Alexander Rybak made the celebrities cry!

Photo: Top grade. Alexander Rybak had his Bachelor-exam concert at Barratt Due and got an A, which is the top grade.

Made the celebrities cry!

A classic! Alexander Rybak’s exam concert at Barratt Due was so touching that his artist friend Marian Aas Hansen (37) didn’t manage to hold back the tears. -” I have played violin for 10 years, and can confirm that what Alexander is doing here, is at an extremely high level “,  a touched Marian says to Se&Hør. Alexander got the top grade for his exam concert.

Source: paper issue of  Se&Hør 12.6.2012. Written by : Espen Solli. Photos: Per Sigve Kleppe

Found and translated by Tessa La.

Photo: Amazing. Per Sundnes and Anbjørg Sætre Håtun were amazed after Alex’s concert


Photo: Inspired.  Marian Aas Hansen found it so beautiful  that she started crying.  “Alexander has inspired me to start playing the violin again. I used to play for 10 years “,  she says.

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