Article: “What to do in the holidays?”. Latvia June 22nd 2012

Article published on  22.6.2012.

Written by Agneta Niedra.  Photos by Kristaps Bergs. Link to original article here

Found by Ronja Laupitaja. Translated by Justine. English revision by Yanis Baksha and Anni Jowett

 What to do in the holidays? Alexander Rybak recommends to readers of and Ligo guide

In an interview at Belarusian born,  Norwegian musician Alexander Rybak, who three years ago won the Eurovision song contest with the song “Fairytale”, tells the story of his holiday habits, as well as advices on how to spend the weekends.

Recently the singer visited Latvia to attend the Mihail Kazinik concert “Fathers and sons”. Somebody has been asking – “Didn’t the weather seem too cold for the singer?”, but he just says “Not at all! In Norway it is much  worse than here. Two weeks ago it even snowed there!” he reassured.  “I feel very welcomed in Latvia. Unlike residents of other countries, you have the habit of showing your grace first, instead of waiting for someone to bless you.”

The musician says that he loves to spend his free time playing video games “I want to distance myself from reality, be far away from what I do every day. My work- days are filled with a continuous exchange of energy which in the long run tend to suppress.

Also in Norway, as well as in Latvia and other parts of the world, people celebrate the summer solstice. The Norwegians call it the Jonsok, which means “John’s waking up.” All around the country people burn bonfires and practice various ancestral customs. One of them says – if a girl puts a flower under her pillow she will see her future husband in her dream.

But the singer himself tries to avoid the traditions and rituals. “Usually on this night I’m trying to comply with the minimum of belief or traditions because I don’t want anyone to feel disappointed or disappoint myself if something goes wrong or not as it was supposed to be.”

What did Alexander Rybak recommend Latvians to do at Ligo events?  ”You are all in such a good physical shape! Seriously! Whatever you do, keep it the same way” he suggests. “The main things – do not hope or wait for better weather, but just enjoy the evening.”

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