Article in about Alexander’s composition “I’m With You” 23.01.2013

Author: Thomas H. Arntsen

Found by Ulli Cologne, translated by May Elisabeth, revised by Katie Andersson.

Pulling together: Annsofi Pettersen has received great support and a helping hand before her Grand Prix debut on Saturday. (From the left) Kenneth Gutterup, JP Paulsen, Einar Kristiansen, and Dag B Solheim have tried to give her a good musical package and confidence.
Photo: Thomas Hörman Arntsen.

Propelled forward with Rybak’s MGP song

MGP winner Alexander Rybak (26) has written the lyrics and music for Annsofi Pettersen. But the 18-year old also gets solid help from three local producers and one manager.

You might have heard the song Wednesday night. The seven candidates were presented on NRK, each with a 40-second clip.

Saturday it becomes serious. Then the viewers decide the fate of “I’m With You”. The basic package of the winner with the highest victory margin in the Eurovision Song Contest is ground, refined, and polished in Fredrikstad. The gentlemen Kenneth Gutterup, JP Paulsen, and Einar Kristiansen are the local producer team.

Annsofi’s MGP song «I’m with You»

Well prepared

– I’m well prepared. I know the song in and out, it’s a part of me now. I have gotten good tips from Alexander about what it takes, but I’m me. That means I have to put my character in the song. I have to interpret it from my perspective, and I have spent a lot of energy thinking about how it shall be communicated. And right there Alexander has shown that there are things you need to consider, says the girl from Sarpsborg.

You have seen her before, in «Korslaget», «The Thrill of Michael Jackson» and in «X-faktor». The last competition she became number three.

Producer Kenneth Gutterup is utterly convinced of one thing:

– If Annsofi doesn’t succeed in Florø, I’m 100% certain that we will hear more from her in the future. But we all have that good feeling, and we believe that she will make it through to the final. Because this song is a sort of “Chorus” in a national costume,- he says illustratively.

Can be popular

– The three-headed producer team, and manager Dag B Solheim, agree that the song might be popular nationally and internationally. It offers discreet folk tunes, but has also a simplicity and originality.

– We have created something that sounds simple, and is perceived as warm and organic, they mean.

Good cooperation

JP Paulsen, Einar Kristiansen, and Kenneth Gutterup have had a close cooperation with the international winner from 2009. They have already noticed that there was some extra boost when Rybak was connected to Pettersen.

Support statements tumbled in from all corners of the world. And Rybak’s Belorussian roots are no disadvantage.

Give and take

With four chefs, there is a risk of more spills. And the waitress with a microphone will also have a finger in the pie.

We have discussed our way to solutions. There has been some give and take, but you’ll soon notice that the composer is professional. So the final word has been his. He knows a lot about which buttons to press, about what matters in a Grand Prix setting, but he has also shown playfulness. Alexander also loves LEGO, Gutterup chuckles.

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