Articles about Alexander Rybak in Ukrainian and Estonian press. Jan 12 – 13. 2012


This picture Ukrainian madia used for the article, was taken by Russian facebookie Kate Lunar at the M&G in Moscow, Dec.20, 2012

Link to the original article at Ukrainian radio Lux FM webpage:

Found by Sonya Luzina, translated by Zhanna Sergueeva.

Alexander Rybak celebrated New Year’s eve at a beach disco.

The winner of the contest “Eurovision” Alexander Rybak decided to  take himself on holiday and refused all offers to perform on New Year Eve.

– On New Year’s Eve I had a huge wish to go somewhere. Without thinking for too long and packing suitcases I took my passport and dashed to the airport with my beloved girl . We bought the tickets for the next flight – to the Southern coast of Egypt. Thus I welcomed 2012’s year in a hot country and I think this year will be hot as well for me, only 5 days but how nice. We saw in the New Year at the beach disco. We refused all excursions, we were just swimmimg and sunbathing, – said Rybak.

The artist told also that he decided to please his Grandma and went to Belarus where he spent Orthodox Christmas with her.

– She was pleasantly surprised and even cried when she saw me with flowers and a cake on her doorstep. It was very touching. We Spent a long time looking at old pictures and remembering my childhood .

Eurovision singer Alexander Rybak has a new girlfriend

An article from Estonian media site, posted on Jan.13, 2012

Link to the original article:

Text by Triin Tael. Found and translated by Anglesina Est

The heart of the violinist Alexander Rybak, who won Eurovision at 2009 with the song “Fairytale”, is not free anymore.

According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” his new sweetheart is a 25 year old Norwegian Maria, who is a violinist as well.

The youth love, who gave him inspiration for composing “Fairytale”, is a violinist as well.

Alexander told about his new love to the newspaper in Minsk, where he spent Orthodox Christmas. “I met The New Year in Egypt with my girlfriend”. Despite Rybak refused to tell further about the girl and didn’t even reveal her name, “Komsomoskaya Pravda” found out, that Eurovision singer’s heart is captured by Maria Strøm Slyngstad, with whom he studied together in Oslo university. At 2010 he invited her to play for his new album and at concerts. With the collaboration the love fire was lit and Rybak has already dedicated her two songs. In the Youtube video one can see them making music together.

This video, which Estonian and Belorussian press has used for their articles, was recorded by a facebookie Venche M. at the Rybak and Stanghelle family concert in Farsund on July 7, 2011



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