Article: “Shamelessness beats handsomeness”. Vietnam Nov.25th 2012

Article published online –  and in paper-issue of – Vietnams biggest newspaper –  25.11.2012.

Written by Nguyễn Thanh Nam. Link to original article HERE

Found and translated to English by Bội-Dung Trần. English revision by Katie Anderson

 “Shamelessness beats up handsomeness”

It’s the experience that the online community learned, after watching a music video named “Oah” by the multi-talented Norwegian guy – Alexander Rybak.

In the music video, Rybak appears as a cute and joyful guy baring his heart to Moa, though she does not even care and flatly turns him down: “Alexander, I’m not interested in you!”, “Listen, I don’t want to go out with you!”, “Stop following me!”

Time after time, what Rybak gets is just a “no”, but he won’t give up. Constantly he sends her love letters, shows up everywhere she is: at school, in a restaurant when she is on a date with another guy, and even reserves a seat next to her on the plane,… and sings these sweet addresses:

I knew you years ago
What I want,
I don’t know
But let’s just say it’s love!

I liked you from the start
You melt my icy heart
And now it’s burning hot
Singing Oah
I love you Moa
You’re way too young for me
But I don’t mind
Don’t say maybe
Just be my lady
No need to hesitate
‘Cause you’ll be fine.

The way Rybak “shamelessly” declares his love to Moa through the lyrics harmonizes with the beautiful melody from the violin (that Alex plays himself), plus the video’s vivid scenes totally charmed people’s hearts. There are more than 5.5 million views on Youtube, and many comments about this music video on forums, music websites, and especially on social networks.

 Youtube’s members from several countries – including Vietnam – also translated the sweet lyrics and shared them with each other. “Really, shamelessness beats up handsomeness. Thank you, Rybak, for sharing an very interesting idea for flirting.”

The online community has been discussing the message of this music video: If you love someone, do not hesitate to show it. It does not matter if you are not good-looking, your sincerity does.
Many Facebook and Twitter users think that they should change the quote from “shameless beats up handsomeness” to “not only shameless, but also very handsome”, since Rybak looks so handsome, just like a movie star.

Comments from the online community:

“This MV is totally impressive. It’s pretty insane but still so sincere. I would have completely fallen for him if I were Moa.” – (trumlamada/

“It’s soooo cute and funny! I can’t help watching this MV every day, very impressive! I hope “someone” would do the same for me someday.”

“Grandparents are never wrong. “Shameless beats up handsomeness”, “First, distance. Second, speed”. Alex has all those qualities. Come on guys, what are you waiting for, just do it!” – (Joke Nguyen/YouTube)”

“It’s just in this MV, who’s gonna do this in real life? It’s insane! – (Leonte Mihaela/Facebook)”

“If only there were someone that pays his addresses to me this way. :)” – (Xuân Thu/



Alexander Rybak – born 1986 – is a Norwegian violinist, singer, and composer. He is well-known for his charming voice and violin skill. This multi-talented guy made it to the semi-final of Idol before winning at Kjempesjansen (NRK) with the song “Fooling” in 2006. However, Rybak started to be famous all over the world after winning the 54th ESC (2009) in Moscow with 387 points, setting up a new record for the contest – with his own song “Fairytale”. He has got millions of views on his music videos on Youtube, such as Oah (5.5 million views), Europe’s Skies (13.2 million views), Roll with the wind (4 million views), Funny Little World (3.7 million views)


Link to Facebook-page of Alexander Rybak´s fans in Vietnam HERE

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