Article in “Se&Hør” about Alexander Rybak’s vacation in USA

An article from Friday’s issue of “Se&Hør” (08.04.2011) is found and translated by Sara Anja Ruske.

Saved the love with luxury-vacation

Text: Per Sigve Kleppe. Photos: Thomas Engstrøm

The yellow headline:

“Rybak escaped from the country after the shocking pictures”

Headline on the left upper corner:

Alexander Rybak and his doctor girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad enjoy each other’s company. They are madly in love and they are determined they will stay together through thick and thin, says a friend of the couple.


Caption from the first pic, left upper corner

The shocking photo: S&H revealed Alexander in hot embrace with his Swedish dance partner Malin.

Caption from the picture in the middle

Travelling: Alexander and Maria photographed outside Loews Hotel in Santa Monica, LA.

Captions from two pictures of hotels

Loews Hotel. Check out the view: Loews Hotel has a beautiful view towards Santa Monica Beach and the Pacific ocean. The couple enjoy lazy days in rooms which cost up to 5000 NOK per night.

Peninsula Hotel. Pure luxury: Peninsula Hotel is situated in Beverly Hills, and is counted among LA’s most exclusive hotels – and costs up to 10000 NOK per night. This is a photo from the roof terrace of the luxury hotel.

Very much in love!
These photos from LA show that the relationship between AR and his doctor girlfriend is on the right track again.

It made big headlines when AR was photographed when he kissed his Swedish dance partner, Malin Johansson in a night club in Stockholm.
“I have done something very wrong. But a miracle happened an I am still together with Maria”, Alexander said to Se& Hør after the scandalous night club kiss.
“It was stupid of both of us. We were not so smart. We both have feelings for our respective partners”, Malin said to Aftonbladet..

Happy in love
The kissing pictures put Rybak’s relationship with Maria under pressure, but S&H can present fresh and exclusive photos of Alexander and beautiful Maria outside their luxury hotel in Santa Monica, LA.
Alexander says all the time that Maria is the best thing that has ever happened to him in a long, long time. They are very much in love and are determined to stay together through thick and thin, tells a friend of the couple.

Luxury in Hollywood
S&H’s photos show the couple outside Loews Hotel at Santa Monica beach in LA. The rooms cost 5000 NOK per night and is a perfect oasis for body and soul. The couple have also visited the Spa at the hotel.
It is a long awaited vacation for Alexander. The whole winter he has been busy with ‘Let’s Dance’. At the same time he has worked hard with composing new music-and also participated in a TV show in Ukraine.
This is Alexander’s first vacation after he won MGP. Now he and Maria have time for their love. They need time to talk together, say friends of the couple to S&H.

10 000 NOK per night.
The couple were first at LA’s finest and most luxurious hotel, The Peninsula Beverly Hills, Which costs 10000 NOK per night!
The hotel is the most exclusive in California. This is where the Hollywood-elite come when they want peace. The restaurant at the hotel is one of the most approved in LA.

Alexander wanted to offer the best for Maria. Here they could take care of their love.
They have also had time to visit “Walk of Fame” and Rodeo Drive in Beverly hills.

Page 3

Headline on the picture 1 (upper right corner)

Rybak in the driver’s seat: During the vacation, the couple have visited the different attractions in LA.

Headline on the picture 2 (lower right corner)

Commuters: Alexander lives in Oslo, while Maria lives in Hammerfest. Now they will have to travel between those two cities.

Live far away at the opposite ends of the country

Maria just started her work as a medical intern in Hammerfest in Finnmark. Here she lives in one of the apartments the hospital have for their interns.
– Alexander has already visited her. For a period of time they will have to travel to meet each other, but they are both willing to make the best out of it,- says a friend.
When the beautiful doctor is in Oslo, she stays in Alexander’s apartment at Aker Brygge.
– Rybak has already given her space for her clothes in his closets,- a friend tells.

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  2. I hate that Maria!:)….and Alexander plays with the feelings of the girls who really love him….that’s life life is tough…sometimes

  3. He was working so hard the last 2 years (or even longer) and had never holydays. Hope they will enjoy this time and come relaxed at home to Europe :-)))). But I don´t get why the magazine wrote something about the costs, that was unneccessary, it´s private!! Hope their love will last

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