Article: “Was only meant to be watched in Russia”. Danish website. June 20th 2012

Article published on 20.6.2012.

Written by Søren Bygbjerg. Photo: © YouTube/VG Nett. Link to original article here

Found by Sonya Luzina. Translation by Marianne Saietz. Revision by Tessa Lande

  – “It is disgusting to wear clothes in the shower!. I wanted to make an artistic video”-  Alexander Rybak says about his new music video

Was only meant to be watched in Russia: ESC-winner takes off his clothes in video.

It was actually only meant for the russian and eastern-european audience. But the new music video with an undressed Alexander Rybak has – of course – ended up on Youtube and goes around the world now.

– “It is only for the russian market. And I think, there are many who don´t speak russian, who will frown and think
” What is this”? –  the norwegian singer and violinist says, who became a world-star, when he won the International Eurovision Final in 2009 to VG Nett.

Manager: We would not have done the same in Norway

Rybak is born in Minsk in Belarus and has a huge audience in Eastern-Europe. His new song in russian is called “Cupids Arrow” and in the music video of it, the 26-year old violin-smurf drops the shirt and appears with angel-wings – and it is clearly seen, how many hours Rybak, who is educated as a personal fitness-trainer, spends on  weights lifting.

Rybaks manager can not explain why he is so lightly dressed in the video.

– “I am not sure about it. But it is different cultures and different markets. He wanted very much to work with the ukranian director, who made the music video and it might have been a request from him”, Kathrine Synnes Finnskog explains.
“I don´t know if we would have done the same here in Norway”, she admits to VG.

2 thoughts on “Article: “Was only meant to be watched in Russia”. Danish website. June 20th 2012”

  1. Very proud of my country, Denmark, to be the first to use the beloved nickname “Smurf” -- in a positive way, about our Smurf:-)

  2. Alex is just “testing the market”….as Rafael Nadal is the famous face of underwear….I am sure Alex could do the same…..maybe gucci, nike, boss, versace……yes, versace should take on Alexander!!!!!

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