Article in “I’m With You” and Annsofi’s MGP participation. 26.01.13

Author: Kjetil Berg and Pål Vikesland

Found by Tessa Lande. English translation, and recordings by May Elizabeth. Revisions by Katie Anderson.

(From the left) Annsofi Pettersen  from Borgenhaugen could cheer, having secured a place in the MGP final in the semi-final in Florø Saturday night. Along with her, we will see Margaret Berger and the group “Fjellfolk”, who also got tickets to the final in Oslo on the 9th of February.
Photo: Mats Duhan

Now I feel good!

Annsofi Pettersen (18) from Borgenhaugen has passed through to the MGP final.

This became clear during the voting that was done in the wake of all seven artists’ performances on stage in Florø Saturday night. Annsofi Pettersen came in third place in the semi-final, behind Margaret Berger, who participated with the song “I Feed You My Love”, and the group “Fjellfolk” who sang “Ulvetuva”.

Here we see Annsofi Pettersen on stage in Florø, where she performed the song «I’m With You» in the MGP second semi-final earlier tonight.
Photo: Mats Duan

Already, as a second round semi-finalist, the Borgenhaugen girl sang “I’m With You” – written by Alexander Rybak.

The fact that she secured a place in the MGP final in Oslo created great cheers among many “sarpinger” (people from Sarpsborg), who were there to cheer the 18-year-old through to the final.


Didn’t believe it was true

Annsofi Pettersen is ambushed by autograph hunters after the show.
Photo: Mats Duan

Annsofi Pettersen could hardly believe it was true when she was voted on to the MGP final.

Now I feel good! I was completely speechless, and didn’t quite know what to do, until I suddenly realized I was going to have a “victory interview” with Erik Solbakken, the Borgenhaugen girl laughs just after the MGP broadcast is over.


Annsofi is very pleased with the dress rehearsal.

Along with «Fjellfolk» and Margaret Berger, she is ready for the final in Oslo Spektrum February 9th. The trio received a tribute from the Florø audience, and the 18-year-old was quickly swarmed by the press seeking statements.

Must call Alexander

And there was a special person she was particularly looking forward to calling: songwriter Alexander Rybak.

-Yes, I have to call Alexander. I don’t think he knows it yet, as he is on stage himself, Annsofi says.

Shall you celebrate now?

-Yes, I have to have a celebration, and I must give mom and dad a hug.

For among the audience were two very proud parents. This was fantastic, mom Marianne cheers.

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