Article: Rybak is super-popular at Facebook – April 3rd 2012.

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Found by Ellen NL. Translation by Marianne Saietz.

Alexander Rybak is one of the most popular in the country at Facebook.  A new list ranks the largest Facebook-pages in the country. At the top, Opera Browser reigns with more than one million followers. The metal-band Dimmu Borgir is number two with nearly 800.000 followers.

The digital advertising-company Nodes Agency,  has made an overview of all large norwegian Facebook-pages which shows, which ones are the largest and which ones have the highest increase on a daily and weekly basis.

“The list shows clearly, that more and more companies, organizations and celebrities use Facebook-pages as tool of communication” – tells Daniel Bæk from Nodes, who has published the lists.

Alexander Rybak is number 7 on the list with 402.121 followers.

The ten largest:

1. Opera Browser: Number of fans: 1.099.261

2. Dimmu Borgir: Number of fans: 790.293

3. Zedge: Number of fans: 620.361

4. OnePiece Jump In: Number of fans: 561.032

5. Immortal: Number of fans: 506.315

6. Röyksopp: Number of fans: 426.029

7.Alexander Rybak: Number of fans: 403.657

8. Jeg har ingen venner å miste: Number of fans: 342.286

9. The Voice Number of fans: 313.086

10. Madcon Number of fans: 307.396

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  1. This is so nice to see and I think its only a matter of time, before Alex passes Royksopp for the number 6 slot on the list too. Goooooooooooooo Facebookies. :o)

    “Facebookie first…Facebookie Forever!”

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