Alexander Rybak got A at violin exam June 7th 2012

Photo: Two percent exam-nerves. Alexander Rybak has studied for three years at Barratt Due Musikkinstitutt. Today, he was examined and had to give exam-concert.

Alexander Rybak got A at violin-exam

” That is actually reserved for those who practice every single day. I don`t do that”.

Article published on 7.6.2012. Text: Jonas Pettersen. Photos: Steinar Buholm. Link to original article here

Translation by Marianne Saietz

(Dagbladet): 3 years ago, he got the all time high score at the International Final of Eurovision. Today, Alexander Rybak struggled determined, to get an A at his violin  exam at Barratt Due Music Institute.

“I will get a little bit disappointed, if I don’t get a top grade but then, the top grades are really reserved for those who practice every single day. I don´t do that. I travel around Europe every other week, play pop concerts and flirt with girls”, Rybak says to Dagbladet.

UPDATED: Rybak’s manager Kathrine Synnes Finnskog informs Dagbladet this evening, that Rybak got top grade – A – at his exam.

The schoolmate got A

During a one-hour-long exam-concert, which finishes his bachelor degree in violin, he was around everything from Debussy and Bach to self-composed pieces. Tuesday, his schoolmate Didrik Solli-Tangen had taken his exam, where he received an A.

“But it is not so that since Didrik got an A, then I should say I have to get an A. He deserved it. There is a difference between a violin and a song exam”.

Rybak tells, that he had “two percent nervousness in the body” before the exam. “It went really well, though most of it ran on autopilot. It is actually the simplest pieces, that are the easiest to get an “Iron Curtain” in. But luckily, I have practiced five-six hours every day for the last two months”.

No Fairytale

– So, you did not feel like throwing in a “Fairytale” as encore-number?
“He he, no!  There are certain things that suit to certain moments and “Fairytale” would not have suited now.”

Photo: No Fairytale. Rybak sticked with Bach and Debussy

It was an audience, heavy on celebrities, that had shown up to witness Rybak’s exam-concert .
In addition to the former MGP-general Per Sundnes –  Elisabeth Andreassen, Marian Aas Hansen, Hilde Lyrån and Sturla Berg Johansen had found a seat in the small concert-room.

 “This is what I have been waiting for ever since his MGP victory three years ago. Now my job is done. I promised his parents that he would finish his studies, even though we travelled around the world”, says Per Sundnes.

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  1. I’m also ver happy and even proud that Alex got th e highest evaluation at his exams. I follow his activities since his participation in Eurovision and was very happy when he beame as winner, but I worried about his education (even he is so talanted). So, I think many people (family, fans, collegues etc.) now are very happy, but what about continuation? Bachelor degree is good, but Master degreet would be very iportant for talant development. Please, don’t stop Alex to learn more and more…

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