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Preparing at home: Rybak helps Annsofi with fine adjustments before the MGP final.

Text to photo: Mirror each other: Alexander Rybak and Annsofi Pettersen often work face to face, to get the feeling of having television cameras close up during the live broadcast of the MGP

 Article and photo: Mats Duan Found by Ulli Cologne. Bought by May Elizabeth. Translation by Anni Jowett & Susanne Berlin. Revision by Tessa Lande.

The height of Annsofi’s career is only just over a week away. At home in Borgenhaugen the time is used well to prepare for the big day.
“Now I’ve forgotten Florø, and what happened there. Focus is now on how we can possibly best prepare for next week before the final at Oslo Spektrum”,- says Annsofi Pettersen to SA.

Proud songwriter

Songwriter and “coach” Alexander Rybak agrees.
“We practised a bit here and a bit in Oslo. But we also talk a lot about what Annsofi is good at and what she should work on. We often go through lines where she sings to my face, which is a way to imagine that she sings through the TV screen. But the most important thing for an artist is that one is comfortable and enjoys what one does”,- says Rybak.

While Annsofi Pettersen qualified to the national competition at Oslo Spektrum 9 February last weekend , Alexander Rybak had his own concert in Trondheim.

When he later got to see highlights from the semifinal in Florø he was impressed. “What I saw was incredible. She has a roughness in what she does and I immediately got “blood on the tooth” to work on. I felt incredibly proud that she all alone was able to perform the song I’ve written in that way. Several of her competitors had a professional team around them, so I have a bit of a bad conscience that I was not present. But now I’ll be there all the way,- he says. Annsofi Pettersen smiles from across the kitchen table, and adds: – Well, now “big brother” is coming along, and it will be nice,- she says.


Name: Annsofi Pettersen
Age: 18
Occupation: Student and musician
Background: Student at St. Olaf High School.
Participated in “Det store korslaget”, where she and the rest of Team Åge became the winners.
Took third place in TV2 program X-Factor.
Collaboration with the Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak on a Christmas album in 2012. He has also written MGP song “I`m with you. ”
Currently: Went through from MGP semifinal in Florø last Saturday.
Appearing on the final in Oslo 9 February.

Karate Kid

Alexander Rybak and Annsofi Pettersen met at Gardermoen Sunday afternoon, the day after the MGP success, and then went home to Rybak’s apartment at Aker Brygge to check out  Saturday’s semifinale.
– What was the first thing you started working on with the performance the night before?
– Actually nothing,- Rybak said, laughing and continued.- We sat down and watched Karate Kid 1 with Mr. Miyagi of course. It’s an awesome classic,- he says firmly.
Annsofi joins the chat about movies.
– Yes, they say so many good things in the movie that are inspiring. We  like to watch movies, and later tonight we will see Les Miserables at Sarpsborg cinema,- she tells.

Standing out

But from film to reality. In the Final in about eight days it’s expecting  a wide range of good songs and established artists.
– That’s what makes it so exciting. There is a very high level among the remaining ten songs,- Annsofi points out.
The hope for a late and a good start number lives, but the MGP duo must still be prepared for the worst.
– I will not set myself a goal.
The main thing is that I am true to my own song and not lose the grip on our contribution. Trivial errors can happen to anyone, and you should be prepared that the music is hidden behind the singing or that other light or sound problems can happen on stage. It is important that I do not pay attention to that,- she says.
– How do you prepare to a good program for such a final?
– It’s about understanding why you have gone further.
All artists who have reached that far, believe they can win, and therefore it is important that people see that we are working with our contribution and not come again with the exact same performance. It  will only be a minor adjustments which may turn out positive, but I don’t want to reveal concretely what we think of,- Rybak says before Annsofi takes over.
– I feel I have the opportunity to try something new here. That’s more fun than to play it safe.
Maybe a new and special dress can help to reinforce the expression during the three minutes I’m on stage,- she said.

Breather at school

Author: Marte-Kari Melkerud 


CELEBRITY FRIEND: Annsofi Pettersen’s glad she has good friends at St. Olav High School. – You’re just kind Annsofi to us, but it’s a bit strange that you are celebrity and says Pernille Tang Violence (left) and Ida Caroline Steen Pedersen. (Photo: Earl M. Andersen)

Along with her classmates at St. Olav Pettersen Annsofi takes a breather between MGP contests.
– It is not a common everyday thing, exactly, but rather a stopgap. I actually have not done homework for three weeks now admits the otherwise academically strong girl.
– But it is good to have a place I can be a normal teenager. I am also very pleased that the school administration supports me like they,- she says.
– But even if I have been let off homework a bit now, I am otherwise dutiful.
– It makes it easier to ask for free time and such now,- she says.
She quit music studies at Greåker high school, and studies now instead at St. Olav.
– It was a good choice. I needed to go to a school where I do not need to prove anything musically. I wanted to study other subjects. Because I will not only work with music. I will study law also,- she says, who has just had religion class when we visited her. To her friends Pernille Tang Violence and Ida Caroline Steen Pedersen, she is only “kind Annsofi.”

– Of course it’s little strange that she is a celebrity, but we do not usually think about it too much, they say, who leads on the cheerleading from the school. The good friends are in fact hoping that the whole class can be in place at the MGP final at Oslo Spektrum 9 February. – School Trip to Spectrum! It means a lot that you are present that evening,- says Annsofi Pettersen.

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