Articles about concert with the Kragerø Girls Choir 10.03.13

Author: Nils Jul Lande
Source: paper issue of Telemarksavisa, published on 11.3.13

Transcribed by Tessa Lande. Translated by Anni Jowett. Revised by Sara Anja.

FAIRYTALE: What was more natural than to finish the large-scale concert with “Fairytale” with Alexander Rybak and the girls choir. Photo: Nils Jul Lande

A firework display

There was a firework display of a concert in Kragerø church last night. Kragerø choir had shot the golden bird by getting Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen with them.

It was a concert the many in attendance will remember for a long, a very long time. A concert with many highlights, that was rewarded with a deserved standing ovation when the concert came to its end.

You must just take your hat off to the Kragerø choir with its 16 young girls. The conductor Robert Carding does a great job with the choir, which Rybak emphasized at the end of the concert.

Raising the roof

When Solli-Tangen together with the choir went with “Nessun Dorma,” an aria from the opera “Turandot”, written by Giacomo Puccini, it was almost as if the roof of the church was lifted.

When Alexander Rybak on violin with Hilmar Kristoffersen  on piano performed ” Heksedans “ (Witch Dance) for over 10 minutes, then it really took off .

It was almost as if the church walls cracked when Rybak and choir closed with “Roll with the Wind,” and finally Grand Prix Tune “Fairytale”. Then it was impossible to sit still.

POWERFUL: Didrik Solli-Tangen with Kragerø Girls Choir, performing an aria from the opera Turandot, written by Giacomo Puccini. It was like the roof of the church lifted itself.

Huge Repertoire

The evening was first and foremost the night of the girls’ choir. A choir with a very large and diverse repertoire, from classical music to sacred music, folk music and so on. In Kragerø church last night the girls gave everything and even more. They seemed to thrive, but it is not possible for everyone to get your act together with stars like Rybak and Solli-Tangen.

It was undoubtedly a great moment for Lisa Ask Knutsen when she brought to us “Perfect Day ” with a violin accompaniment from Rybak.

The concert began with Rybak’s “Europe Skies” together with Rybak. The choir and Rybak continued with the beautiful and evocative ” Visa Vid Vindens Änger.”

A great moment for the choir was undoubtedly when they performed the Grand Prix song “My Heart is Yours” along with Solli-Tangen so that it vibrated the walls.

As said, it was an incredible concert tonight in Kragerø church.


Rybak and the girls took the audience by storm

Author: Aslak Thorsen

Source: paper issue of Varden, published on 11.03.13

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.

INTERACTIVE: Alexander Rybak and the Kragerø Girls Choir thoroughly enjoyed themselves together in Kragerø Church

A full church and completely successful concert. Alexander Rybak thoroughly enjoyed himself, and had fun together with Didrik Solli-Tangen.

KRAGERØ: Varied and precise program, spanning from Grand Prix songs to humorous folk songs and familiar tunes from popular musicals. Kragerø Girl Choir performed without any mistakes, and Rybak and Solli-Tangen joked with both girls and each other. The Girl Choir’s conductor Robert Carding and Rybak’s pianist Hilmar Kristoffersen , gained extra honour for their achievements.

The girls had chosen to present the songs and they managed it too – to increasingly greater excitement from the audience in the first rows, who wondered when the choir members would get completely stuck in tangle of microphone cables that occurred when they walked forward to announce the next song.

FUN: Didrik Solli-Tangen (t.h.) and Alexander Rybak had a great time in Kragerø yesterday.

Nicely and neck breaking

From beautiful “Visa vid vindens Anger”, to the challenging ” Pie Jesu” Rybak and Solli-Tangen constantly added antics of humour, both verbally and musically to the concert, and together with the pianist Kristoffersen. Rybak performed a neck breaking “Heksedans” (Witch dance) on the fiddle – to the cheering of the audience and the girls. Of course we got both “My heart is yours ” and” Fairytale “, and their reward was original: The two solo artists got Vigdis Helmersen-glass bowls made of Jomfruland sand, and inside the bowls there was not only fresh chocolate, but chocolate filled with Kragerø brandy.
– This has to become a tradition,- Rybak concluded.


The church was full, the crowd excited and the sound was good, and Kragerø Girls choir with its 16 members, has once again met up to expectations. This was the girls’ big night – and the audience’s.


Hope the concert will become a tradition

Author: Jimmy Åsen

Sourse:, published on 11.03.13

Found by Victoria Can. Translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson.

Found tonal chemistry: Alexander Rybak and the Kragerø Girls Choir on the same stage.

There  is a particularly good chemistry between Alexander Rybak and theKragerø Girls Choir.

KV got many, many examples of that at the concert in the church on Sunday evening, where around 200 people had gathered.


From a slightly uncertain start, the concert raised to great heights. A year ago, the audience was spellbound by the interaction between the choir and Alexander Rybak. This time, it has even been taken one step further.

The fact that the artist Didrik Solli-Tangen also participated in the concert, helped to fill the already melodious sound.

Funny: Alexander Rybak and Dirik Solli-Tangen performed together.

What’s special about Alexander Rybak, is that he is so natural. He speaks directly to the audience, in a personal way, so one gets a sense of knowing him. Rybak has a style and radiance that hits home, and over the years a close friendship has developed between the singers in the choir, their parents, and Rybak.


What made the strongest impression in the concert is not easy to say. It was quite festive when Didrik Solli-Tangen performed the opera aria “Nessun Dorma”, while the young girl choir sang in the background. An experience you will never forget.

The girls’ best song, in KV’s opinion, was the performance of the beautiful song “I don’t know how to love him” from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Wonderful.

Beautiful: Liv Ask Knudsen sings “Perfect Day” and Alexander Rybak plays the violin.

The funniest element was when Alexander Rybak performed a neck breaking “Heksedans” (Witch Dance) on the fiddle, where he brought in the classic rock and roll song “Great balls of fire” towards the end. Then it was almost like the church was on fire. During the applause you could hear people cheering and shouting, “Bravo!”


It was also beautiful when Lisa Ask Knudsen performed “Perfect Day” with Alexander Rybak on violin.

There was also room for some Grand Prix, and both “Fairytale” and “My heart is yours” were sung and played.

The finale “Roll with the wind ” ended in new cheering and thunderous applause.

More: Alexander Rybak hoped for more concerts with the Kragerø Girls Choir.

When it was all over, Alexander Rybak took the microphone and said:

– I hope this will become a tradition.

It was probably not the last time we heard Alexander Rybak and Kragerø choir perform together.

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