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  1. So, how can I get the art to you guys? 🙂 through email? I’m not done with them yet, but I’m going to be making multiple drawings. Just let me know what to from there. If you need to, I can post them to deviantart.com and we can somehow retrieve them from there. 🙂

  2. Hallo All!!

    Does anybody know of any concerts Alex will perform in May/June 2014? I am visiting Europe again from Australia during that time and would love to attend his concert!

    Please reply? My emails address is katarzyna.gajewska@monash.edu

  3. hello everybody in this site!!!! This is kiana again asking you a question…
    Julia , since you told me how I can contact Alexander I decided to send an e-mail to his fan mail ; actually I did! I guess it was last Friday that I sent my letter , and it seemed to be impossible but he DID answer it in couple of hours!!!!
    When I saw his answer the next day I was totally surprised and exited cuz that was the first time a famous artist had noticed that knows my existence!!! So I decided to send him another letter!The second one was a bit longer and unfortunately there were no answer 🙁

    Julia or who else is reading this comment , does Alexander only answer to each fan once??? Do you think that’s too much I expect??!?!?!? Please answer me A.S.A.P because I feel like he’s going to compose another Leave Me Alone for me and I don’t really want that!!!!

    Do you think that was really unpleasant that I asked him(begged him in fact!)to reply?!!

  4. hello!!! Well, more than a question it’s a doubt, i want to send to Alexander a Letter, but i don´t really understand how can I do that, would be helpful if someone could explain me, from long ago that I want to send a letter, but I did not really know how do that. one more thing, I’m not from Europe, I’m from Mexico and I would like to know more about the site and how I could contribute with Alexander and with the site. Thank you! : )
    (Sorry for my English, if U don´t understand something please ask me)

    1. @Elena, we have the whole explanation on how to contact Alex in this posting: http://www.alexanderrybaknews.com/site/alexanderrybak/contactalex/
      If you’d like to participate to this fansite you can just look through all the sections of the fansite and choose what you’d like to do:) We have several Teams who do all the work. Team new, Team recording, Team translation, Team revising and Team posting. For more information please contact us here: http://www.alexanderrybaknews.com/need-help/

  5. Hi! I want to know more about his name or nickname or whaterver it can be SASHA ??
    I’ve found a lot of times him as SAHA RYBAK is it his second name or what ?Can you give me more information about this ?I’ve searched a lot but i havent found anything.

    1. @Ladya, Sasha is a Russian variant of “Alex” 😉 It’s short name Of Alexander.

  6. Hi! I wanted to know more about this SASHA is it Alexander’s nickname or what ? Can you tell me more about this please?

  7. Hello, I have a question to the facebook site from Alexander. Do you know why I can´t see anymore the site where all the videos and articles from the fans were posted? I miss the category “Links”. Have you the same problem?

  8. On Thursday’s Craig Ferguson Show (US) he had Jay Baruchel as a guest and they both talked about the new movie that they voiced which is “How to Train Your Dragon Part 2”.

    Is Alexander doing doing the voice of Hiccup in Norway’s version of the sequel to film?

  9. Hello 🙂

    I wonder if I could help with something, because I want to be active FaceBookies. Maybe I could translate articles from English (or also Russian) to Slovak for slovak fanpage. Or somenthing like that. I know people who don’t read articles because they don’t speak Russian and don’t want to read in English.
    And I also would be very glad if you could send me the copy of BOOK.

    Thanks for your answer 🙂

  10. Hey there!
    I was wondering if you were still sending the copies of your book. I would love to read it! Please get back to me!
    <3 Julie

  11. Приветик! Скажите пожалуйста Саша не собирается приехать со своим концертом в Киров? В России у него уже были туры да, но в киров он не приезжал.Спасибо

    1. Светлана, Саша и до Москвы сейчас редко добирается, что уж говорить о других городах… Он будет в Москве 20 декабря, и это всего 2-й раз за 2011 год(

  12. hi my name is hojji from spain i love alexander rybak and i have listened to his music(europes skies)over 200 time .it was great .i like his all musics .my question is ;what,s alex,s email address ?pls answer

  13. HII!!!! I would like to ask you to organize a show in romania …. but if it can be closer to the town of Arad …. THANK YOU FOR ALL DO YOU DO ALEX AND CONTINUING SUCCESS!!!I I <3 YOU!!!KISSES:*:*!!!

    1. Elena, he has visited Romanian for the first time this year, just on September 22. He will return to perform at X-Factor on December 11th. We don’t know about another plans of him regarding Romania.

  14. I think there should be games and quizzes on this site of alex and the facebookies.

  15. Скажите,когда Саша будет гастролировать по России?
    Он здесь давно не был((

    1. Пока нет такой информации, Мария. Как только появится, мы опубликуем ее на сайте.

  16. Скажите пожалуйста! Можно ли на прямую связаться с Ольгой Киваевой? Спасибо=)

  17. Is there any chance that Alex will have a concert in U.S.?

    p.s. thanks for creating this very cool webpage.

  18. Thank you, I was very curious. Now I understand why Alex said at that show (Fin Fredag, if I remember well) that she is waiting for Justin Bieber, because they are the same age! 😉

  19. I am very curious how old is Moa, because in “Oah” Alex says “you’re way too young for me….”. So, can anybody tell me, please?

  20. I have to ask you something…
    Have you heard some news about that Frikar will come back too?
    I mean, I’m just trying to guess If that news are true, maybe
    it’s just a gossip or something…

  21. Да, спасибо! Теперь всё правильно. Т.к. это перевод, то к оригинальному тексту пришлось добавить примечание, в котором сказано, кто есть кто в действительности 🙂
    *в дальнейшем предлагаю писать мне в личку на фейсе -- будет быстрее, чем если писать здесь ;)*

  22. Ой, простите пожалуйста что опять об етом :)) Просто в той статье про альбом Саши видимо когда исправляли ошибку, то допустили механическую опечатку (перепутали местами слова). Теперь там “мама -- скрипач, папа -- пианистка”, надо “папа -- скрипач, мама -- пианистка” 🙂

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