Article: “What´s up Alexander Rybak? – L´eurovision au quotidien”. French article. Oct. 31st. 2012

Article published on 31.10.2012.

Written by Antoine. Link to original article in French here

Found by Claire Lefebvre. Translation from French by Claire Lefebvre and Marion Delafoy-Martin. English revision by Katie Anderson.


Photo: Patrycja Pajor

This week, for the event of the release of his new single » Leave Me Alone »,  the Eurovision success story, Alexander Rybak, returns.
Rybak currently holds – and probably will hold for a while – the record of points obtained in Eurovision: 387 points.

He also holds the largest gap to his closest competitor, 169 points, but was dethroned by Loreen and her number-of -12 points- record: He got only 16 while the Swedish performer got 18.

Anyway, he inaugurated a new era of big winners in Eurovision landslide victories and success in the charts with Lena and Loreen. In fact, Rybak is the only winner for decades who has a partner radio station, RTL and a promotional campaign in France with TV commercials. We all know that Loreen was # 1 in Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Flanders, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, and of course in Sweden. No. 2 in Ukraine, Spain, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Israel, the Czech Republic, No. 3 in Bulgaria, Moldova and the United Kingdom, and No. 26 in France without any promotion!

Who wants to « come dine with me » at “Alexander’s” ?

Rybak, meanwhile, had paradoxically less success in the charts with his “Fairytale”, which reached the top sales in Denmark, Flanders, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Ukraine and of course in Norway, No. 2 in Ireland and the Netherlands, No. 3 in Switzerland and No. 29 in France. But more than that, Rybak gave a new luster in the contest. Previously, our TV channels were not interested because it’s organized in very distant countries, won by unknown countries and from places the music industry makes it difficult to export.

Lordi made a lasting impression with their disguises; Mr. Lordi was even invited to Laurent Ruquier and gave a big kiss to Pierre Benichou ( french show ), but it is the victory of Alexander and its commercial success which helped to give another dimension to the competition.
Alexander is also a symbol: He is Norwegian, but was born Аляксандр Ігаравіч Рыбак in Minsk, Belarus, bringing together winners from Eastern countries from the 2000’s, and the Western traditional countries of Eurovision.

His story is a fairytale. In 2009, he was known for having participated in 2005 at « Norwegian Idol « where he had not even reached the final -and sang badly to be honest. However, during his first appearance in MGP, everyone knew he had to win.
In the wake of his victory, Rybak released his first album “Fairytales” to big sales and critics success across Europe. The following summer he released his second album, “No Boundaries”, which had logically fewer sales, but was a great success in all Scandinavian countries and Poland.

So last year, Rybak released his third album “Visa Vid Vindens Ängar” specifically to his country with songs in Swedish only. Meanwhile, he did not forget his Eastern audience, recording “Strela Amura”, the Russian adaptation of his previous single “Oah” and a duet with Paula Seling, “I’ll show you” .  And now, before a Christmas album that is announced this winter, he unveiled his new single “Leave me alone.”

Of course, Alexander is now at a turning point in his career: the effect of Eurovision fell, even if the significance will probably last all his life, though he is reluctant to go as a guest in the various national teams, because he is on to continue his brilliant career.

But try this experience: Type the name of Alexander Rybak in Google and see how much his fans, dedicated sites and pages are everywhere, including in our country where Eurovision is not so well appreciated …

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