Article: “Per Sundnes pulled Rybak off the stage”. Baku – May 22nd 2012

 Article published on 22.05.2012.

Written by Merethe Skogrand and Jan Thomas Holmlund. Photos by Håkon Eikesdal and Stella Pictures.

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Translation by Venche M. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn

Bad sound: Per Sundnes tells, that it was he, who rejected Rybak to continue playing at the concert Friday. Photo: Stella Pictures 

Per Sundnes pulled Rybak off the stage

BAKU (Dagbladet): On Friday Alexander Rybak was going to perform at the Norwegian Embassy in Baku, in connection with his visit to the Azerbaijani capital.
Swedish newspapers that were present at the event, wrote that Rybak stormed off the stage and that he was badly prepared.
But Eurovision General Per Sundnes has a different version of the story.
-” I was the one who physically dragged him down from the stage and told him not to play more because the sound was too bad. The Swedes want war. Rybak was not angry, instead he stood outside and gave autographs for an hour afterwards”, Sundnes says to Dagbladet.
The bass supposedly failed and wrong background music was played. Aftonbladet wrote that Rybak refused to go back on stage to finish the song “Fairytale”, but Sundnes denies that.
– “There was a sound engineer from hell. We told Rybak not to go back on because it was so bad. The Swedes are over-dramatizing”,  Sundnes says and continues:
– “There was a Norwegian sound engineer who eventually tuned the sound so that the Azerbaijani artist could sing with playback”.
Rybak will perform along with several Eurovision artists during the second semi final at the Crystal Hall on Thursday. It was he himself who took the initiative for the performance.

– “What’s especially fun is that I was the driving force. I sent a video with a medley I’ve done in Norway and Denmark, because I know several of them personally. Not that I thought that they would give me the thumbs up, but they did. Then they began to invite other artists and it turned out to be a special Eurovision medley. I am very proud of it”, Rybak says.

He says he is delighted to be in Baku, and take a break from exam preparations to live the glam life.
But before both the former Eurovision winner and Norway’s hope Tooji are going on stage, Rybak has some advice for Tooji:

– “Sleep well after the victory!. I think he has all the advice inside him. He has a good team – look at her (pointing at the manager Kathrine Synnes), informed and alert, as always. So I think he just needs to follow his inner voice. He’s a smart guy, you seldom see that in Eurovision”, Rybak says.


The swedes want war: Per Sundnes thinks, swedish newspapers have over-dramatized the concert at Friday. Photo: Håkon Eikesdal

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