Articles about Alexander Rybak’s concert in Valdres 25.06.2012.

Articles were published in  the paper issue of Valdres 26.06.12

Written by Anne Kjønniksen

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett

Brilliant: The violinist Alexander Rybak, cellist Aage Kvalbein (sitting behind there) and pianist Gunnar Flaggstad played the most beautiful classical pearls on Sunday. 

Tremendous Rybak

Valdres SommerSymfoni has started with almost 250 children and young people who play and practise from early morning to late at night. A large number of people also have had some great concerts experiences, like the one at Låvin in Vaset on Sunday, where the violinist Alexander Rybak, cellist Aage Kvalbein and pianist Gunnar Flagstad captivated a full house.


Private lessons: Sigurd Fosheim from Røn in Valdres has Alexander Rybak as a private teacher during the “Sommersymfoni”.

The “Sommersymfoni” has started

Children and young people from different nations are gathered. There is playing and practising in all the nooks and crannies at Valdres Folkehøyskole. The 19th “Sommersymfoni” has started.

Leira: We have taken a short trip to Valderes Folkehøskole, to check the pulse of this massive summer school that brings together nearly 250 children and young people from many different nations.

Lesson with Rybak

First we get a tip that Sigurd Fosheim from Valdres, who has played the violin for eight years, this time has got Alexander Rybak as a teacher. We knock gently on the door and are allowed to take a little snap shot, before they ask us nicely to  leave. They have only half an hour, and the time is costly.

Afterwards Sigurd tells that it was fun and inspiring to have Rybak as a teacher.

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