Article: “Inspiring and thorough”. The workshop and concert at Halden May 6th 2012

Article published in paper-edition of Halden Arbeiderblad 7.5.2012.

Written by Steinar Øystad. Photos by Cathrine Gjerdingen Larsen

Found by Tessa La. Translation by Laila Solum Hansen. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Photo: The smiles and enthusiasm were never far away during the practicing

Inspiring and thorough

Before the concert at Brygga Kulturhus, there was a musical workshop by Alexander Rybak with the concert participants at Halden Cultural School.The workshop started Friday, and Rybak was so happy with the first impression that he sent more notes to the leader of the Cultural School, Kirsti Andersen during that night.

Prior to the workshop with Rybak that started on Saturday, the different groups had their own rehearsals where special parts of the songs were worked through. Under the direction of Maria Dahle from the Cultural School in Sarpsborg and Kirsti Andersen, the pupils went to the task with pleasure, and the different passages in the songs sounded better and better with each play.

The event of the year.
-“This is clearly the event of the year for the cultural school”, Andersen said. -“We are cooperating with the cultural schools in Sarpsborg, Moss and Fredrikstad, and we have 38 strings playing. In addition Rybak has his band there. The repertoire is in a higher level than the students meet daily, so this is a challenge for everyoneone, but this is the way to improve”.

A satisfied instructor.
-“Here you have an unbelievable good “group sound””, Rybak could tell after the rehearsals on Saturday.
-“This bodes well for the concert”.

-Which elements do you stress the most when you teach young strings? Is it the bow movement, intonation and such?

-“The most important is to make the group sound good together. When it comes to the individual player, I don’t think it is important to say so much besides the basic technique.
The most important is to listen to what the young ones want themselves, with their music. Versatility in genres is important to have a broad base for developing one’s individuality inside the music.”

Satisfied students
-Alexander is skilled and amusing to have as instructor, agreed Therese and Emilie Høiberget and Jenny Bratseth from Halden
-He is very thorough to get everyone on board. You are seen and heard and get individual backing.
-We have learned a lot about sitting in an orchestra and listening to the sound image.
-We are looking forward to the concert

Photo: Therese Hølberget (to the left), Emilie Hølberget and Jenny Braseth had a lot of fun together with Alexander Rybak

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