Naked Rybak with angel-wings cries in the shower. June 20th 2012

Naked Rybak with angel-wings cries in the shower


Text to photo: NEW VIDEO:  Alexander Rybak has recorded a music video for the Russian version of “Oah”, “Strela Amura”  for the Russian audience. That requires feathers, water and crying in the shower. 

You have never seen the violinist like this before!

Dagbladet):  At the beginning of June, Alexander Rybak (26) received the grade  “A”  for his violin exam at Barratt Due Music Institute. Now he is in the spotlight again, and yesterday the Russian music video of his song “Oah” was released on YouTube. In the video Rybak wakes up in a double-bed alone, before he goes to the bathroom where pills and condoms are lying on the sink.

Source: published 20.6.2012. Written by Merete Skogrand.  Photos: Screenshots from the vidoe in agreement with the manager. Translation by Marianne Saietz. English revision by Anni Jowett.


He looks at himself in the mirror before he goes out in the city and draws a heart in the sky. He walks around with big white wings on his back like an angel of Cupid. When he gets close to any couples, love flourishes.
– It is made by his Russian management for the Russian audience. It was filmed in Ukraine this spring and they are now working on several projects in the Russian language. The video is made for another market, and they work in a different way, says Rybak’s manager, Kathrine Synnes, to Dagbladet.

Lightly Dressed

After a walk around the city, the angel Rybak returns to his hotel room. In the shower, he cries while the water pours down over his face. Synnes tells that Rybak didn’t have any problems performing lightly dressed in front of cameras.
– Actually, I don’t think he is that lightly dressed. I can understand that there will be some talk about it, even though we didn’t think so much about it. It has a function in connection to the story of the song, says Synnes.

WELL-TRAINED: In the Russian version of Rybak’s music video, the violinist doesn’t hesitate to show his well-trained body.

Rybak is travelling these days and this summer he will give concerts with Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen and Didrik Solli-Tangen.

Important audience

In May he was in Azerbaijan due to Eurovision 2012, which was held in the capital Baku. Rybak performed during one of the semi-finals and made time to meet his Azeri fans. He spoke Russian with the attending fans, and said it was very nice to meet them.

He was born in Belarus, and it was in Moscow Rybak won Eurovision in 2009. Synnes tells that this market is very important to him as an artist.
– It is of great importance. He has two markets that are like home to him, and in that way he is very privileged, Synnes says.

IN BAKU: Alexander Rybak has many fans in Azerbaijan and took time out to meet them when he was in Baku in May. He spoke russian to them and held a spontaneous concert at the Marriot Hotel. Video: Håkon Eikesdal


 FACTS: Alexander Rybak

• Born May 13th in Minsk.
• Grew up at Nesodden.
• Became famous in Norway, when he won MGP in 2009.
When he represented Norway in Moscow at Eurovision, he won the European final too.
• Educated at the music-institute Barratt Due.
• Was awarded as ” Spellemann of the year” in  2009



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  1. He was only naked from the waist and up. Havent you watched the video? It is posted on this page, but it is also posted on Alexanders Facebook-page.

  2. im sorry,but i was wondering how much naked he was!!!!!
    will someone tell me please?:)

  3. When someone goes naked it’s the first sign of despair (nearly Oscar Wilde 🙂 ) Really, he shouldn’t have done such a silly thing just to get more fans or something. What kinda fans does he wanna get from this? :/

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