Articles about Alexander’s participation in Morodalsfestivalen on 16.06.13

Source: Odalsnytt – published 16.06.13
Author: Gunnar Nygård

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson.

Sun and Joy for 1300 People in Morodalen

After four festivals with lousy weather, the sun finally found its way to Morodalen! In the great weather, cheerful people came from near and far. On Saturday there were almost 1300 people visiting the festival at Sand.

It was quite a day. The mood was on top already from the beginning, and lasted until Sputnik closed it in the evening. Many people also took the opportunity to take a boat trip to Storesjøen, or a trip with a veteran car.

 A fantastic festival

-This is a fantastic festival, said the leader of the Norwegian Association for the mentally challenged, Jens Petter Gitlesen. He also had the honor of cutting Alexander Rybak’s tie, and by that declaring the festival as open.

There was something for every taste and sense of rhythm, from Bettan & Rybak via Dutch blues to hard rock and Sputnik.

 Alexander charmed everyone

Sputnik had to find himself in fierce competition to be today’s big hero. Alexander Rybak took the audience by storm, and when he left the stage he was surrounded by fans. Patient, friendly and smiling, he wrote autographs and took pictures with everyone who asked. He charmed everyone and was without star whims. He traveled by bus and also attended Morodalspuben at Milepelen Friday night.


Source: Paper Issue of Glåmdalen – published 17.06.13
Author: Sigmund Fossen

Found by Tessa Lande. Translated by Jorunn Ekre. Revised by Katie Anderson.

Here is Alexander the Great.

Everyone wanted Rybak’s autograph, and Martin Johansen got it on his stomach. At Morodalen, Alexander was the big star.

They were all there, Bettan, Sputnik, TV-stars from Tangerudbakken, Dagfinn Enerly, the hard rock band Legacy of the beginning, and the blues band “United by Music”. But having a conversation with the fairytale boy himself, Alexander Rybak, was the highlight of the festival for most people.

-Yes, it was nice, but I can`t remember what he was saying, informs Martin Johansen, matter of factly. However, the guy from Sarpsborg was among the almost 100 mentally handicapped people who gathered round the violin playing artist after the concert at Sand in Nord-Odal on Saturday afternoon. He also recieved Rybak’s autograph, written on his belly. That’s why a part of Johansen`s body is declared A “wash free zone” for a long time.

Fy Fela!
-Hi, I`m Alexander. What are your names?
The promoters of Morodalsfestivalen have tried for four years to have him perform at Sand. This weekend Alexander Rybak appeared, and boy was he popular. Everyone wanted a piece of the fairytale boy, and the man behind Fairytale gave the audience what they wanted.

He came with the sun.

We have tried for four years to get Alexander Rybak here, and for four years it has been raining during our festival. But he finally made it to our fifth festival and he brought the sun with him, said a very satisfied Olav Hagen, who led an audience of more than 1200 people through the weekend’s festival beneath Milepelen pub at Sand.

A Great show – Alexander Rybak and Elisabeth Andreassen performed both “La Det Swinge” and “Fairytale” for the audience at Morodalsfestivalen on Saturday.

Festival from the heart

Morodalsfestivalen in Nord-Odal, a unique music festival for mentally handicapped people, is getting big. From the tender start five years ago the festival has grown to become a national arena which gathers lots of people, which also includes international acts. Audiences came from Målsevlin in the north to Sola in the southwest. And among the people who performed was the blues band, United by Music, who came from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It consists of handicapped people.

-I feel that this festival has begun in the hearts of people in Nord-Odal. And it’s wonderful seeing that joy is allowed to grow, says Alexander Rybak to Glåmdalen.
He came to Nord-Odal on Friday night, and joined the pub evening of the festival and seductive dance with the female festival goers.

Socialized – Alexander Rybak and Elisabeth Andreassen socialized during Morodalsfestivalen, and both of them were very impressed with both the festival and the people who joined it.

An honor to be here.

Elisabeth Andreassen was another one of the highlights during the festival. She has been to Nord-Odal many times before, but has never been to Morodalsfestivalen before.
-It`s an honor to be able to sing here and be part of the joy that the festival goers show. This is a warm and meaningful arena, she says.

Ladies man – Alexander Rybak enjoyed himself with little and big girls. Mayor Lise Selnes enjoyed it as much as Mille Marie Fjeld Stenerud (left), Mina Norheim (center) and Ingrid Olave Norheim (right).


Facts: Morodalsfestivalen.

Morodalsfestivalen is a unique music festival for mentally handicapped people. The festival is held in Nord-Odal every summer. The festival has grown each year, and so far, has had groups of mentally handicapped people from nine counties. In 2012 there was a group from Sunne in Sweden who joined it, and this year there was a band from The Netherlands. The festival emphasizes reverse adjustment, so that it becomes a meeting place which creates integration, dialogue and increased knowledge.

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