Article in the paper issue of Norran 18.02.13. “Learned a lot from Rybak”

Text by Yvonne Rönngren. Photo by Ulf Johansson

Translation by Ingegerd Claesson

“Learned a lot from Rybak”

Skellefteå. It was just like a fairytale for the string students at Skellefteå music school. A whole weekend with the charming and skilled violinist Alexander Rybak. “He has taught us a lot”, says Linnea Lindström.

Elsa Lundell from Bergsbyn has only played for around half a year. But she has dreamt about playing the violin since she was three.
So it’s really a dream being fulfilled

She thinks the weekend has been fun but it was a bit hard to understand what Alexander said.

Samuel Asplund 9 years old, from Bergsbyn has also recently started to play the violin. He remembers when Alexander Rybak 2009 won ESC with Fairytale “A good song” thinks Samuel..

Among the older students was Moa Lindholm, 18 years, who played a duet with Alexander. She says it has been an exciting weekend.

-You look up to Alexander Rybak because he is a good violinist

Linnea Lindström says she has been inspired to continue with the violin.

– He taught us more about how you play, that you should  move more with your body.

Gimmick. On one of the songs the violins were played in strange ways. Here is a bunch playing on each other’s violins.


Makes a show of everything

Alexander Rybak is precisely an  expert of this. He walks around with the violin most of the concert, combines with singing and making a show no matter which piece it is.

We have seen it in Fairytale, but he has more similar songs with catchy refrains and a lot of energy in the music.

It was fun to watch, and it looked great fun to take part playing in.

 Beginners. They have played the violin for half a year, and now they are standing on stage with a Eurovision winner.

Many wanted to hug

After the shows there was a huge crowd outside his dressing room when everybody wanted  to say goodbye and have their photo taken with the idol.

Those who saw Melodifestivalen know  he was in the audience. Norran asked if there ever had been any plans to play in the  interval act. Alexander denies that.

The Swedes are so good at making new music, they don’t need to recycle. Besides there wasn’t enough time for that.
Rybak says he got two new idols during the competition. Amanda Fondell and Danny.

-Danny made a very good  interval act

 A good song. Samuel Asplund thinks Fairytale is a good song. Now he got to play it with the composer.

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