Article+Video+Photos: Review of the Concert in Kiev. Oct.31st 2012

Article published on 01.11. 2012 at 17:00

The source: Press-service “Master Management”. Link to original article here

Found and translated by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Katie Anderson.

Александр Рыбак презентовал

Alexander Rybak presented three premieres in the center of Kiev!

Ahead of “Halloween” the winner of “Eurovision” and one of the most charming artists of CIS and Europe -Alexander Rybak invited all his friends into the “madhouse” in the city center of Kiev! It’s the club-restaurant “Tolstoy” that has became such a place for one day. At the door of the club the guests were welcomed by crazy men in straightjackets, and inside they have been waiting on a show by the experimenter, Alexander Rybak. The artist presented three premieres at once – the new single, the video, and the new Russian program!

The topics of the evening were preceded by the video shoot for Alexander Rybak’s song “Dostala” (“You’ve driven me up the wall”). In the plot of the video the singer flees to an insane asylum, away from his obsessive female fan, who annoys him by her calls and just pursues him everywhere! And then he manages to leave his maniacal fan in the madhouse, but he leaves it himself for a normal life. The video was filmed with inspiration from real events in the life of the artist!

They presented the video for the song “Dostala” with the director Alexander Filatovich, whom Rybak has worked with for the third time. The violinist Alexander Rybak became bold and brutal!

– Probably she really “has driven him up the wall! – joked on stage the host of the evening, the inimitable Sergey Galibin.

Also Galibin noticed how Rybak grew into a man, and if he is not that fairytale-teller anymore he may begin to play the cello instead of violin, and then the double bass.

Previously at the concert Alexander Rybak presented the new video for the song “Dostala” for all VIP guests and spectators. Alexander Rybak began to perform his Russian-language hits one after another, and the whole audience sang along with him in one voice the lines of the favorite songs: “How beautiful you are today,” “Europe’s Skies are crying by rain”, “Oah, Arrow of Cupid!” and others.

Alexander Rybak’s manager Yana Pryadko, commented:

– We have managed to do all that we planned! I can certainly say that Sasha is one of the few artists in the world, which can be called international: in Sweden he sings his Swedish singles, in Norway he sings Norwegian ones, there is an English-language program in Europe, and here we have the Russian-language concert program! With this program, and the new show, Alexander will be on tour the next year in Europe and the CIS. Before the end of this year, Rybak will give 48 concerts as part of the Christmas tour in Scandinavia.

The video “Dostala” will appear on the music channels of CIS yet in November!

Here you can watch the video-compilation from the concert:

And here you can watch a slideshow from the concert:

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