Article: ” Trio with a punch”. Review of Showconcert – Tønsberg. July 6th 2012

 Article published on 6.7.2012.  Link to original article here

Written by Borghild Maaland. Photo: Alf Øystein Støtvig/VG

Found by Sonya Luzina. Translation by Hildebjørg Ha. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Photo: Trio with a punch. Elisabeth Andreassen has been joined by the young guys Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen in a show that swings. 

A trio with a punch

 TØNSBERG (VG) It swings with fairytales and musical Kindereggs in this summery concert-show, which has a good flow with it´s entertaining tone. 

 Where: Hotel Klubben in Tønsberg
Bettan, Alexander & Didrik
Regi: Tom Sterri
With: Elisabeth Andreassen,
Alexander Rybak, Didrik Solli-Tangen.
Bandleader: Øystein Lund Olafsen

Together,  Bettan, Alexander and Didrik possess a wide range of musical talent, and they have the ability to convey it. With a helping hand from the director, Tom Sterri, they have put together a bundle of songs that reflect their diverse skills. In addition to their own material, they have found room for various genres in popular music and also classical music.

But when three artists with solo careers have to share the stage and the attention, it is difficult to be selective. Mostly, the musical flow is good, sometimes very good, but sometimes somewhat random. It gives at times a sense of “Now it’s my turn.”

It also takes some time for the stage´s younger generation to become “warm in their shirts”. Comments and chats between songs are minimized, and any hints of some awkward and fumbling conversations are thus extra easy to spot.

On the other hand one is easily carried away by the trio’s musical playfulness. Bettan has a sense of security and tranquillity on stage, which gives her a grand authority, even in the songs we’ve heard repeatedly. She has a soft voice in “The Lady is a Tramp” and takes off in the opera aria “Queen of the Night.” When Didrik is unleashed as a pompous fanfare in a song about saving the world through recycling, he shows an emerging comedic talent. The fact that he can sing opera is no surprise, but in interaction with Bettan and Rybak the result is playful and full of surplus energy.

Speaking of surplus energy; Rybak bursts loose on Bazzini’s violin challenge “La Ronde des Lutins” with a rock star’s contempt of death. He can also be gentle and tender, as in Mats Paulson’s “Träden i Villa Borghese”. Like Bettan he won the ESC. That gives a lot of experience regarding stage performance.

The summer show of this trio definitely has punch. And even if the contents differ to some extent, it has also room for some absolute highlights.

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