Articles: Alexander Rybak held Master-class for Belarusian students

Article from published on 18.04.2014

Text: Yuliana Leonovich. Photo: Vitaliy Gil’

English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Katie Anderson.


Came. Performed. Conquered.

The most Belarusian Norwegian, Alexander Rybak, arrived in Minsk again. Yesterday afternoon the winner of “Eurovision- 2009” found a few hours in his busy schedule to talk with young singers and musicians. The charming artist was met by the auditorium of the university of culture not just with applause, but with a standing ovation. Rybak willingly posed in front of cameras, gave advice and answered the most tricky questions. There was no hint of a star disease – anyone could get an autograph and a picture with the idol.

Before the master-class the musician complained about his own forgetfulness :

– It’s been so long since I was here that I do not remember some words in Russian. If you suddenly do not understand me, just say: “Sasha , repeat.” No one complained about a misunderstanding though. Despite years spent abroad, the singer did not forget the language and spoke very confidently. He admitted that he still feels he is Belarusian, although he has  Norwegian citizenship:

– I like to be nostalgic. This feeling, in my opinion, pertains only to us, the Slavs. And it is reflected in each of my songs. Norwegians, for example, do not understand why I write all my songs in a minor key. And I can not explain, because it comes from within.

Rybak devoted nearly two hours for the meeting with the youth. The singer listened attentively to young violinists and cellists, gave advice, and analyzed playing techniques carefully. Such creative meetings Rybak holds worldwide: Belarus, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Greece… Minsk, by the way, was the third city where the actor met with young talents, before he had time to visit Vitebsk and Orsha shortly.

The Minister of Culture, Boris Svetlov, whom the singer met in the afternoon, strongly supported the initiative of Rybak too:

– In the autumn Alexander will give a series of master classes for students of Belarusian music colleges. And I’m glad that the singer himself came up with this initiative and he is even ready to work without a fee.

Now participation in the festival ” Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk” is in the nearest plan for Rybak, where the artist was asked yesterday to become its host and a member of the jury for the international competition of young performers. Alexander immediately agreed.


Rybak advised the students of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts not to be afraid of the stage and to develop their talent.

Article from published on 17.04.2014

Found by Sonya Luzina. Translated by Rozalia Muzhaeva. English revision by Anni Jowett.



The winner of the International Song Contest “Eurovision-2009”, the Norwegian of Belarusian origin Alexander Rybak has delivered a master class to the students of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts today, as reported by the correspondent of BELTA.

The professional musician listened to some performances and gave the boys and girls some advice about working and behaviour on stage. He accompanied them himself on the violin and the grand piano, which caused admiration from the young artists and the academic staff. Alexander Rybak noticed that many of the students were talented indeed but he made them think that if they wished to become famous and try their luck on the big stage, they would have a rough time. However, he believes that it is not worth being afraid of difficulties. “It will be hard for you to force your way. Unfortunately or luckily, but it is so. But then you will work harder,” – said the artist.

He remarked that it was better to start one’s career in one’s homeland and only then, having gained experience, open up in other countries. “There is A ‘bribed’ public but it is not real. Just be engaged in your favourite occupation and then your public will appear and you will find your audience,”- said the performer, with conviction.
Alexander Rybak answered the students’ questions. They wondered how his life had changed after he had participated in “Eurovision” and what success meant for him and asked for advice about the realisation of creative potential. A question about in-process inspiration was asked. The artist confessed: “I am inspired by sincere and honest people. I often work in big arenas with large crews and I dislike when people nod in assent in response to any remark of mine. An unvarnished opinion helps to end up with better results.”
To complete the master class the winner of “Eurovision-2009” performed one of his compositions. The infused students supported him in it.

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