Article: “Wants to come back to Oppdal”. Concert in Oppdal Sept.1st 2012

Article published on 2.9.2012. Link to original article here

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Marianne Saietz

Wants to come back to Oppdal

350 children and grown-ups were gathered for concert in the Culture-house, when Alexander Rybak and Superbarna went on stage. Superbarna is a song group from Gjerdrum – outside Oslo-  at the age of 4 – 13 years. On their latest album, they have Alexander Rybak with them on some songs.

-”This is the first time I perform on a stage with Superbarna and it is completely super!” – says Alexander Rybak.
The MGP-winner has never been in Oppdal before, but tells to OPP that he would like very much to come back.

– ” I haven´t been able to see very much of Oppdal while I have been here, but the nature here is so great, that I would really like to come back here ” –  he says.

Alexander Rybak made the audience join in a sing-along

The magician Ruben Gazki opened the ”Childrens Super-Saturday” with a magic-school for kids. Outside the Culture-house, the first children were lining up from 09.00 am. The doors opened at 11.00 am and the children rushed into the big hall with expectations of learning magic and tricks, to show to friends and family.

The Sundayschool at Tågvollan in Oppdal are behind the event ”Childrens Super-Saturday” and has been supported financially by Oppdal Christian Center. – ” We wish to put focus on the Sunday-School and what we have to offer. We are very happy about the event and hope to do this again”  – says organizer Monica Strand.



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