, Belarus.

Soligorsk’s celebrated their City Day and on the 27th August, and had invited Alexander Rybak and his girls bank MILKI to perform at the celebration concert.

The audience of the mining city met their Belarusian compatriot really bright and positively, and Alexander was also impressed – as he said :”You are so positive and smiling”.
Here you can see fragments of the live performance and two interviews with him.

Alexander and Orquesta del Centenario at Cosmoplite in Oslo, Norway 09.09.16

Orquesta del Centario, the Argentinian band Alexander performed with in Buenos Aires in May 2016, is on a European tour and right now they have several concerts in Norway.  Alexander asked if he could perform with them again, and so he did Friday 9th of September in their concert at Cosmopolite Scene in Oslo, Norway. His good friend Karl Espegaard is a member of the band, and he and Alexander played a duet , and Alexander also joined the band in a tango.  Continue reading Alexander and Orquesta del Centenario at Cosmoplite in Oslo, Norway 09.09.16

Alexander and Julie – interview in “God kveld Norge” 10.09.16

An interview with Alexander Rybak in Rhodes where he made the music video for his love song to Julie “I came to Love You”. There is also a glimpse of his performance of the song at the premiere of his show “Entertainer”, and a short interview with Julie  at the premier party 6th of July.
Thanks to Jorunn Ekre for notifying us about it, and May Elisabeth Nipen for the recording 🙂


Alexander’s concert in Soligorsk, Belarus 27.08.2016

Alexander Rybak with concert in Soligorsk, Belarus, in celebration of the Day of the City and Miner’s Day  2016.

To congrats the residents of Soligorsk, the winner of Eurovision 2009, especially flown in from Norway,  and the group  “MILKI”, presented good live music and a good mood to the audience  at the Soligorsk Square.

Here are some pictures and videos from the concert. A big thanks to the YT-uploaders 🙂

Picture source:

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Alexander Rybak’s Mum

There was only one thing Alexander Rybak was not allowed to do by his mum when he was little.

Natasha Rybak believes many in Norway are afraid they will do something wrong to kids if they push them into practising during childhood.

Header photo:  Must practise:  When her son was seven, Natasha Rybak decided that he should go for the violin. She says that children must practise, even if they not always want to. Photo: Siv Johanne Seglem /Dagbladet 

There was only one thing that Alexander never was allowed to do.  Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s Mum

Alexander Rybak is a real entertainer

Alexander Rybak is a real entertainer who treats his audience just as adroitly as he treats his violin, his crooner-voice and his grand piano.

Text to the picture: Our reviewer is excited about Alexander Rybak’s 10-year anniversary show. .
Source:, published 7.6.16. Text: Mona Levin. Photos: Anita S. Andersen

Mona Levin gives Entertainer a  Dice 5

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Entertainer – soon premiere – interview in Østlandsposten 3.7.2016

Rybak-Fairytale chooses Bølgen.

On Wednesday it’s the premiere of Alexander Rybak’s summer show. He couldn’t wish for a better place than Bølgen (name of the concert hall).

Text to photo:  Chooses Bølgen: Sofie Bjerketvedt, Alexander Rybak, Øystein Lund Olafsen and Heidi Ruud Ellingsen like it in  Bølgen. The summer show premieres on Wednesday. Photo: Nils-Erik Kvamme Continue reading Entertainer — soon premiere — interview in Østlandsposten 3.7.2016

Alexander Rybak – Julie is the dream girl

Finally the Eurovision star can sing about happy love.

Alexander Rybak Julie Gaarud Holm Se Her juni 2016
1. Alexander Rybak celebrating 10 years as an artist. 2. Dated on Internet- Met on the Internet: Alexander and Julie found each other on the dating App Tinder, and has been together for about 6 months. 3: Romantic getaway: Dream girl on dream trip: Recently Alexander took Julie on a romantic getaway to Miami in the south USA.

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Alexander in “Reiseradioen”, radio show on NRK P1 2.7.2016

Alexander was a guest in teh Norwegian summer radio show “Reiseradioen” (travelling radio)  where he talked about his new song “I  Came to Love You”, his 10 years anniversary show “Entertainer” and how he met Julia and what they when he is not working.

Recorded and translated by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.