Article: “Rybak takes off his clothes in the Russian music video”. June 20th 2012

Article published on , 20.6.2012

Written by Marcus Husby. Photos: YOUTUBE/ETTER AVTALE

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Found and translated by Tessa La. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

NEW TONES: Alexander Rybak is not afraid to show skin in his new Russian music video – It is disgusting to wear clothes in the shower. I wanted to make an artistic video, – Rybak says. 

Rybak takes off his clothes in the Russian music video

GP-violinist shows off the summer body

Alexander Rybak (26) has a background as a personal trainer. In his new music video he takes off his shirt – and cries in the shower with angel wings on his back.

The video is meant only for the Russian and East European audience. But it was posted on YouTube yesterday.

Rybak’s manager, Kathryn Synnes Finnskog, does not think they would have made a lightly dressed video in Norway.

– Alexander has a separate Russian management, working with him in that market. There are different cultures, even in pop music, and therefore he is bound to have different strategies in the various countries he works in, – she said.

– What is the reason why he is that lightly dressed?

– I’m actually not sure. But again, there are different cultures and markets. He also wanted very much to work with the Ukrainian director who has made the music video, so it’s probably a desire from him.

– I’m not sure we would have done it the same way here in Norway, – she says.

Song about girlfriend

The song in the music video is called “Cupids Arrow” or “Amors Piler” in Norwegian. When the same song was released in Norway it was called “Oah” and was dedicated to his girlfriend then, Moa Meinich.

She was also a violinist in his band, but the two parted – both privately and professionally – in 2010.

Rybak describes the music video as “totaly honest” and is very happy with the final result.

– When I have the honor to work with Ukraine’s most famous producer, I wanted to do something special. I wanted to show that even if there are dozens of people around me and it’s autographs and pictures, I’m always miles away from my friends.

– About Cupid with wings, who unites people with his violin, but who always is sad in his heart. As the crying clown. Instead of crushing the fiddle, I made video about it, – he says to VG Nett.

– Could you launch such A music video in Norway?

– Many had probably wrinkled their nose if so. This is for the Russian market. But I do know that there will many who don’t speak Russian, who will wrinkle their nose and think “what is this?”

In the music video the former Grand Prix winner appears well trained. He has never hidden the fact that he spends a lot of time at the gym.

Working as a personal trainer

In the program “Skogheim Moves In” Rybak tells that he has worked as a personal trainer at the fitness center Friskis & Svettis in Oslo since he was 19 years old.

– Since I’m working on studies about pedagogic, it helps to be a personal trainer alongside the studies. I will get practicing due to the pedagogics part in communication between trainer and student.

– But many who come here think it’s hidden camera when I show up as a personal trainer, – Rybak said in the TV 2 program.

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