Alexander Rybak in HGVM talks about his perfect pitch, his participation in Idol and Fairytale

Alexander talks about his perfect pitch

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The article published in on 15.03.2014
Author Tore Waskaas.
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Rybak about Idol-time: – I think it was a rebellious act

Alexander Rybak talks about why he signed up for “Idol.

Alexander Rybak (27) took part in “Idol” in 2005 and in “Hver gang vi møtes” he explains why he joined the TV2 talent contest, where among others Anneli Drecker was a judge.

– I don’t remember exactly why I signed up, but I think it was a rebellious act. I had a bit too much of classical music and wanted to check what was happening elsewhere, he says in an “Hver gang vi møtes” clip that is not shown on TV.

Dreamt of being checked out

Rybak says that he was hungry for attention due to his musical abilities.

I like the attention, really. I just have to be honest and say that. At least, I liked the attention. I was one of those youngsters who dreamt of what it was like to be checked out instead of checking out myself. And I wanted attention for something I stood for, music, but I did not dive into the industry and how the music world worked. I knew what was happening on stage and what it took to make it exciting, and I was quite sure that I could be the new cool one in Norway because no one has thought about making a six-minute radio hit with just violin and piano before.

No resistance from the parents 

Rybak’s parents had nothing against that he joined the talent competition.

– I wish I could tell the story that I entered the “Idol” and they said either you don’t go on Idol, or you can drive away forever. They knew I was not going to be one of those being made a fool of and they did not think I would get any further anyway, says Alexander Rybak.

Video about taking part in Idol

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The article published in on 15.03.2014
Author Lina Hekkli.
English translation by Tessa Lande. English revision by  Anni Jowett.


Alexander Rybak wrote “Fairytale” as therapy after a breakup with his girlfriend.

In Saturday’s “Hver gang vi møtes” Alexander Rybak (27) tells about the huge success he experienced after the Eurovision victory with the song “Fairytale” in 2009.

A frank Alexander says that he wrote what would later become a super hit after a sad break up with his first girlfriend.

– The entire song was really a great therapy for me for the heartbreak I had six years after my first love, says Rybak in the program. 

Enjoyed every second 

After the victory followed hectic months of appearances and press meetings and the young artist was determined to enjoy every moment in the wake of the competition.

This is probably one of the biggest things you will experience in life, and this you just have to enjoy it, says Rybak.

How was it to win? – asks Sigvart Dagsland.

– It was great fun. An unreal world. There was chaos in my head. Things just came out of my mouth, like that people could meet me at the airport if they wanted, says Rybak, who was greeted by a bunch of enthusiastic fans at the airport.

Alexander Rybak tells in HGVM about Fairytale and the time after ESC.

English translation and subs by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.

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