Article: “This Autumn Alexander Rybak will hold concerts in the cities of Belarus with local children’s orchestras”

Article was published on 17.04.2014.

Author: Michael Matievsky

Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Revision by Anni Jowett. 


Boris Svetlov and Alexander Rybak

This Autumn Alexander Rybak will hold concerts in the cities of Belarus with the local children’s orchestras. This decision was made by the Ministry of Culture of Belarus after the meeting with the artist, – reports the correspondent of BELTA.

The singer told the Minister of Culture of Belarus, Boris Svetlov, about his experience in organising  concerts with children’s orchestras in Scandinavia and America. “I made arrangements for the orchestra in different genres – either it was jazz , rock, classical or popular music , practised with the children’s orchestra, and we made good concerts . I have a dream to organise such a project in my homeland,” – said the artist .

Alexander Rybak explained that he wants to give concerts in 7-10 cities of Belarus together with local children’s orchestras. “Of course, I will need to practise with them for a few days, then we will be ready to appear before the public,” – he added.

The singer also emphasised that one should not limit the age of the participants. ” It’s children from 5 to 19 years who can present themselves in the project. Taking part in the concert will be interesting and useful for everyone,” – said the musician.

In turn, Boris Svetlov noted that this idea is quite feasible. “The implementing of this project must begin right now. It’s necessary to choose the cities and the stages, set the participants, do the advertising, involve local authorities – in a word, to work at every nuance. I think, in September -October, we will hold the concerts . However, we need to take care about the schedule right now because Autumn is a golden time for artists and it may turn out that there will be simply no places left to perform ” – said the Minister.

It was also noted in the ministry that the logical culmination of the project can be a gala concert at the Palace of the Republic , which will be broadcasted on television.

Inspired by mutual understanding, the musician and the representatives of the Ministry assigned responsibilities and agreed about further meetings for a deeper discussion about the project implementation.

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