Article: Had a great time with Rybak and young strings in Ås. June 4th 2012

Article published in the paper issue of Østlandets Blad 4.6.12 Written by Yana Stubberudslien

Translated by Laila S Hansen and Tessa La

Photo: Alexander Rybak and the young string students from Follo delivered a great concert last Sunday

Great time with Rybak and young string players in Ås

The joy was great for both big and small when Alexander Rybak and 150 young string players from Follo delivered two great concerts in the cinema in Ås last night.

Ås: Around 800 people enjoyed themselves at the concert, and there were many proud parents, grandparents and other family members among them. “I have traveled a lot in Norway due to the string concerts, but I have rarely seen so much enthusiasm and so well interaction as here with you”, Alexander Rybak says. And added that he was very impressed by the level of the students.

Nice atmosphere

Louise Selnes (8) from Kolbotn had looked forward to this day. She belonged to the so-called “Pancake Gang”, consisting of 75 Culture School students aged 6 to 9 years. They were allowed to start the concert with the “Pancake Song” made by the violin teacher Marianne Thomas Farm, and is a simplified version of Fairytale. “I’m looking forward to play a lot, and I’m not nervous at all”, the eight-year-old said just before the concert. The funny song, performed by the eager strings players and Alexander Rybak as the middle point, set a good mood for the rest of the evening.

It’s easy to be fond of him.

“We rehearsed a lot, and this weekend we had an intense seminar with Alexander, but we were a little nervous for doing mistakes”, says Nikita Røkke and Solveig Horn (11), who found it fun to play.
-What was most difficult for you?
“To play “Fairytale”. It goes so fast.”
-What do you think about Alexander Rybak?
“He is funny, kind, helpful and understanding. It’s easy to be fond of him.”

Photo: Fiddle acrobatics: Alexander Rybak and the young string students have proved that a fiddle can be used in many ways

Played solo.

“It has been a fun experience to play with Alexander. He is very clever and gives it all of himself”, Selma French Bolstad (16) from the Music School in Ås says. “Selma has talent. She is a student who has a special ability in doing music. She is very musical”, project leader Elisabeth Olhans proudly says.

Photo: Solo. Selma French Bolstad (16) from Ås played solo during the concert.

Excellent communicator and motivator.

The project manager thanked Alexander Rybak for a wonderful experience, which he gave to both the students and the audience. “The concert was planned already in the fall. The children have looked forward to it a lot, and I have rarely seen so many participate for a project as here. Alexander Rybak is a musician at a very high level, but he is also a great communicator and motivator. There are many children who want to play the violin because of him”, project Ellinor Olhans says.

Photo: Got three autographs: Nicola Stephensen (8) is a fan of Alexander Rybak. She was overwhelmed when she got three autographs. One of them would be given away to her class.
Photo: This was great fun! Louise Slenes (8) from Kolbotn greatly enjoyed the concert
Photo: In full voice: Edward Lund (7) sings ‘Fairytale’ in full voice



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