Article in Serbian Magazine about Alexander’s collaboration with Marija Šerifović 08.06.13

Alexander Rybak about Marija Šerifović:
“She tried to get me married 3 times”

 “The first decade on stage I will mark with a project “Ispovest” (Confession), which will consist of film, book, and album”,- says Marija and adds that the promotion of the album next year will round up the whole story.

Source: Blic  Author: Dragana Ivanović  Photo: Ž. Šafar

Article found by Marina Ankajcan. Video found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Karolina Pavlov. Revision by Anni Jowett. Subtitles by Katie Anderson.

Rybak, Belarusian and Norwegian musician (born in Belarus, performed for Norway), won’t sing as a guest on Marija’s album but will play the violin.

– It’s a wonderful feeling collaborating with Marija. She’s not just an extraordinary artist but a great friend. I love Marija in every way. I think we have the same story. It was necessary that she and I became famous in the world so our countries would realize what they have,– said Alexander in English, when Marija went to explain exactly what is he doing in Serbia.

– He doesn’t sing with me, he will play the violin. I can’t tell you more. For now, the song is recorded in Serbian, but it will be released in English too. It’s normal that we have come to this collaboration, because Alexander and I see each other every May at Eurovision,– said Marija with laughter. Even though they were mysterious regarding the musical collaboration, Rybak didn’t hide his delight with the hospitality in Belgrade.

– Yes, after working in the studio, Marija took me for sushi! She even tried to find me a wife twice, can you believe it?! The important thing is that we ate, but we didn’t go to clubs because I’m having fun making music and after that I just want to sleep,– said the Belarusian artist.

– Alexander enjoys the studio so much that he doesn’t need a night out, but I believe we’ll change that as soon as he comes here the next time,– said Marija.

This is not the first time he has visited Serbia. Two years ago Alexander was at the Exit festival and he was delighted with it.

– I was in the wonderful Novi Sad in 2011 and I couldn’t believe that Serbia has such a big festival. So many people in one place, really fascinating,– said Rybak.


 Alexander Rybak & Marija Šerifović, interview on Blic TV 9.06.2013

Recorded and uploaded by Ulli C. English translation by Karolina Pavlov. English revision by Anni Jowett. Subs by Katie Anderson. Russian translation by Anita Lisak.

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