Article+Video: “A star meeting at the end of the course” Nov.17th 2012

Article published at on 17.11.2012. Link to original article here 

Written by: Cecilie Lind Hånes. Photo: Cecilie Lind Hånes.

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translated by Hildebjørg Ha. English revision by Anni Jowett

A Fairytale: “Slattum Bulls” were so pleased with the fact, that Alexander Rybak came to their elementary school Thursday night, that they made him an honorary member of “Slattum Bulls” after the concert.

A star meeting at the end of the course

It’s probably few other 6th graders who have had the pleasure of performing with Alexander Rybak at their own end of course Christmas party!
Outside the gymnasium at Slattum school the torches are lit. The hallway inside is packed – of pupils, teachers, parents, siblings and grandparents, who are eagerly waiting for the doors to the auditorium to open.

Behind the doors Alexander Rybak is sitting, eating gingerbread in the middle of a group of autograph- hungry sixth graders. Some will have a signature on their violin, others will have an autograph on their t-shirt.
It’s only minutes left until six o’clock and Slattum Bulls with Berit Cardas in the lead, let the parents in.

The kids in the 6th grade have practised together for a long time now. As many as 30 pupils will be on the stage playing violin at the same time, while some 20 pupils will sing in the choir. And as the finishing act they will play and sing Fairytale, along with Alexander Rybak himself.

He arrived two hours before the concert to have a few rounds of rehearsal with the kids.

An-Nhu Phung Le (11) and Mira Johanna Kotala (11) from 6 B is a little nervous before it all starts, but not very:

– It’s exciting to perform, An-Nhu says, with eagerness in her voice.

– How was it to meet Alexander Rybak in real life?

– He is a little different in real life than on photos.

The girls can not quite put their finger on exactly what’s different about him, but they certainly think it’s great fun that one of Europe’s most famous pop violinists is taking the time to come and play with just them.

– It’s going to be fun to perform with him. But we are very fortunate to have Berit as well, then, An-Nhu says with a smile.


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