Article: “Read this, Sweden: Rybak is still the biggest”. May 27th 2012

Article published on 27.05.2012

Text: Tommy Brakstad. Photo: Scanpix

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Found by Vigdis Nor. Translation by Marianne Saietz

Photo: Meeting of masters. Lorine Zineb Noka Talhaoui – better known as Loreen – and Alexander Rybak, visited the party of the Swedish embassys at Villa Petrolea in Baku on tuesday.

Read this Sweden: Rybak is still the biggest!

Loreen got more 12-points but Alexander Rybak still has the highest scores of all time.

“Euphoria” made Eurovision-record of number of 12-points with 18 of 41 possible and won with 372 points in total. When Rybak won Eurovision in 2009 with his “Fairytale”, he got 387 points alltogether. 16 of those were 12-points.

” Wow, that was close. Do not try to run away from me again, my high-score “, Rybak writes on Facebook, sunday. Nevertheless, he  praises Loreen and describes her stage-show as the most original of all times.

Promised tears for the grannies.

It is the russian grannies, who are closest to Rybaks heart. The artist promised to let the tears roll if Buranovskye Babushki did not reach the top. They got the second place. ” On the road this summer, it will be Buranovskye Babushki. They are my favorites”, Rybak continues in the posting.

Works with new things.

He participated in an event at the Norwegian embassy in Baku. The artist also performed in the second semifinal thursday – same final where both Norway and Denmark qualified for a place in the final. “Rybak is back in Oslo. He is in the studio and works with new things”, tells manager Synnes Finnskog.

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