Article: “Young strings in a great concert with Rybak”. Review of concert in Halden May 6th 2012

Article published in paper-issue of Halden Arbeiderblad, 7.5.1012

Written by Steinar Øystad. Photos by Cathrine Gjerdingen Larsen

Found by Tessa Lande . Translation by Laila Solum Hansen.  English revision by Anni Jowett

Photo: Alexander Rybak sparkled and charmed young and old at Brygga Kultursal

Young strings in a great concert with Rybak

The fact that the cooperation between the cultural schools and established artists produces results, was proved to the audience during the concert with Rybak on Sunday.
The excitement ruled amongst parents, other family members and the rest of the audience in an almost packed concert hall, before the young strings from the cultural schools in Halden, Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg and Moss were going to show what they had achieved during the weekend’s musical workshop with Alexander Rybak.

The world’s best gang.
Seriously the young strings lined up before Rybak came on stage to full applause, and ‘Europe’s Skies’ filled the room.
Rybak encouraged the others with smiles and shouts, and the audience participated with rhythmic clapping.
“We have become the world’s best gang, and have had great fun” Rybak exclaimed after the opening number.
“The organizers have been just fantastic, we even had time for dinner together.”

Feeling for the music
“The most important is not to play all the notes clear and correct,” he continued.
“The most important is to get the right feeling for the music” he added before the waltz ‘First kiss’ by Mats Paulson, well backed by the ensemble, spread in three-fourth beat over the audience.

The application of a violin
“We will try and show you what we can do with a violin” Rybak told before he threw himself into ‘The Bee’ by Schubert.
This is a piece that in its character reminds of ‘The Flight Of The Bumble Bee’ – so most people will understand that this was speedy.
Then five of the violinists were allowed to make some show together with Rybak.
In a quite fast piece the young played with their bows between their knees, with the violin over and on their heads, and playing with their own bow at another’s violin, everything was to the audience’s excited cheers and applause.
“This will be difficult to top” Rybak exclaimed after the number.

Photo: Marthe Kristiansen in co-play with Alexander Rybak

Known songs
One melody that Rybak has often played after 22.July, is the beautiful “Bergrosa”. With the ensemble’s great musical backdrop, the clearly folk characterized folk-song floated through the concert hall.
Here we could clearly hear that the workshop had made both shoots and fruits.
Just as concentrated and coherent was the sound in “The trees of Villa Borghese”.

Humour and charm
Rybak several times made the audience take part in small sing-alongs and other pranks before the time had come for the tune of ‘I use to roll the dice’ (‘Viva La Vida’…)
Now Rybak’s band participated fully, and along with the strings they made a great sound.
“The most beautiful song that I know is ‘Always a woman’ by Billy Joel,” Rybak told.
“But I cannot play this without the help from a young lady,” he added, before he got Marthe Kristiansen from Sarpsborg to play with him.
“We rehearsed this yesterday” Rybak announced before they struck the first notes.
Few among the audience could notice this, and we guess that young Kristiansen will remember this moment for a long time.

As a closing number we naturally got ‘Fairytale’ – and prior to the encore, Turid Myhren could announce that instead of the traditional flowers, Berg Parish Council could present a cheque of more than 3000 NOK to the charity ‘Haydom’s friends’ who runs a hospital in Tanzania, a project that is close to Rybak’s heart.

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  1. It was a wonderful concert!
    A big THANK YOU to Alexander, to all the young musicians from Østfold, to the Culture School in Halden and to the Culture Committee of Berg kirke/church! ♥

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