2 Articles: Reviews of the concert at Bærum Culturehouse April 14th 2012

1. Rybak charmed at Sandvika

Article published on www.budstikka.no 14.4.2012.

Written by Olav Brekke Mathisen. Photos by Ulf Hansen. Link to original article here.

Found by Laila Ulvseth. Translation by Marianne Saietz

Photo: Big charmer and Young Strings: Alexander Rybak, the Vivaldiorchestra and Bærum Young Strings, celebrated the 80-years anniversaryconcert of the last mentioned at Bærum Culturehouse Saturday evening. ( Ulf Hansen )

Rybak charmed at Sandvika

Alexander Rybak , Bærum Young Strings and the Vivaldi-orchestra together at the Culturehouse.

” Let me show you, what we are doing at Barrat Due”  – Alexander Rybak said and took off with “The bee” by Francois Schubert, at great pleasure from the audience. At Bærum Culturehouse, it was full house up to the galleries, when MGP-winner Rybak, the Vivaldiorchestra and Bærum Young Strings were together at stage.


The occasion was the 80-years anniversary of Bærum Young Strings Orchestra – an age that makes it the oldest childrens orchestra in Norway.

“The next song is one of the most beautiful melodies in the world. I made it myself “-  Rybak said, to big laughter from the audience, before he added that it was the arrangement for String-orchestra, that was his contribution.  Alltogether, there were more than 40 string-players at stage this evening, in addition to the band of Rybak with drummer, base-player, guitarist and keyboard-player.

From Schubert til Coldplay

” So great to see so many children here today. None of them are mine?”,  Rybak said before he invited the audience on a “deep dive into depression” with Mats Paulsons “The trees at Villa Borghese”.

On the repetoir this evening were several of Rybaks own compositions and works by Francois Schuber, Mats Paulson, Thomas Wærnes, Vivaldi, Billy Joel and Svein Ericsson.


 2. Sandvika charmed

From the paper edition of Budstikka, 16.4.2012. Written by  Olav Brekke Mathisen Photo: Ulf Hansen.

Found and translated by Laila Ulvseth and Lene Hagen

Concert: Alexander Rybak, Bærum Young Strings and the Vivaldi Orchestra ravaged Bærum Culture House.

– “Allow me to show you what we are working with at Barratt Due”, Rybak told the audience before he introduced the audience to Francois Schubert’s “The Bee”.
Bærum culture house was filled to the top of the roof as ESC-winner Alexander Rybak, the Vivaldi Orchestra and Bærum Young Strings entered the stage together. The occasion was Bærum Young Strings 80th anniversary concert, which makes them Norway’s oldest orchestra for children.
-” The next song is one of the world’s most beautiful songs, – I made it myself”, said Rybak to the audience’s joy before he added that it was the string orchestra arrangement that was his contribution.

Saturday night more than 40 string instruments was on stage in addition to Rybak’s band of drummer, bassist, guitarist and piano player.
– “How fun to see so many children here tonight! None of them are mine”, Rybak joked before he invited the audience to a dive into depression. The song he referred to was “Träden i Villa Borghese”, composed by Mats Paulson, whom Rybak worked with on his latest album.

When the strings played the first chords of Coldplay’s Viva la Vida, the youngest in the audience started heavy headbanging, followed by the sound of the content of a bag of Nonstop* falling beneath the benches.
– “It was great fun working with Alexander. I think the whole orchestra has had a good time. He was very good and dynamic. The youngest ones think it’s particularly nice to play with him”, tells violinist in Bærum Young Strings, Lisa Sviland (16).

This anniversary year the Young Strings will be doing a lot of exciting things. – “It’s our anniversary year, so this summer we are going to play in Stockholm. It’s very nice and social to play in this orchestra”, Sviland says. She has spent half her life among the strings in Bærum.
– “Rybak’s music is great fun, but some of the pieces have a lot of sharps and flats, and that might be quite challenging”, she says.
On the repertoir this evening were several of Rybak’s own compositions, and works by Francois Schubert, Mats Paulson, Thomas Wærnes, Vivaldi, Billy Joel and Svein Ericsson.

*Nonstop: Norwegian chocolate, like m&m’s.

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