Article: “Now, I´ll become a Christmas-Star!”. Her & Nå, Sept.19th 2012

Article published at 19.9.2012. Link to original article here

Written by Per Ingar Nilsen. Photo by Fredrik Arff.

Found and translated by Venche Mellemstrand. Revised by Tessa Lande and Marianne Saietz.

Not the fifth wheel:  Alexander has a big star among the regular “Silent Night”-quartet (from left: Rune Larsen, Tor Endresen, Elisabeth Andreassen and Marian Aas Hansen) © Photo: Fredrik Arff

Now, I´ll become a Christmas-Star!

Alexander Rybak is not satisfied with being only a Eurovision-Star:

” Now, I´ll become a Christmas – Star!” ( Norwegian flower)
Alexander Rybak goes from the Eurovision circus to sacral church music. Now the bachelor is going to sing-in the Christmas! Alexander Rybak (26) has since the “Fairytale” adventure, mostly done gigs abroad. But now the audience at home can enjoy the charmer.

Alexander is ready for the extensive Christmas tour, “Silent Night, Holy Night,” along with the veterans Rune Larsen (64), Tor Endresen (53), Elisabeth Andreassen (54) and Marian Aas Hansen (37).

Premiere in Trondheim
This year’s premiere takes place in Trondheim on November 27th and ends in Oslo December 22nd. The Eurovision Song Contest legend has been welcomed with open arms by the rest of the artists.
– “It will be a great pleasure”, says Marian thrilled to Her og nå.

Different tour
– “He plays just wonderfully, and is a lovely boy. It will be a different tour, but really beautiful. I am looking very much forward to it!”
Marian participates currently in the Showgirls-production at the Chat Noir in Oslo. In the “Bye Bye Blackbird” number she is on stage with her drummer-husband Erik-André Rydningen.

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