Article+video: Slavianski Bazaar. July 13th 2012

Article published by Fotis ( Greece ) on 13.7.2012. Link to original Oikotimes-article here. The text is taken from a longer article published on 13.7.2012. Link to original article, written by Vera Medvetskaya here.

Video from Alexanders rehearsals and meeting with fans, recorded by Victoria13Lapeho

Found by Sonya Luzina

Slavianski Bazaar 2012

The festival is symbolic. Symbolically that children’s musical contest winners from different years opened the 1st part of the Festive ceremony: Martin Jordan (Bulgaria), Sasha Nehaj (Belarus), Kasia-Bell (Poland), Maria (Romania) and Arina Doronina (Russia). They are the future of the festival. “We’ll be stars”, – sang Arina, and this is a sincere thank to “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”.

The concert program satisfied the most demanding tastes of the audience. Their songs presented familiar and beloved Russian singers – Valeriya, Alexander Rozenbaum, Irina Allegrova, Zhanna Friske, Sergei Lazarev, Boris Moiseev, and the State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble by Igor Moiseyev won by art of dance. Mega-stars of world-class Brits Samantha Fox and Chris Norman, Italian tenor Alessandro Safina enriched the concert by the highest performing level. Wonderful Ukrainian actor Danilko and his famous image of Verka Serduchka raised a high degree of mood.

It has long affinity with the festival “Eurovision”. A norwegian with Belarusian roots Alexander Rybak is a frequent visitor, the winner of “Eurovision–2012” – a Swedish singer Loreen and “Buranovskie Babushki” (Grannies from Buranovo) caused an absolute delight of the audience.

The concert demonstrated once again how rich our dear Belarus in talents. Alena Lanskaya, Gunesh, Anna Blagova, Eugene Ermolkovich, Radmila Semenova, Olga Zmurschik are beautiful, vociferous, with a powerful energy. Hopefully, it will take several years, and they will come to the festival with solo recitals. And now they together with the famous stars open a favorite festival. And with the audience, viewers, and numerous guests Vitebsk wish them prosperity, and new creative discoveries. We are sure that such a multi-colour beginning of the festival – a colourful extension.

Video from the article, uploaded to Youtube by Victoria13Lapeho

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