Article: Interview with Alexander Rybak about his music video Into A Fantasy on Russian website, 24.06.2014

Article published on RIA.RU on 24.06.2014

Author: Anna Gorbashova. Photo: Michael Fomichev

Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English Revision by Anni Jowett.


Alexander Rybak: Music video “Into a Fantasy” is about friendship and mutual understanding

The correspondent of “RIA Novosti” Anna Gorbashova spoke with the musician, who visited the capital during the promo tour of the video for the song “Into a Fantasy”, about music, “New Maidan”, politics and Conchita Wurst.

The winner of “Eurovision-2009″, violinist, composer and singer Alexander Rybak is the author of the soundtrack “Into a Fantasy” for the second part of the popular animated film “How to Train Your Dragon”, released in cinemas in Russia on 12thJune . The correspondent of “RIA Novosti” Anna Gorbashova spoke with the musician, who visited the capital during the promo tour of the video for the song “Into a Fantasy”, about music, “New Maidan”, politics and Conchita Wurst.

– Alexander, you have voiced the protagonist Viking Hiccup in both parts of the Norwegian version of the animated film “How to Train Your Dragon.” Did your character inspire you to create the soundtrack for the second part?

– I was inspired by the story. A melody was born, I have paid for the studio and recorded the song “Into a Fantasy” very quickly – 2.5 months before the premiere of the animated movie, when all the contracts were already signed. The director of the Norwegian film company “Fox” believed in the song and helped me to send it to thecreators of the trilogy, American company DreamWorks. I was told it was too late, but they promised to listen to the song. When it was seven weeks before the premiere, I thought, “Well, it’s over …” But I had enough of self satisfaction that I was not afraid to send the song, and then they called me and said that they will include it in the soundtrack, furthermore, they wanted to shoot a music video for the song with my participation.

– Where did the video shoot take place?

– Every day I sent the film company locations where in Norway the music video could be shot. The place should match the atmosphere of the animated movie, only in this case the company agreed to participate in the filming. As a result, we were filming in a very nice location, near Cape Stud in Vestkapp by helicopter hovering over a cliff by the ocean. The local landscape echoes the animated landscapes.

– A few days ago, you presented your music video in Kiev. In the Ukrainian press they wrote that you did not know what the Maidan is, and suggested that this is a statue. Didn’t you really know, even after your participation in the Ukrainian version of the TV show “Two Stars”?

– A statue? I do not remember … I was asked if I had seen the “New Maidan”, I have not quite understood what journalists meant by saying “new”, but I certainly saw Maidan.

– But you’re not interested in politics?

– When people who understand nothing in politics, speak out about it, it’s just silly. I have a very intense artistic life, and it’s much more important for me to cheer people who have suffered, also from the actions of politicians. This is exactly what my music video is about – it’s about friendship and mutual understanding.

– Has your life changed after your victory at “Eurovision”?

– I was okay before “Eurovision” too, but after the contest my career has become international, I am touring a lot. I have always been a good violinist, and there I got just lucky. Perhaps it is unfair: artists who are engaged in pop music and really want to win “Eurovision” do not win, and I just wanted to take a break from classical music, composed a song about my girlfriend and won.

– Do you perform classical music at your concerts?

– Very often I give concerts, where I begin with classical music, but in the end turn on the pop music, the people rejoice. Life is very diverse; the same with music, it is necessary to develop your talents in different directions.

– Speaking of classics, who is your favourite composer?

– Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, but they wrote music not for violin but for orchestra and piano.

– Are you going to visit your birthplace Belarus within the promotional tour?

– Yes, and not only with the promo tour. In July I will be performing at the festival “Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk, is it known here in Russia?

– Yes, of course. By the way, do you know that the winner of “Eurovision” contest for the first time won’t take part in the “Slavic Bazaar” this year for obvious reasons? How do you feel about Conchita Wurst’s victory?

– The image of him or her is odd, but I think that it’s still the song that won. Lady Gaga is odd too, and she is very popular in the world. All Russian stars dress on stage in some circus costumes that is normal for you but very strange for Norway, but it is their right and it has nothing to do with music. An artist has the right for freedom of expression.

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