Article about Christmas tour with Alexander Rybak in the paper issue of “Budstikka”

Christmas concert in Lommedalen Church

Rehears at the concert place. The five people behind the Christmas Consert tour “Vinterbilder” rehears for it in th eempty church where they have premiere. In front Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada, Dennis Storhøi, and in back row f.l. Øystein Lund Olafsen and Kjell Harald Litangen

Journalist: Eyvind Sverre Menne. Photographer: Ulf Hansen.

Found by Vero Nika. Translation by Tessa Lande and Laila Solum Hansen

Premiere. Both Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi admit they are a bit nervous before the premiere of their Christmas tour with Anne Vada in Lommedalen Church.

– I thought that one was calmer, the more experience you got, but this is not how it is, Rybak says. We meet him, Storhøi and Vada in Lommedalen Church, where they are rehearsing for their new Christmas concert “Vinterbilder”. It is premiere at the church Friday, before they go furter out on tour to several places in «Østlandet» and then to «Vestlandet» and «Trøndelag» (the easter, west, and middel of Norway).

Speaking of nervous, Rybak tried to get some advice from Storhøi in a sense.

– Yes, he asked me,- Storhøi says, and underlines with clear mime that it was the wrong man to ask, becausehe admits clearly that he has plenty of nervousness in front of new perfomances but adds that this is how it should be, to have a good result. 

Withstands eager Rybak

Rybak and Storhøi played together in “Fiddler on the roof” at Oslo NyeTheater in 2007.

-I was very eager afterwards to keep in touch with Dennis, Rybak said, who enjoyed working with Storhøi.

– He was the only one who wasn’t tired of my questions, I’m so excited, you know, Rybak says, laughing.

– I wanted to work with Dennis because he has such an incredible ability to communicate, Anne Vada says. She is originally from Steinkjer, but now lives in Bekkestua (Oslo).The singer has released the album “Sacral July”, played Maria in the Christmas Gospel at «Det Norske Teateret» and won in the 1993 Spellemann award for Best Childeren CD with «Bukkene Bruse».

Speech and song

It was Vada who took the initiativ to the Christmas concert cooperation. She contacted Storhøi, and then the man responsible for the musical arrangements, Øystein Lund Olafsen, who by the way is the cantor in Lommedalen church and takes care of the keyboards on tour, called Rybak.
– I’m very impressed by Øystein, we have worked a lot together, and I trust his musical taste, says Rybak.
*Vinterbilder* (Winter Pictures) consists of both songs and stories. Storhøi will read the Christmas gospel and Kipling’s ‘IF’, but will also sing. Rybak promises in addition to singing also to swing his bow across his violin. 
He also insisted on having something by Prøysen.
– Prøysen – he is the Christmas, Rybak says, and adds:
– We have a program that will hit on every kind of audience.

No traditional Christmas concert

-It is a wide variation, and the title ‘Vinterbilder’ was chosen because it opens up for a broader repertoire than a traditional Christmas concert. We will also talk about what could be difficult during Christmas, like loneliness and sorrow. Wishing that people will be happy by the concert, but also touched, Vada says.
The artists will also tell about their personal winter pictures at the concert.
In addition to Vada, Rybak and Storhøi, will as mentioned Øystein Lund Olafsen join the tour, he will play the keys and sing, and Kjell herald Litangen plays guitars and sings.
The concert at Lommedalen church starts at 19:00.

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