Articles from the press-conference of Alexander Rybak in Moldova. 13.10.2012

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Found and translated by Laura Ser. English revision by Katie Anderson.

He likes Moldova so much that he will sing for free. Rybak will show up on the PMAN stage, for the Hram.

Alexander Rybak will perform for free tomorrow, in Piata Marii Adunari Nationale. This evening, the winner of Eurovision 2009 will have a concert together with Paula Seling, at Palatul National. The Norwegian singer has a surprise for his Moldovian fans. He will sing, for the first time, his new song “Leave me alone”.

He is in love with his violin, he likes Lego games, humble people, and cabbage rolls. This is what Alexander Rybak confessed in Chisinau, being here for a performance at the City Celebration. The singer talked about some private things in his life.

The singer will sing a song for the first time, on the stage of Palatul National. The new song called “Leave me alone” is dedicated to an obsessed fan, says Alexander.

Alexander Rybak is only 26 years old, and although he has hundreds of fans around, he often feels lonely. The Norwegian guy confesses that, after his Eurovision victory, he has only 3 real friends.

He said that he didn’t ask for a Lego game in Chisinau, because he has no time for it. About Moldova, Alexander doesn’t know too much. He managed to see that people are very warm and girls – beautiful. Plus, the singer is looking forward to trying the traditional dishes: polenta and pies.

The fans who didn’t manage to arrive today at the Palatul National, can see Alexander Rybak tomorrow, on the stage in Piata Marii Adunari Nationale. He will perform 2 songs, the new one and the one from Eurovision. In 2009, the Norwegian with Belorussian roots, won with the “Fairytale” song.

Alexander Rybak will perform for free at the Chisinau Celebration

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Found and translated by Laura Ser. English revision by Katie Anderson.

The winner of Eurovision 2009, Alexander Rybak, has decided to perform not only in the concert this evening at the Palatul National, but tomorrow too, for the Chisinau celebration, in Piata Marii Adunari Nationale.
According to ProTV, the artist said today, in a press conference, that he made this proposal himself and that he will perform for free. And all this because he likes, very much, to be in Moldova. He says that people are very warm, and the girls – very natural and humble. Anyway, the Norwegian singer will perform only 2 songs in the center of the city – “Fairytale” which brought him the Eurovision victory and a new one.

Tonight’s show will bring the Romanian Paula Seling, and for the concert in PMAN (Piata Marii Adunari Nationale), the special guests are Loredana, Catalin Josan and Andreea Banica.

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